Need Some Help...

to all the great folk I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with online and in person over the years here, I have a personal situation where I’m in desperate need of some help (non-monetary of course) in the next week or so.

For those willing to help me out

all I need is for you to PM me with your current mailing address and a verbal commitment that you’re willing to do what you can to help out in what ever way you can with what ever it is that I’ve got going here that’s all…

got to have your PM by Sat or it"ll be too late

When times are tough I guess it’s good to see who your real friends are…

that’s life’s rewards I guess…

I don’t think you’ll regret it

but then again you’ll never know…

Mahalo and Merry Christmas…

Okay the “test” is over for the 99% of you that failed.

no need to respond anymore (except for Mike Paler maybe)

for the 5-6 kind individuals who showed the courage to step forward and lend out a hand no questions asked, your hand made oneula christmas present packages will be in the mail sometime next week. Its nothing special but has a link to a story we published here many moons ago, i hope it brings you good luck.

For the rest, i presume you haven’t quite discovered the meaning of aloha yet or the maybe what I always thought was the true purpose of this website…

I should note that Keith was the first one to respond and he did it within minutes…

Sorry it was an interesting way for me to solicit addresses to mail out christmas gifts to folks here without saying so as I wasn’t sure if any of the addresses I had were still good. For those of you I have those on please confirm…

Definitely the results of the “experiment” were eye opening for me…

Hey, I wouldn’t read too much negativity into the response rate… most people do NOT read this part of Sways but stick to the general discussion… in fact I checked and this thread has only had 62 views - so you got 6 replies, that is 10% of Swaylockers offering to help. That’s not too bad, eh?

Point and case, I am on this site everyday and I am just now seeing this post.

Pretty cool response rate though. First thing I thought was that you got the idea from the new Will Smith movie.

But…kudos to those who stuck their neck out for you. Like I said…Pretty cool.



Oneula, If I had seen this post I would have replied to you immediately.

I am one of those that only check this category every so often, so I just now saw this thread.

I am always willing to do whatever I can to help.

Please don’t ever hesitate to PM me at any time if you are ever in need of assistance.

Many of the Sways crew I admire and respect, and would be honored to be given the opportunity to be of service.

You are among them.

We are all connected by one single body of water.

Aloha my friend

Me too…


PM me an address

to the rest I’m waiting on wrist sizes

sorry I didn’t make it folks

but this santa’s elf is a very very tired but happy one


never made the holiday shopping schedule but I’m re-stocked

the terrible weather about to return really ruined my christmas plans

I found a new love outside of curly koa and she’s called tulipwood

I found something productive to do with the hundreds of inserts I end up with

honoring the mango tree in the backyard that continues to feed many family and friends sweet delights for decades

a little blurry by some with turquoise fillers to made a cane for a dear friend who’s hurt now

Koa, Lychee and Kamani


cocobolo, bloodwood canarywood (other favorites)

bottletop wine glass holders made from 1/8" veneers epoxied with carbonfiber in a vac bag(hahaha)

padauk/pine yellowheart/cocobolo birdseye maple/bolivian rosewood the guy at woodcraft came up with the idea one side for whites and one side for reds

iolani palace wiliwili/koa and birdeyse pine/koa letter openers for 4 coats of spray lacquer

bracelets hung with christmas ornament hooks for lacquering no spray booth here everything done in the front or back yard.

copper veneered glass etched boxes from Ben Franklin for Tazo Tea

One day god willing

I will learn just to make one thing and nothing more

I blame my addiction to crafting things of wood to this guy

my namesake

I wish I could’ve apprenticed under him

1930’s championshop soapbox derby car he made for my dad. HE got disqualified because it was too “professional”…

well its back to surfboards(hollows this time) and hopefully a ride on the fabled 13footer before my vacation is over…

Happy Holidays everyone!

Wonderful post…!!!..Loved the picures…I was laughing outloud at the vintage classics…

My email:

Don’t complain about weather my friend…

Hey bro

LOVE the shot of those KILLER letter openers all stuck in the cut-off from a longboard blank!

I might just put that one up on my desktop!

AMAZING craftsmanship!

I am certainly in awe.

sweet stuff there Oneula

Oneula, this is my first post and i think this topic was a great idea, wish i would have seen it sooner…I dont know if i would have sent you my info…I’m working on the aloha thing…

the pic of the too professional soap box derby car is really great stuff…

digg the wood work…Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well Santa’s elder elf had to go back to the ugliness of the real world today and so far on Lillibel, Shwuz and Handshaper sent santa a letter with dimensions. The boxes are all semi-packed and ready for wrapping and shipping and the lurline has got to leave soon to ship the mail back out to to haole-wood so get them calipers(as jarrod did) or sewing tapes out and get some radius’s. Oh yes favorite colors would help too…

I guess it’s true when they say christmas is forever…

just like the rainy weather around here


live aloha…always

Trip out, I just barely saw this thread! As was said above, I think most folks don’t make it to this section very often… Which is a conundrum when you want to keep your posts on topic, but still have them seen by the people who need to see them.

At any rate, I hope you know you don’t ever need to shout out for a hand from me, even in theory I have your back in any way I might ever be useful, just say the word.

no doubt in my heart J…

so far only you, Lilibel and Handshaper sent me circuferences…

I should just send your three boxes out (Red right?) but making multiple PO trips is a hassle on my schedule…

thanks for the surprise “bomb”.

you and solo and SrPato got the aloha thing down for sure.

Robin, Larry, John and Keith too.

This sways family at its core is a good family at heart…

Wish I could send everyone some aloha…

cause it makes the world a better place

Maybe one day…

Hey oneula!

How much would you charge me for one of those letter openers?

Those things are the BOMB!

I got a “shwuz rail tool”…now I want an “oneula letter opener”!

Pretty soon I’m gonna have a Swalockian Craft collection! LOL

PM me if we can make this happen!

the cost, hmmm…

how about just PM me an address and an IOU on a cup of coffee and maybe a surf if I’m ever in your area one of these days…

I swing by LA every now and then for business conferences.

I like what you are doing over there and here anyway

wish I had access to pick up some of those pre cut blue blanks you bought.

but shipping is always such a hassle to hawaii

doesn’t make it worth it…

But I’m a big fan of blue foam, bambloo composites that is…

The 2" blue slabs go for $55 at lowes and $17 for 1" half panels from Fiberglass Hawaii.

so that’s like $75 for two 3" thick 8’ blanks of blue.


That sounds really cool!

So…first things first…IOU 1 coffee(preferably here at my place with my wife and daughter…I make great coffee!)

and…1 surf session next time you are in town.

There it is in writing and can constitute a legal and binding contract(the wife’s a lawyer)

Could I get one of the ones with the Wiliwili? I have never seen or heard of that wood so I’m very interested.

I will be grateful for whatever whatever you send regardless.

Here’s my address

Todd Patterson

1036 N Laurel Ave #7

W. Hollywood, CA 90046

323-650-9694 (home)

323-839-7168 (cell)


There’s all my contact info

Interesting you would say “Bambloo” with that blue foam.

I’m putting bamboo stringers in them, and a bamboo veneer on the deck of some.

Then glassing with a bamboo cloth.


I’m excited!

Mahalo and Aloha

then wiliwili it is…


wiliwili is a hawaiian version of balsa. Being one of the lightest woods it was the wood of choice for the surfcraft of the highest ali’i(chiefs) while the rest had to settle for heavy koa or ulu or hao. It was also used along with Hao for the ama’s of the canoes because of its floatation capabilities. BTW they say wiliwili attracts tigersharks…

An invasive wasp is causing the extinction of the native species as they are having to be cut down everywhere because they are dying from the wasp’s larvae. It’s been in the bnews for years. Just like the sandlewood trees traded into extinction by the chiefs for metals and weapons the native wiliwili will be gone one day soon too.

We were blessed to salvage a dozen or so small tree limbs (all we could carry) from a wiliwili tree they fell on the sacred grounds of Iolani Palace but probably 99% of it ended as chips in the land fill. They were worried a tree limb would fall on a tourist and the state would get sued. It was heartbreaking for us and the story about the whole adventure is right here on swaylocks if you look it up…

We’ve made some composites skinned with panels of the wood as well as some canoe paddles for my nieces but the letter openers in my opinion are the most efficient long term use of what’s left of that once great tree.

I use it for the handles using Koa or Milo or some other exotic hardwood for the blades. I also like to leave the finish a little rough so as you hold it the tree “talks” to you when you open your mail…

Call me silly or deranged… Just my way of giving something back to that tree.

if you are willing to measure your daughter and wife’s closed hand like they would do sliding it through a bracelet and send me the info I’ll also check into santa’s chest for something to that might make them smile too…

The starting points are 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/4" and 3". they can be adjusted a tad wider as I first cut them with a hole saw on my drill press before hand finishing them all. Since they are hand finished (rounded and sanded) they are all a little different and never perfect… Even with gloves I usually leave bits of flesh on the bench sander grinding them round using 50 grit. that part of the process reminds a bit of that movie “the red violin”.

I gave in this year and bought a tabletop “jet” adjustable speed mini-lathe to make exotic small bowls and pens/pencils this year. Every shaper needs an eternal good soft lead pencil in their shaping room…

Making things out of wood as a hobby runs in our family for generations.

As far as that “bamblue” thing I coined for my lams and “wood is good” which is something else I coined here awhile back that I now see Tom Wegener is using. I also once told Brian that bamboo was nature’s version of carbonfiber or titanium. You don’t want to be around when the stuff blows just like blue…

Being backyard hackers we make our own foam blanks using super junk and super cheap home depot/lowes insulfoam sheets and woven bamboo mat wall covering. We’ve also started using blue dow XPS inplace of insulfoam but more recently as higher density waterproof rails in place of very expensive corecel which is what Gary Young uses. You can get a real nice finish with the blue especially on the rails versus waht you can get with the cheap sheet EPS.

I’m probably giving away more than I should but…

We use specially cut patterns of the woven bamboo mat epoxied in between two flat sheets to act as a horizontal springer to hold the bent in rocker as well as a binder to “lock” in the fin boxes you route in later. We also insert vertical “cross hatched” strips of bamboo mat into the 1" bottom sheet that you would route through for your probox or fusions to futher lock in the boxes to the core to prevent movement in the soft EPS foam. As long as you use a thick skin say 1/8" cedar, paulownia, wiliwili or balsa or this 1mil woven bamboo mat, you can use blue as a core cause you won’t be compressing the skin enough to cause a pressure that would lead to the gassing problem.

We’ve tried Brian’s bamboo jersey but haven’t figured it out yet. We still can’t seem to pull it tight enough prior to glassing which causes us big headaches during glassing and a milky look after…

I’m experimenting with ResinX as well to see if it loosens up some of these stiffer composite 1/8" skinned structures with the bamboo cloth. Matt also has a real low viscosity epoxy LM35 that Brian recommends for saturation of his Bamboo jersey. I think a really finely woven bamboo/silk cloth if it can be found in china somewhere might make a better lamination than pure bamboo jersey or hemp cloth. Take in mind that Gary Young doesn’t use cloth just multiple layers of epoxy saturated custom flat cut ultrathin bamboo veneer in place of fiberglass. I think a blue core with high density rails and a veneer skin glassed in bamboo cloth with ResinX might be a good experiment… ResinX works best with a core that has alot of “spring memory” like blue does.

EPS core, with blue rails, wood skins and bamboo mat stringers are our current favorites.

Blue cores with wood rails and thick skins and bamboo mat stringers are our second.

The blue is more expensive and ends up heavier like a heavily glossed poly.

Attached are some old logo’s I use to use…