New Concept in Surfcraft Design. ( Coming soon...)

From the guy who brought you shortboard foiling in 2008.

A New Surfcraft Concept that creates a ‘flexible’ design.

  shortboard longboard travel board 

 Grab your popcorn, what you see is going to challenge your beliefs.

Haha thats how I felt when I first saw an alaia, and my first view of a foil board. Got my popcorn, looking forward to this…

Thanks Huck, I’m guessing some will be stunned at first.

 But it brings design elements from body boards, foils, short and longboards, peanut boards and multi-hulls.

 I’ve got a tame test rider lined up.

Novel indeed!

Looking forward to seeing the final physical form of your prototype concept.

Oh man, this is gonna be good. But why the wait?

It’s not your ‘body foil’, is it?

I can’t wait. 

Tease, show us some pics, drawings or something.


I saw the preliminary designs.

They have begun to evolve…

Not the bodyfoil.

 This is for shortboard surfing.

 You’ll love it.

Hi Adam, here you go.

Here’s the front half of your new surfboard.

What tease ??


And loving it.

But in your first post you said it was for longboard and shortboard surfing? Is it some sort of mini-foil fin replacement? A surfboard in multiple pieces? (no, already done)?

Can I keep guessing or should I shut up?

When’s the due date???

I looked at the modern surfboard as the pinnacle of design evolution, every square inch has been refined to an amazing level where shapers and riders can make it do amazing things. So I thought what are the Essentials of a surfboard, short or long, what are the design points, areas and dims that you cant ride a standard surfboard without ?

Sure a hydrofoil replaces a surfboard completely but staying with the planing hull style of surfcraft, what are the Essentials ?

 Do you need a Wide Point ? Not really because Peanut boards have 2 .

Do you need a finely foiled and tapered nose ? Well no because Tommo can do it with a cutoff diamond point.

How about rocker ? Do you need all that nose rocker or just under your feet ? Because rockers gone from flat to Genie Boot and maybe a continuous rocker is just a product of a shaping a single form ?

 And yes my board is more than one piece but not connected like Lego.

It’s shaped like a teardrop

One of the Best Shows Ever!

The pic I posted is a side shot of the front section.

 But if there’s a front section, is there a back section and what connects them ?

Great to see you’ve been busy Surffoils.

I have an idea (maybe two) where this is all going, but am happy to keep my thoughts to myself and wait for the great unveling.

Bring it on.

 Along with wrangling 2 young sons and the child bride, busy isn’t the word for it lately !

 A year ago I looked around and realised I hated working in operating theatres, everything’s paid for and then some so I quit and didn’t have anything to do except surf and think.

You know… The ‘Fuck it, lifes too short’  syndrome.


 So after finishing my job and being mildly creative I’ve developed a portable inflatable operating theatre for remote locations, war zones and natural disasters. Pic 1.

 An ergonomic patient transfer board. Pic. 2

A clamping method of transferring critical patients and their monitoring equipment. Pic. 3

A truly novel device that creates an ISO Class 1 sterile field for cleaner surgery that’s up for government selection and commercialisation.

And as a reaction to the Virus I farmed a massive veggie garden with tomatoes, zhuchini, soya beans, corn, squash, mint, ginger, bok choy, avocado trees, onions, basil, oregano, garlic, watermelons, rockmelons, oranges, mandarins, lemons, potatoes, garlic, beets, chickens. The pic only shows about 20%. Pic. 4

 Oh and of course the Unique multi piece customised surfboard.

 So yeah, it’s been busy.


But how do the pieces connect??? Also, what’s that hanging in the upper left of your garden, it looks like large skeins of rope/yarn.

Rohan, you’re asking the hard questions.

The skeins are for tying up the tomato’s and other veggies as they grow. I’ve probably got 200 tomato plants. The tomatoes can grow to 8 feet high and full with fruit, they need some support. Use a natural string and it all goes back into the mulch for recycling.

As for the connector, there’s a physical gap between the front and back section, the section don’t connect together.