New Stepdeck Design!

This design concept has all of the advantages of the trraditional stepdeck without the disadvantage of an actual step!


Smile!! :)) :))


we really need to have one of your boards here to ample so we can give it a fair and honest run…

Sam reid said “there is nothing new …Just new to you” all this surfboard stuff has been done before…especially in wood at least 2000 years worth of inovation evolved in the oral tradition … ambrose… lunchmeat scott fergeson has repeated the sam reid quote to me and others for years …Sam was the yeoman of the 20’s solid wood board era …at waikiki and senior life guard in the santa cruz life guard system … when we were kids he had been riding finless redwood boards for 40 years in 1964…Shaped by sam Kahanamoku tommy Higgenbottom might know where they are …you are being paitently humored in hopes you may be helped to have a break through in the progress of your design problem no one is overtly trying to thwart your progress… by blittling others you are holding back this break through…relax and allow yourself to be successful. and dont throw your board on the fire there will be much to learn after even you have become disenchanted with your old board…yes we can even see ahead to that…the vague hazy netherland between olo and canoe is where you are dwelling…your proficiency will get you where you are meant to go dont fight it there is another wave farther out side that you dont see yet… In the movie the young bucks oppinionated and full of piss and vinegar confronted the old Chiefs and shamans to ride out ,sometimes they had their own sympathetic shaman…when they left the old chiefs just sat quietly and waited to see what came of their path of angst…

I looked up kolohe in the dictionary…ambrose…just learning

Did I miss something in the photo?I can’t seem to relate that board to any kind of stepdeck.It looks cool though Roy.

Aloha Ambrose , Where is Tom Higginbottom? When I worked for Yater we made some nice boards for Tom ,I always enjoyed talking to him. I agree with Matt , Roy get us one of those babys over here!Ambrose will see you soon KP.PS. Roy Ive never tripped on any of my step decks.


If you get tired of that board you could donate it to a local pre-school. They could use it as a teeter-totter. Mike

there once was a man who got so full of himself, he exploded.

I am glad that you find this thread amusing!

Hello Matt (and Kirk),

Thankyou for showing an interest in testing a Power surfboard. I am keen on the idea of getting one over to you but am not sure how this would be achieved (other than the kneeboard which is already happening).

If you can come up with a scenario which is feasible then let me know. I am willing to contribute, but the 200 hours of labour required for a big board will have to be found. If I am going to do yet another board for free, then you will have to make me feel very good about it!

Regards, Roy


Are you sure we can’t arrange to throw one of your older beaters on a boat/plane, to get it here in time for testing @ Swaylocks '04. It really would go a long way to supporting you or outing you.

Failing that… Would you mind sharing what you consider to be the flaws, problems and limitations to your long wooden boards. I have seen hundreds of posts extolling the virtue of your boards…please share the “feet of clay”.

I’m of the opinion that all surf craft are a compromise, with way to many variables to make one “The One”. I’m sure others feel this way or we wouldn’t have quivers, ride mats, shape handguns or paddle canoes. You seem to espouse Big or BIGGER as the promised land, while if only from a traveling perspective this can’t be.

What do you see as the flaws in your concept?

 Thanks, Gil 

ps I’m still willing to help with shipping to make this happen, maybe others are too.

Hi Gil,

Thanks for your test pilot/freight offer!

I am sure that we can arrange something, but I would prefer to do a new board. I get more attached to my boards with time, and so I won’t part with my ‘old beaters’. In a perfect world I would send you a quiver, covering a range of sizes and different models, but in that respect the mind moves faster than the body and we will have to settle for one!

If you were to choose a board to test on behalf of Swaylock’s, what would you be most interested in, a singlefinned or a tunnelfinned board?

Regarding flaws, if I see one I try to eliminate it, but as you say, every board is a compromise to some degree. I will put my thinking cap on and try to come up with a reasonable answer to that one soon!

Regards, Roy

I’m interested in the tunnel. It was the thread of triple speed (as observed by your wife) that spawned the “speed challenge thread” was the night I first set eyes on Swaylocks.

Then my addiction began and seemingly always you were there, promising best, fastest, mines better. So I thought, let’s just see…maybe I can make it happen for the mindmeld around here. Thats not to be, and I do understand what a sacrifice it would be. It just seemed you had so much energy for self promotion, someone should see what the truth was. I thought I’d try, thanks anyway.

What I am still interested is to see if you can back off the testimonials, and honestly and soulfully share the drawbacks from your unique perspective. Take your time, look deep, there must be a skeleton in there somewhere.

I’ve also never read what a 15 foot balsa creation of yours sells for, but with that many hours envolved I am curious about that too.

Patiently waiting,


Roy - I got an idea. Everytime you post, give us a different quote at the bottom.

“Too much of nothin’ makes a man feel ill at ease…” Jack Fate


I thought that I said yes to your idea, but you seem to think that I am saying no. I am prepared to do a second board for Swaylock’s, but it would be for the '05 meeting and I would rather do a new one. Perhaps an X-15 would interest you?

Actually my bent is to promote functional surfboard ideas. I am not ‘self promoting’, I am promoting ideas for everyone to play with. It is hard to do this without some personal involvement but I am really quite academically minded about the whole thing. If I defend an idea, or criticise an idea, it is because I am being thorough and careful.

Regarding price, right now the price being discussed is ‘We will take it off your hands for free’ I usually let my dog discuss financial matters but he doesn’t say much until he smells the actual notes!

Every Power surfboard is built over a ‘skeleton’! Like I said, when I see a problem, I fix it. I am not currently aware of any problems with these boards. Like you said, every board is a compromise to some degree.

PS It’s kind of an interesting contrast to be asked for a free board in the same post as being asked to confess to their (supposed) defects!

PPS If you are really interested in these designs then I suggest to you that anything I say will be inferior to your own experience. How about building one yourself! It is quite easy to do and could definitely be done for less than the cost of freighting a board to you. Find out by doing! That’s what I had to do!


My sincere apologies, your offer was affirmative and generous. Also because discussing prices was probably best left for private mail. Last, I truly think gliding a big board would be fun, and I did want to get it to the gang for a test drive, but, I also had an underlying current of put up or shut up. I try to live aloha, I stepped outside the lines.

As far as the skeletons, all we ever hear is how great they are…ad nauseum. I figured you would be the only one who’d know if they had any other undesirable characteristics.

Truth is, I don't want you to shut up or stop what you're doing. I will however have to come up with a new reason to <span style="font-style:italic">have</span> to come to Big Sur. 

 As to the '05 board I leave that to you. 

I feel better now, Gil

No worries Gil,

There are so many board possibilities that I would actually need some help deciding what to build. I understand now that you wanted to get a board to the Swaylock’s meeting. I would like to do this, but obviously there would be no time to build a new board. Also the freight would be rather a lot, but if you really wanted to do it then who am I to complain about your freight bill? If I was to send an existing board, the best one would be my 11’9", the one with the tunnel fin. I hesitate partly because the board needs a bottom coat and a new fin, but it is going very well in it’s present scruffy state. Also the board had a slight springback when taken off the mold, so there is a slight imperfection in the nose rocker. This doesn’t affect the way the board rides, but I don’t like to go to a party badly dressed. I assume that there would be no time to ‘tart’ the board up, but perhaps that is all good. Someone on your end could maybe give the board a redo after the Swaylock’s meet.

You can see that I am talking myself into it, I love a challenge, and can’t easily turn down an opportunity for a bit of stoke!

If you are still keen then we can talk turkey on the private message forum. The board is sitting on the roofrack over my head right now. (I use my van as an office).

The attached pics show the board. it is the shorter one of the two in the museum shot.

You ARE self promoting, and to people at Swaylocks who normally don’t buy boards from other shapers. Some of us surfer/armchair shapers buy from different shapers, but the point is that Swaylocks isn’t a great place to market your idea. Now, if you made a widget that decreased the time it took to shape a board then THAT would be a marketable product to share at Swaylocks.

Who are you trying to convince?

Go to and tell those kids about your wood board and see what they think.

Your self promotion boarders on obsession to get other shapers to believe your way is the best.

Personally, I like to own boards that aren’t likely to crack my head open.

I noticed the helmet in small surf.

Go and screw yourself Froman, you creep. You know F*** all!