need pictures of resin swirl colors

I scrounged the archives and the photo directory looking for examples, but couldn’t find much

Just about to have a new bonzer shaped for Fiji and I wanted a cool swirl on the bottom (for a PU/PE board), hopefully a rich traslucent blue, dark green or burgandy with either black or white swirled in.

can anyone offer some pictures?


You might check:

You may find some nice ones @:

And probably a hundred others… But those come to mind first.

yeah, been there and had a look

austin does some good work and harbour has a couple nice swirls with lighter colors and opaque blues, but not translucent

nowhere have I seen the above combinations, so i was just wondering if the colors weren’t compatable or whether it just hadn’t been done

Wow, if that works it could look really great. I never thought of that. I’m expectantly awaiting an answer too. Some body here has to know: Do resin swirl tints work? Or do tints bleed since you’re adding a liquid instead of a pigment powder? Is poly different than epoxy for this?

It should work, but don’t make the blue tint too light or you may get some bleedage. I just did a swirl with a bunch of colors, some tints some opaque and it looks fine. Be sure that you cover all the dry glass before you start pulling resin off the board or you will get muddage. May look kind of cool though since you’d get an opaquish light blue, not if you use the black though.

Did you see those on Harbour’s site?


Here are a couple guns I recently bought from Reno Abellira - that’s Reno holding the boards.

Here is my latest board.

Made a tri-fin fish for a friend of mine and he wanted a resin swirl. Only my second attempt at a swirl. Came out pretty good.

It’s EPS/Epoxy though.

Sorry… you should be able to view this one.

one last try…

yeah, that one is pretty good

the harbour ones look pretty opaque, i was hoping more for a blue color like this or a red like this fish

pictures used without permission from:


harbours website

Man! That is a nice red on that fish!

Aloha Kendall:

Not to change the subject, but where is Reno now and what is he doing? He was one of my idols when I was a young teenager. The last I heard he went to jail for something…



Look up “Nativeson” in the archives, a swaylockerr from Brazil who does excellent swirl work with epoxy. I think he lams one layer of clear and then swirls the second layer. Anyway his work is really nice. I think you ca look him up in the resources as well.

well…they are fins ,

but …

green , blue and yellow pigment and tints were used in some of these …

And …here’s the board they go on …[which has a burgundy deck , and a swirled bottom of the board [red , yellow , burgundy]

Hope this helps !



We rarely use tints to do swirls, but you can use them. I am more of an opaque swirl fan. Here is a tint swirl.

Austin S.

hey dennis i think he in ensenada mexico shaping or

Reno spends most of his time shaping in Mexico these days. If you’re lucky you can catch him surfing (or singing karaoke) around So Cal. We just spent a couple weeks together in Kauai - Reno still totally rips.

Sordid rumors about his past are mostly untrue. He is alive and well. You’ll hear more about what Reno is up to in the near future.