new format - problems and glitches

 where did the thai 'ladies' ads go ?


  can you bring THEM  back , please ?



Had to re-enter my signature line but it deletes everytime I log out.

Also my email address for notifications has reverted to my old email address and will not change when I try to update it.

I am still a big fan of Sways but hope the bugs can be exterminated.

It's September 2013. If you see any ads on this forum it's your own damn fault!

where's ickabod?

? work…edit works…save is the new post ?..ok…no new smileys?


The most recent post is not always at the bottom of the thread. Sometimes, it gets inserted in the middle somewhere.

Looks like it is set to thread the topic that way, instead of conventional linear. If I reply to your post it gets stuck right under your post, if I just post to the topic I get stuck at the bottom. Normally forums have an option to choose how topics/threads are organised... anyone found it?


So, maybe that's why the quote button is gone?

chrisp wrote:
"So, maybe that's why the quote button is gone?"

Could be. Still, I much prefer a quote function for instances where a point by point reply is necessary.

Like the old saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I do too… Not yet sure if that's only because this is new though…

Trying to be upbeat.

This new format is not as user friendly, in my experience, as the former.    Frankly, I'm spending less and less time checking the site.     Possibly time to just move on.    Very disappointing.

It appears this new incarnation is "responsive" - that is - it reformats to what device you are viewing it in. It's a bit of a trade off and dumbs down the traditional layout and fuctionality of web pages, so they can be viewed and function with the small screens and touch interface of tablets and smart phones.

It looks like a work in progress. Allow Swaylock time to work the bugs out.

The site is free, you know.

my signature info saves OK under my account and then shows up as jangled garbage in the forum.

Signature test:

Something is there now.  But the new signature feature is pretty forked up …

There is a 255 character signature limit that does not allow 255 characters.  

BTW debates and discussions are almost "point"less without a "Quote" feature.  (And I could have edited or deleted this statement to evade comments like those made by Mike Daniel and Surfiber in the posts that followed.  Date and time remain unchanged.  More magic … )


Some success this time.  Switch signature format box to "filtered html" and it seems to work better.  Still cannot get 255 characters …

However, signatures are not added to all previous/past posts.

Not too wild about the auto-link feature adding definitions to surfboard design related words like Wing here and in my signature.

What everyone else said,…"errrrrrrrrrrgh".

Can I post a picture? 

And the bigger question, how will sways maintain its reputation as a place for old guys to argue if there's no quote function?

"And the bigger question, how will sways maintain its reputation as a place for old guys to argue if there's no quote function?"

there it is! copy-paste magic, mike! " )

LOL. But I'm sure some will complain that's too much work.

"And the bigger question, how will sways maintain its reputation as a place for old guys to argue if there's no quote function?"

"… copy-paste magic … "

"LOL. But I'm sure some will complain that's too much work and that others can back-edit and delete any arsehole statement they previously made.  (Orwell's 1984 where history is continuously revised for some who find it inconvenient.)"

See last sentences in post #32 dated 9/13/13, 22:44

Is this an argument or a "point" for discussion relevant to the topic of this thread?

Argue, debate, discuss, flame, old guys, pros, arseholes, trolls …


Ah the good old days…  Daniel's post cracked me up, and I am feeling more like Thrailkill by the day.  Still just finished a bitchen board for a gal who is going to be stoked, or stoiched perfectly, if your measuring on a scale; oh yeah she's at least an 8.5.  If I ever offended any of you, well, get over it. I imagine you offended me too; like I really care about this or that.

stoneburner wrote: "Not too wild about the auto-link feature"


Agreed. It's annoying and distracting.