Moon Rocket Flight

Hi Everybody!!!

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Ethel, 8’ 10" of pure love and affection.

Rex is sussing out the profile of the nose…


Things weren’t meant to be today, too cold at night, too widny today and the epoxy took ages to set. I was able to handle the board at 6 pm after glossing the bottom at 12 noon.

This project has involved…:

  • Shaping a 9'11" windsurfer blank 5 1/2" thick down to 2 3/4" and 8'10" long
  • Airbrushing for the first time
  • Laminating 2 layers of 5oz on 2 sides on a board using a new type of epoxy
  • Building Nose and Tail blocks out of wood and cork
  • Putting a fin box into a foam board (straight!!)
  • Printing my own laminate logos onto rice paper and lamming them in
  • Glassing wings, all 4 of them..

These things I have learned from all of you.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

One very important thing I overlooked,

many thanks to Chip for supplying the blank.

Couldn’t have built it without it…

Hey Hicksy, how long did it take to halve the thickness of that blank??! That must have been a marathon effort.

Now if you could have figured out a way to split it crossways, you could have 2 blanks!

Hey Dman

I would say that I walked about 6 miles around that board to get it thinner.

Don’t worry, Chip and I looked at chopping the thing into 2 blanks but it was all too hard as the nose and tail were thinner than half the centre and it had two stringers and metal pieces in the tail for windsurfing foot straps.

Bit of a nightmare to start with but really pleased with the finished result.

Great job !!!

Let us know how it rides

I bet those wings were hard to glass but they look good


Hey Stingray,

The wings weren’t that hard after all. When I lammed the bottom I cut the cloth at the edge of the wings and wrapped them around.

When I did the deck I pushed the cloth into the wing trailing edges and folded the excess onto the bottom of the board.

Then sanded the whole lot flat.

Followed Kokua’s advice.

Hix, I’m super stoked for u! Its pure eye candy!


thanks to Les Earle , for throwing out the blanks / letting us have them !

Thanks to the wonders of digital cameras …instant results !! [I’m waiting for my shots to get developed !]

And , thanks to Grant’s perseverance , HIS board got finished [8’ of mine sits in the rafters there!]

… Those metal inserts for the footstraps or whatever really WERE a NIGHTMARE!! [I chopped mine off , hence the nearly 2’ reduction in my one’s length compared to the original !]

Well done Grant !

NOW all that remains is to thin the base I moulded on the wood fin , make the horizontal pin’s hole , get some swell and offshores , and launch and photograph it [/ her ?]. I have a water camera at the ready …swell , come on down !!!


Has anyone got any suggestions on what type of fin would suit this design?


Thanks Balsa, you made me laugh out aloud and everyone in the office wanted to know what I was laughing at…

Do you think it’ll fit in the box that’s in it?


Has anyone got any suggestions on what type of fin would suit this design?

I made the one on the left for it  .... 5" base , 9" deep, 6" rake ( because , look how far forward your finbox is !! ) 


Can’t wait to try that one out!!! and the starfin and the red d fin.

I was just wondering out aloud thinking that there might be a specific type of fin for say stingers or double winged guns…

Gonna try heaps…

…gonna MAKE heaps… all going well !

We just need to sort out the base for the moulding , and make the bases gap in the wood mould the correct width - so, no sanding needed , hopefully !

Now , the following shots are out of sequence (?“old news” ? , because I live in the non-digital camera stoneage , and had to wait two days for this 35mm roll to get developed .

But , anyway …

" SANDING the Moonrocket"

hicksy lost his head …



west oz late arvo autumn light …I LOVE it ! [backlit water shots on the rare all day offshores this time of year are beautiful …bring it on !!]


Dali llama surfs !! [notice buddhist boardshorts ]

bonus shot's end ....

Glassing barefoot?

“no drips” epoxy [haha, I wish !]

There were not MANY drips, though … Grant does a pretty careful epoxy gloss coat , that’s for sure !

[It always amazes me how “Holly”, and “Rex” [the two canine Hicksy’s] manage to miss treading in the drips , too !]