New "surfing" mag - and quad question.

Did you all see Greg and Bert in the mag? And the guy making quads… What do you guys think/feel about quads? I am very intrigued and think I would like to try, but I am curious about ride characteristcs and basic “rule of thumb” fin placement. There was only a little bit of recent stuff in the archive, so any new thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Taylor O.

World is open as to four fin placments.

Depends rider preference, size of waves, size of board, rocker.

You need to kind of visualize fin placement looking at the tail of the board, and the WPoint, profile, width of tail, where you’re standing, then install accordingly.

Everything works, to a degree, and there’s enough fin area to hold in as long as you apply enough juice.

My attempt at a quad. Might work better as a twin or use smaller leading fins. Mike

LeeDD is right.

going quad where no quad has gone before?

the quad works best in good hollow surf, it goes like crazy in even the smallest barrels. the thruster is still my favorite where i wanna go off the bottom then off the top. I think it is the lack of the center fin that leads to less resistance and therefore less drive for me when i push off the bottom. but the quad was a good investment and i love surfing it around my local beachbreaks.


amazing how shiny and smooth Greg’s resin sets up on your boards.

The finish you get right out of your fill coat’s amazing…

someone’s got themselves a nice shiny quad

Additive F…

is the magic kool aid for epoxy.


Next time you are over check out this new brand fiberglass with a tight equal weave count. Come out way nicer than the warp hexcel. That board only needed a 320 sanding on the rails for the tape line. I used warp on the deck and that was almost perfrect also.

Thanks for the feedback - What do you guys think about this that I found in the archives:


Quads are great boards. They like to make big turns at speed. Not much for vertical surfing, but really good in down the line power. Start here with your fins: This is for a 6-2. Front fins at 10 1\2, rear fins at 5. Move cluster up 1\4 inch for each 3 inches of length increase. Front fins normal toe with 1 degree more cant, rear fins slightly less toe and minus 1 degree cant (2 degrees less than front). Bring the rear fins off the rail about 1\4 inch more than the front. Use a fin system so you can play around with sizes and templates. The overall design of the board will dictate final placement and fin sizes. Plan on going VERY FAST when you get it dialed! aloha, tom

Would this be a good formula to start with on fin placement? Just trying to collect info for my next board.

Thanks, Taylor O.


One of our Sway guys recommended this website for Quad fin numbers. Great site. Check it out. Mike

check out the design forum it a quad fest over there right now with some good stuff from Brian Bulkley.

Thanks you guys - Taylor

Check out Dan Malloy’s new 5’-9" Mandala quad

A modified Gemini-1 with epoxy and wood lam awaiting final spray urethane.


more gem-1

Jeff Alexander…Genius!!!

i would also reccomend the mckee site, very informative, diagrams and everything. as well as a discourse on the pro/con of quads. also has info on the m5 multi fin set up for interchanging 2/3/4/5 fin set ups.

i recently had the time to make a no wing, quad fish, and i love it. i haven’t finished making the fins for it(- fcs range is very limited here, and the fins you get locally are all pirated anyway,) and am currently running all fcs g5 single foiled fins, and it works great. i mean, being a fish, it is inherently fast anyway, but it goes top to bottom easily, and had no lack of holding in some juicy 1.5 meter waves, as well as drive in the small slop.

i like my thrusters, but have gotten bored with them. i don’t know if a quad, or any fin set up for that matter, is the ultimate, but it sure is fun. and that’s the most important anyway.

definately worth having one in your quiver.

A modified Gemini-1 with epoxy and wood lam awaiting final spray urethane.


That thing already looks impossibly glossy. Nice stuff!

Nativeson, try a G-CRV up front and longboard side-bites in the back. Best setup I’ve found so far for my small wave quad. Super fast and drivey but loose off the top and pivots great off the front fin. Holds well in bigger stuff too.

Here’s some shots of the setup in a 5’10":


looks like someone’s going to be a happy camper on the eastcoast…

or is that your 6’6"?

Looks great especially the finish with out any UPOL…

Sorry I never got you my fin specs but these look good to me…

Jeff should be jealous and envious he hasn’t ordered one his shapes from you yet…

yeah, was thinking about the longboard sides in the back position. am actually making some fins for this board based on pavel’s “2 fins out of one” idea.

would try the curved fins, but like i said, most of the fcs and other product down here is actually pirated, so better to make my own…

6’8’’ nice Forstall four fin. Bagged Epoxy.