My Solar Powered Post-Cure Oven

Its a comfy 72 deg F outside, sunny with a nice breeze today. Under/inside that blue tarp its 120F. New board pending. If it was summer it be 180+, but controlled with edge venting. As long as the sun shines a steady 140F is easily doable. Stores easy and cheap too. HTH.

Oops forgot to mention…when not in use, I can use the oven to cover holes in my roof after hurricanes…so I get more bang for my buck.

FL … blue roof capital of the world.

Looks more like a wives body under there … ??? … have fun … !!!

Somebody call Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace is way to busy.

What you cookin under the ghetto oven?

upon a little closer examination … it looks like wifey in there with something in the oven … wifey is hot … Have fun … !!!

Can I buy it at Wal Mart ???


thats a great idea and will use it in the summer time for the green energy , but for right now i use a heating blanket then a heavy blanket over that.

Excuse me sir, that’s an advanced solar radiant heating post-curing chamber apparatus with user controlled ventilation. Very high tech. It is even more effective at stoping rain from going thru my hurricane battered roof.

Inside lies, not a wife to my regret, but a 7’4 x 21 x 2.75 compsand, tough as nails, sweet flex, and a paltry 7 pounds.

The heating blanket approach is nice, but requires man-made energy input which costs money…and Im kind of attached to money. So free solar it is.

Great Post crafty.

Quite entertaining and …

Quick question.

Do the blue ones work better then the green ones?

My model has carbon fiber 2x4 s so take that! jk. Cheap, efficient, materials everybody prob already has. Kudos… or props or points…

When I am vacuum bagging this summer I will put the board in the vac-bag and then under a tarp in the sun while it cures. Any objections to this GL? Is my assumption that the higher the temp the better the cure true? (whithin reason obviously)

When you do a postcure like this, do you vent the core somehow? Im just imagining finishing up a board, throwing it under the tarp and then having serious delam as the air inside expands.

Well, glad to see you back building boards again. Tell us some details and what’s up with a 7-4 for you?

Hey craftee…

Go black for a super-toasty one…

It is possible to blow skins if you heat cure a board unvented. It would likely be because you’re rushed.

No need to rush. Alternate cool and warm.


i vac all my boards and use a mix of 50/50 on the hardener and wrap a heating blanket over it for 3-4 hours , remove from bag and ready to lam other side or hotcoat. no issues of offgas because i use 3 lb. eps

Good ideas… Since I’m already using e-to heat my shed… I was in there thinking about your “solar hot box,” and I thought, “Well, now I have some solar enclosures folded up in my garage, and bet if I tented one over the board in here, with the heater blowing under, but leave plenty of flow… I could get the heat up beyond the usual 70-90F, depending on wind and outside temp…”

Thanks once again for the food for thought…

I borrowed an 8ft board from a friend and had some fun with it in some long period stuff. Moving around the lineup and getting thru currents seemed good too so I decided I needed a ‘fun’ type board for those types of days. Bigger boards seem better on my lumbar as well. Still when the waves are good I’ll ride my 6’3.

Yeah Im venting with another hitech apparatus called a ‘hole’…might consider patenting all these advanced ideas.

Slow ramping up to temp is easy just place it out in the morning and let nature do the rest.

Learned that only the side that is facing the tarp gets hot, other side is slightly warm so take it for what its worth. Also, the tarp is optional if the board is dark colored, darker boards get hot in direct sunlight.

Im bummed cuz my local supplier of fin plugs is loaded with center plugs, but fresh out of rail plugs which is what I need. So she will wait till next week for finning, I can finish the other things in the meantime so all is good.

Go solar and save the planet…or something like that.

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“Learned that only the side that is facing the tarp gets hot, other side is slightly warm so take it for what its worth.”

I was just going to say the same thing from my own experience using black plastic bags all taped together. You have to do a 2 stage post cure-- once for each side. But honestly, I think if you are post curing without the board being supported on the rocker bed, this is better for backyard builders anyway. That way there is less chance the whole board will warp when the epoxy goes soft.

Sorry to hear about the fin plug shortage.


Hey Crafty,

I don’t know where you are or what plugs you use, but I have a few FCS Fusion boxes left that I am offloading cheap.

Shoot me a PM if you want a couple.