My first fully shaped blank, not 9lassed yet

its 6'4 x 19 x 2 1/2

Sick board. I hope my first board turns out as good as that.

photo from behind is really bad, sorry 9uys but I suck at photos, but loved shapin the blank and drinkin the beer that went with it

thanks mate, it took a lon9 time to make, I had some top advice but more so enjoyed drinkin9 beer after each step., lol.  Im hooked for life

startin my second one very soon, addictive once you be9in

Great stuff digger, when you glassing it?? UV resin??

waiting for the decals to come through from a mate, have to mark out the fin placement as we are glassing them in.   Have a deal with fong and he will be doing all the glassing as long as I dont make to many ( about 10 a year ), lol.  I will be watching how he does it to learn from someone who knows what he is doing so when I get into it I have some sort of idea before I start.  Fong is just glassing it in 4oz all over and in 4 months will make him another one when it falls to bits due to the light glass job.

I want to get a decent stand to use to glass on before I start glassing so I dont make a mess on our rental garage as the place is not mine

Fong and 4 oz, it'll last 1 month mate.....hope you are doin 2 layers of 4 on the sad to see it fall apart too quickly...finish coat it and let it cure well....good stuff Digger....

ps- Fong is to big for that board, he'd have to stay off the brews for a while before that'll float the lad...haha....

Hey digger, next one get a surfblanks red, and go 4x44. Light, but still decent strength. Show us finished pics please!!

hey 9uys, after watchin9 fon9 surf the other day on his new board and really drivin9 off his front foot and chattin9 to him decided to add a sin9le concave to the bottom, sli9ht v in nose, leadin into sin9le concave fadin9 out before the fins then a sli9ht V in the tail.  Yes Mark, I a9ree that I think this board will not have enou9h volume for him but with the blank I had to work with it was the best I could 9et for voulume for him.


I talked to tim about the 9lass job and hopefully he will be puttin9 more than 1 4 oz on the deck but that is his choice I suppose. 


Will be awesome testin this board and 9ettin9 feedback and ridin9 it myself.  Hopefully it wont have fallen apart for you to have a9o as well mate.


9lass job to be done at led9es, will take him some beer and I think it will be about nov 22nd before it can be done.  So 9oin9 to make a shelf to put it on to keep it safe and not let it 9et dama9ed

but fon9 the showpony had a lo9o made up haha......yeah, understand it was all you could get from blank, but fon9 wont be able to test well if he cant paddle it, but still great work mate, when you glassing it ?  I'm up for a week this sat, might see ya....

and taking away more foam for a concave reduces floatation more....and yeah, be stoked to have a go on it mate, thanks for the offer....


and taking away more foam for a concave reduces floatation more....and yeah, be stoked to have a go on it mate, thanks for the offer....



yer I know, I wanted it flat bottom to keep the foam but he asks he gets, if it ends up cant float him might end up my board, lol, which I would be stoked about, would be great to catch up, Ive got next thursday off maybe we can catch up then or maybe sunday if Im lucky..........  Who knows.  I think I want to work more on the nose and get rid of the v, flatten the nose out on the bottom so no v there at all.  Its a bummer I have to wait till the 22nd to glass it but mark it looks so beautiful.

had a good look at the nose of the board and worked on the stringer, bringing it down a bit so it looks more pleasing to the eyes.  Ahh, have to glass it, or I will keep finding things and just keep shaping till there is nothing left, lol.

cool, lets try for Thursday, maybe catch up for a surf somewhere...PM or txt or something Wednesday arvo-evening....


very nice man.

more pics to post up soon as well as the logos that I got done just for fun

more pics

Only bit of nooby advice I have is; make sure that the "D" in your logo does not resemble.....say..... an "N"? 

: )