Moonlight ... [mainly] "T.F.A.D".'s photos....

that red fish in teh beginning is SIIIIIIIIICk

I love the color work on the fin, the way it matched the board. So nice!


That red fish isn’t a Moonlight creation but it is pretty. Its from Free Spirit surfboards I’ve never heard of them but they look pretty! Some nive resin work on their website,

Here is one that ben will like, from Free Spirit.

shouldn’t they be wearing resperators?

Maybe lack of respirators helps inspire those wild resin swirls.

sorry LESider ! [I lose track sometimes of what photos captions were…

here’s one for you Tim , nice runners and lighting …Jean-paul the artiste !

no respirators ?

lokbox” / jjr/ jim …is this YOU , in action ??

Nope, that would be davo the fin master!

well, that changes everything …

…now your distorted Campbell Brothers single fins are being taken hostage here ! [payment by lokbox plugs and fins on your visit to wozzieland later this year … fair deal ??]


Absolutely Friggin Geourgous……

My Girlfriend calls me a board addict. Well looking at those shots explains completely why.

How many boards are to much for the average surfer? I always think its relevant to the current number of boards you own + 1.

Oh sweet Jesus, that is the most incredible colour, and those fins, that board in the first post, the redddd one, it’s making me feel all…sexy! I’m going to print it off and put it in my garage where the Kylie poster used to live. Sorry Kylie,

Ben, if you bump into her down their tell her it’s over!

Jase (MMM)

…"but, there’s MORE [sorry to quote the “free set of steak knives” guy !]

I love those “cosmic” sprays , " man" [must have come from seeing all the Hot Buttered , Martyn Worthington ones in the '70s I think !]

fishies, again…

i dont think the brom fishes were done at moonlight tho!

heres some pics of my 6’8 bonzer egg by gary hanel, and my 6’1 thruster i chopped the glasson thruster fins offa and put a 5fin setup in!

    <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" />

    <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" />

    <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" />

    <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" />

shouldn’t they be wearing resperators?

hi Rider !

Jp wanted me to make it clear… “they ALWAYS wear respIrators” . He said, "just for the photos [he] took it off, makes talking easier ".

They were also using some non-toxic sprays in the other photos. [The boys are definately advocates of full protection … He just wanted that clarified …and I’m glad to help…]

Jeanpaul is evidently a very busy man , having this business , and being a busy photo-poster , and moderator, at the Surfer surfboard design website. So I really appreciate his generousity in letting me use ANY of his photos here at Swaylocks …thanks mate if you’re “lurking” !! hehe


here’s a couple of shots the man posted of ‘himself’ ([!] … yeah , right !)

this one was when he got “promoted” to “Moderator” there …

and , HERE’S one that encourages me [and, hopefully, Skeletor , Hicksy, and other fellow “Mr. Magoo’s” out there ]…

if someone with beer bottle glasses this thick can do such quality control , there’s hope for us ‘vision-challenged middle agers’ yet !!

thanks for those shots Danny [boy?] …I wanted to post them , but since they weren’t Jp’s shots …

Also, I’m sorry if some of THESE I posted aren’t his either . I have a habit of cataloguing / renaming photos …so after a while [months sometimes …“Tenover” is right !] , I lose track of whose the originals are …sorry about that , to anyone whose shot[s] I may have accidentally used . Please let me know if you want them removed .

before and after…”

CHECK it out …

yea man, feel free to repost anything i post up, i handsand there, so yeah, its all good! hopefully ill remember to take some pictures tomorrow at the fish fry, while im in a drunken stupor all day! :smiley:

thanks mate !

yes, please DO [ie : take photos there ] …BEFORE you are in a drunken stupor, preferably …steady hand , and QUALITY needed !!

do you have a water housing ? [I’d LOVE to see SURFING shots of fish … [that’s a hint for you , “lokbox” / Jim …any chance you’re allowed to post those " fish in a barrel " sequence shots you put up at surfer a while back , please ? …cheers ! ]

with thanks to “Dubstar” for posting a link which included this on the Surfer surf design forum recently…


don’t tell Jimmy …