My ugly, noobie probox twinny is nearly done!!

Ok, ignore the spray job, and im pretty embarrassed by my dodgy deck resin swirl and acrylic pinlines ( no pic yet coz it needs a hotcoat ), but here’s a few pics of it. I just routed the holes for the proboxes, and im just waiting on my resin, then i can put them in. I routed the jig on the first one, but the second one went pretty well. Im hanging to ride it, but i think its above my skill level, so i may end up putting in a centre plug for a trailing fin.

As you can see im a pretty ordinary board builder, but i like riding my own.

You can see my border collie in the background. She’s on doggy ADD medicine coz of her obsessive barking. Doesnt make one iota of difference, but hey, my vet drives a nice big 4x4, so he has to pay for it somehow!!

" yeehaaa !!! "

… well, it seems like just a few minutes ago we were talking … it didn’t take you too long eh , Mark ??

get your dog running up and down the play centre thingy for a week , that should tire it out ?? [ or , make him a mini dog board to surf on ??..]

those fins look cool …are the bases basically the same depth as fcs’s ?

cheers mate


Yeah mate, fcs fins fit them.


Alright!!! Beerfan nice color combo. Keep up the great work my friend. Mahalo, Larry

I don’t know if you’ve named it yet, but the “Tron Twinny” comes to mind.

looks SWEET!

the graphics are awesome!

Thanks guys, the spray looked better in my head than on the foam!!. Its a bit 80’s. I thought i’d cover it with blue tint and pigment, but it came out lighter than i thought. Despite its ugliness, im keen to resin those boxes in, whack on a hotcoat n ride the thing!!

Why “Tron Twinny” ??

Thanks mate, im definately a convert to probox. You almost can’t stuff up the install, and i really like how the box is located on the bottom of the board by the jig, which means when the resin goes in, the box is perfectly aligned, no stuffing around with tape etc, and you know the fins going in the right spot.

I wont be making anymore boards for a while, but when i do ( and i will!! ) i’ll be using proboxes for sure.

Please tell me that Tron made it to Australia…

you wanna talk about 80’s…this is the peak of it.

Cant see the pics, d;oh!!!

Oh ok now i can, that’s classic, and suits the spray job perfect!!!. In tears at the moment hahahahaha

Hey Beerfan,

Looks like a fun board. Don’t forget to take the jigs off before you surf it. Kidding.

I love those nutty dogs. Got to run the shit out of them and that makes them almost tolerable. No meds. Run, run, run. Take him with you whenever you can and you’ll not have a better companion. Our border collie went through about 400 dollars in seat belts. I don’t know how many zippers she has destroyed. Loves to eat zippers for some reason. Ours was the fastest dog on the beach when she was in her prime. Mike

I like the paint job on the bottom. The fin placement looks perfect to make it in to a quad !!!


Rooster i can run her ragged for an hour non stop. Get home, she’s buggered… for about 5 minutes hahah. It’s only diesel trains ( we live behind a train line ), helicopters ( there’s an airport less than a kilometre away ) and whipper snippers ( our elderly neighbours mow their lawn obsessively ), so its a bit of bad luck as well. She is an excellent dog, and when we did obedience, she ( and the male ) loved it and excelled without trying. They are smart dogs that’s for sure.

We have had the bark busting people out a few times, but it takes a lot of time, and when you have 2 young kids, and one in the oven, its hard to find the time. Really she isn;t that bad, we just want her to be better. Although, no matter how bad she gets, we could never get rid of her. I must say, the older she gets, the more settled she is.

Back to the twinny!!, im hoping to surf it by the end of april. I’ll update with a ride report.

Cheers guys

hi mark !!

be watching your mail box this friday …

cheers mate


Hey ben has your stuff arrived yet??. Can’t wait!!!

I got the resin yesterday, but im working the nxt 2 days. Friday im gunna glass em in, woo hoo!!.

hi mark

no not yet

but that’s okay , because nods won’t be able to work on the board till mid to late april

which is fine , because

a] it gives me the chance to save money for the work

b] it gives me the chance to send fins to the people i owe them to [stay tuned , folks !!]

c] it gives the storms , swell, and banks TIME to organise themselves [hopefully in time for my brother’s visit]

d] it gives time to [possibly] finish off my remaining fins …



So, i just glassed in the proboxes. So easy, i didn’t even need the stickers. Too good larry, great system.

Bit blurry but, here are a few pics of after i pulled the jigs off.

Cool. Are you planning on supercharging it ? Methinks you will.

Just a quiet word of advice from one newbie to another - when you grind those fin boxes back be super mindful of your grinder speed and avoid excess heat buildup.I’m told it can affect the bond between the resin and the box.

That board’s got ‘woohoo’ written all over it .

Thanks mate, but i spent my last money on beer related stuff. I have enough steriliser ( agricultural grade!! ) to last me a lifetime though haha.

Here’s some progress pics after sanding them down. Just a hotcoat and a leash plug, and its seaworthy ( don’t sue me nathan! ). Just wish we had something to surf, it was embarrassing surfing this morning, and im a first class grovellor. You know its bad when you spin the board around to get a wave and the tail of the board bottoms out on the sand hahaha

Im not the greatest sander as you can see but its smooth enough to get me in the water, and i dont wanna risk a sand through.

In the last pic, you can see where the router got away from me!!.

Cheers, hope to have a ride report by next weekend. I will also post pics of the deck. You are going to laugh so hard at my bodgy swirl, and acrylic paint pinlines. They’re terrible haha. Lucky i surf mostly early morning midweek!!

Concerning grinding the boxes down:

To avoid exessive heat buildup I use a Med PowerPad and “pulse” the trigger, release it and push straight down on the box allowing the friction to slow the pad to a stop. I do this a few times with 60 grit per box and switch to 100 or 120 when I get close to the glass. Totally works to reduce heat.

Also spending a little time on each box them moving to the next gives the previous boxes time to cool.

Don’t get all aggressive and try grinding the box at a high, continuous speed. The excessive friction will start to melt the plastic, clog up your sandpaper, and ultimately take longer than repetitive pulsing of the sander.

This pic shows the sander has stopped rotating and I’m about to pick it up off the ProBox and pulse it again…

[img_assist|nid=1041434|title=Grinding ProBoxes|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]



Those Aipa Twins are gonna make that board sing! Great choice.

How far from the tail did you place them?