My first longboard...(pics)

Just got done glossing it (still need to sand/buff it). It’s a 9’6", Walker blank, low rocker, 23" wide, 19 1/2" nose, 18" tail, 3" thick, “ice blue” resin tint on both sides… You can see where I had some issues with some air bubbles up around the lap line in the nose, but all in all, I’m very happy with it. Next one should be better.

Thanks for all your help Swaylockians…this website is invaluable…

For some reason that last pic makes it look like there’s ome whit(ish) shmegma on the nose, but it must be the light, there’s no shmegma on the board :wink:

good stuff , ‘ten’ !

...and the fin ? 

Show me the fin, please !

I can’t wait to hear how it rides!


…" share the stoke…"

Ben - You’re quite the “fin guy” huh? It’s nothing special, a “standard” 10.5" glass-on. I’ll post some pics of the bottom tomorrow morning. My camera ran out of juice…

…thanks ‘tenny’ ! [drew ?]

 yeah, I guess I do have an interest in fins, I'll at some stage make a mal for myself, as our summers here in perth get very flat for a very long time, and it would be good to try and keep fit by paddling regularly too. 

As I’ve not made a mal before , it would be good to see some fin templates in that size range. Also, I’d probably go with a box, to change them around a bit! I’d be thinking 9’6 - 10’ size for a mal. Wouldn’t mind trying a tint… did you tint the foam, or just the usual lam with tint procedure ? [I usually spray my foam when I colour my boards].

What did you find the hardest part of making your mal, I wonder ? 

okay, catchya ! 


Friggin’ gorgeous!!!

Great shape and color, and I really dig the logo. I"m not a long board dude, but I’d be PIMPING the beach with that thing!

nice job, man. the shape looks very cooper-esque. i’m sure gene would be proud. bravo.

Nice job.Board looks great.Very clean.


good looking board man. if you wanna hide some of those bubbles try a pinline. you can always “fancy up” a board over an error with fancy pinlines. I really like the old school motorcycle pinlines. The guys who do it freehand with a brush are INSANE. Anyways great looking board. looking forward to seeing alot more coming out from you.

Austin S.

Thanks for the compliments…Austin- I was going to do a pinline, but since all the bubbles are on the deck, and the board is just for me, that I’ll just cover it all up with way. I like the way it looks now without a pin… A little “cleaner” I think.

Quick question:

Will 600 wet/dry paper take out 320 wet/dry scratches? I’m getting close…Thanks.

Well, she’s finally done…Finished shining it up and waxed it. Ready to hit the big wave of Del Mar tomorrow :smirk: I’m super stoked on the final product, and can’t wait to do the next one and make it better…Here’s a few pics of the final product. Oh yeah, this was my first gloss coat that I was REALLY able to rub out and get that mirror shine I’ve been looking for :cool:

Well, I’m LOVING the way this thing rides…It is a little more manuverable than the Cooperfish, and, believe it or not, at least for ME, seems to noseride better. You can sit up on the nose forever on this thing…

wow, man…that really looks great…i need to get myself a new blank already for the next project…BRAVO.



Wow! What a cool looking board. The glass job looks really clean. I’m going to try and glass my next board. Was wondering if you have any tips on rubbing out the glass. Thanks John

Nevermind. I was just looking thru some of your old posts. Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of good advice. The benefit really shows. I’m definitely going to study those posts. Good stuff! John

hey tenover, great board!

one question, if you dont mind…

what type of gloss coat did you use? pre made? or did you mix your own?

Pre-made…I buy all my resin from Mitch’s.

nice looking stick!!(has OSHA seen your outside shaping bay??-ha-ha!)