New Tool for Shaping

Jim Holis has found a new tool to do concaves for Tip Riders.

I let Jim use my shaping bay and the first tool he grabbed was a Hammer?

Whatever works!

Some guy’s even use draw knives?


The Hammer!!!
Why didnt i think of that

i think a razor bade was as weird as ive ever gotten

Is that how you get rid of all those little machine lines ???

what makes those machine lines?

very precise planer work…


You buy a skil 100, and learn how to shape instead of letting the machine do it… that’s how… hahahahahahah… (I’m kidding around of course).

A shaping machine makes those machine lines… not a hand held electric planer.

Not even Skip Frye or Al Merrick or Thrailkill or Griffin or Rusty or anyone one this forum could get that precise with a planer.

Jim Holis has been shaping since the late 60’s and he is very talented at using a skill 100.

We were just having some fun.

Our machine is so calibrated and acurate. Believe me it takes more talent than anybody realizes to reproduce key models with precision.

Most boards we do come from hand shapes that are scanned and a model is created.

I have worked for more famous shapers than you can imagine.

There is a lot of bashing on swaylocks towards machining.

Remember the best models came from the masters.

I know… I was just having fun too, bro.

…hello Surfding,

I really like to enter in threads with you, Deadshaper, MDaniel and many more shaper fellas

I respect you labor and work and is no my intention to offend you or anyone

but in my (may be) dumb opinion, the machine killed surfing like the leash, megacorporations, surfmags marketing, etc

and make no sense got a machine to do few dozen of boards per week or month

the leash?

cant you go back any further than that?

how about polyurethane, the skeg, gidget, or anette funicello

Hi Kawika -

I’ve personally witnessed Lee Vanderhurst carefully shape the edge in the bottom of an edge board by following the line using a power planer. It blew me away. There’s a photo of it around here somewhere taken at one of Keith Melville’s shaping sessions.

The zen master Lee has also perfected the incredible telekinetic razor blade cut lap technique which is another amazing trick I’ve never seen performed by anyone else anywhere.

Reverb got to love you!

I was surfing pipe before leashes.

Had wetsuits that leaked in the early 70’s and rashed my armpits until they bled.

Shaped alot of boards by hand with a electric planner while my friends were all surfing.

Exposed to computers in the 70’s when there were no hard drives.

Got a machine 3 1/4 years ago and having a lot of fun.

Building boards in a modern way is pretty awesome.

If people want to freak out so be it.

I wish Hawaiia was like it was in the 70’s.

California in the 60’s.

Come down to the shop and see the set up.

Your alway’s welcomed.

Don’t fly an airplane with hand shaped wings!

It’s all good.

I like your work!

It’s all good.

I like your work!

Instead of scanning maybe some of those people should learn how to get the results they’re after by drawing a file in the first place. Makes just a wee bit of sense…

…you know, the “old” adage “…leashes ruined surfing” kind between a fact and a metaphor

the skeg was a huge improvement

well, Hollywood movies were not good too

in those years if not for PU wasn t possible to keep the general public demand running


I prefer surfboard as a cottage niche industry than what is now round the world

-talking about old days, couple of months ago a kid in the line up was in full suit and was a warm day, so a guy older than me asked the teen why not use a spring suit and the answer was “…because Im poor” !!¿? (dude had a brand new ultimate one)…

then started to talk with other kid about how to clean the wax…with acetone, with thinner, rasp with a knife !!¿?..

these type of guys dont even know about if the boards had more or less than 3 fins, scuba diving wetsuits, or start a fire in the beach because you re violet for the cold winter weather

why I just found these dumb dudes in the line up of a good point break?

–how some one amortize have a machine that is not or will not be in full work?

I m not saying that your machine is not working full time

but some are

–might be Im more prepared to face up the crisis than the larger machined factories

because I have been always in the “small stock” or custom boards not largely inventories

so I know how is living with not too much