Moonlight ... [mainly] "T.F.A.D".'s photos....

thank you , Jp , for letting me use your photos here !

As “Foamdust” mentioned in another thread , “Moonlight Glassing” does a very nice job !

…tinting , spraying , pinlining , glossing …

… credit where it’s due !

enjoy !

tint laps…


coffee fish

masking off

"channels spray "…

fishy pinlines

I don’t think I could bring myself to put wax on any of those!!


Hey, Chip/Ben, I can’t believe you dared to steal my french “BEAU” (beautyfull) thread on !!!

You …

You …

Okay, nevermind.

Here is the original one:

Ben that green tint is my GH bonzer it looks soo different in sunlight.

here is the same board, it looks more green than this photo, but not as much as the one you posted.

thanks Tim …it looks a LOT different / greener in the tint laps photo eh ?

Funny how different lighting [?and film? and printing?] can make some colours change …I’m sure YOU know ALL about that !!

Thanks again to Moonlight glassing / Jp St. Pierre / “tri fins are dangerous” [“T.F.A.D.”]for allowing me to use these photos of his , here at Swaylocks…


“but , there’s MORE …”

Ben’s bon bonzer [thanks Shippy !]

bonzer fish

GOD, those are beautiful. A gorilla made mine. Mike

It’s those pics taken after the lam is done that get me the most…That motivates me to keep glassing more than anything else I see or read…

Hey Chip-

From following your posts here and on the erBB, I’m thinking that you save EVERY single picture of a surfboard that you can find on the Internet. What you don’t find there, you scan from your vast collection of surf mags, huh? Never met 'ya and probably never will, but I have to say, you come across (to me anyways) as the most surf “stoked” person I’ve ever “met”…Thanks (ok, ok…I’ve had a few brewskies, but it’s true)…

He’s a skate rat too!

And a fin freak!!!

if anyone at moolight is lurkin’ let me know when a red and gold pavel speeddialer comes through…i cant wait!!! :slight_smile: see you all at the fish fry!


Hey Chippy…Moonlight does do one heck of a nice glass job.

The three 5 fin boards in this pic were done by Moonlight. They are the only one’s I’d trust to glass my 5 finners. The twinzer was done by Sugarmill and the twin by Ray Meek (Stingray)


And a fin freak!!!

and a tosser at times…

thanks “J.J.R.” / “Lokbox” / Jim [gee it gets confusing ?!] for those photos …can I pilfer some of yours too ? [please add more of yours , if you like… to make it a "Moonlight " thread , eh ??]

I like your bonzer and twinzer shots especially , and your resin swirl single fin Campbell Bros boards [hint hint !]

cheers mate !


[p.s. - did you get my email re: different bonzer runners ??]

okay , here’s some MORE classy glassy stuff from “moonbase”

thanks Ben !

An Al Merrick “twinfinner”

Here’s my Moonlight special…

thanks Tiny for contributing …and WELCOME , mate !!


just giving Jp, JJR, Pinliner… and the rest of “the boys” the recognition I reckon they deserve !


The Aussie strikes again.


A few things.

Seeing work of that quality makes me realize that I have so far to go to even approach that level of craftsmanshop.

Machado is the shit!