New Tool for Shaping

Howzit John, Who wrapped the rails on that board, there is lot of splotchy resin spots, should be nice and clean. Maybe lee is actualy freaking out trying to cut trough the thicker resin areas.Don’t meat to nit pick.Aloha,Kokua

Reverb: I agree with you! For the custom board builder it is still a cottage industry. Even if you have or don’t have a machine. There are many tools availible these day’s.

I have a few draw knives on order as well as 3 electric planners and a Clark Vacuum system. Ok I have all kinds of Computers and Lots of Design Software tools as well.

Does that make me more or less of a craftsman? I have a killer machine for sure and it wasn’t cheap. However I plan to cut more that just surfboards. Surfboard building is more of a passion. I just want to enjoy building boards that people are stoked on. Big or small doesn’t matter only the love of the craft. It’s really impossible to know what anyone of us here on swaylocks is really all about. Just to make an effort to even build a board regardless of one’s level or size is really cool as far as I’m concern.

When I get a young kid that comes in and wants to shape a board in my bay I never turn him down. Share the stoke!

Hey Kokua -

Whaddaya expect? In Keith’s backyard? Beneath a tarp? Under the influence of copious amounts of beer?!

What you don’t see (and what only a video could capture) is the way Lee slices right through the entire overlap from end to end WITHOUT TOUCHING THE BLADE!!!

(listen up)

Howzit John, Just messing with you, I have done lots of lam jobs in some strangs places where the working conditions aren’t the best, but some times you just have to do them where ever you are. I’m just a perfectionest who can do clean layups no matter what the conditions and even surprize myself at times. Plus the fact the fact that you are using catalyzed resin outside doesn’t make it any easier and there were probably umpteen guys there bugging the you know what out of who ever was doing the lam job. That’s one thing that I never stood for, when I was laminating I had the do not disturb sign on the door and yelled at any body who tried to walk in. The times I id show guys how to glass I could tell them to watch and shut up and ask questions when I was done, that way yoou cn concentrate on the job at hand. Now I would like to see the no hands lap cutting trick.Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kokua -

Try this link and click the little arrow to hear the sound that is made when Lee does his thang…

I remember when machine bashing

at the blue campfire was far more

unsportsman like. The archives

are full of awful attacks on

this sophisticated shaping tool.

I was a participant who wrrote

many extensive debate pieces

raising john henry vs. the inkypoo

and the butlarian jihad…

I have long since cut the hypothetical

CAD maching affectionados slack.

the machine bashing by comparisson

now is nonexistant.

I remember making my own wax

a couple months ago…

well enough to make anotther batch

in a week or so.

I remember milling milling local grown balsa

with a skil saw …day before yesterday.

I’ll make the new batch of wax from the balsa

rippings…I remember when taco bell beach

was Pedro and Phil’s house was a home

with a burn barrel,a beach boy out post

and a boys club…phil drove a red caddy

convertable with his pipe covering

work clothes on…

oh yeah the beach front had many houses

now it’s a parking lot when offshore

all the safeway plastic bags scatter

accross the beach accompanied by the

drift of linda mar sewerpump offgassing .

machines are are fins.and

skegs. all these are addictive

and the price that is paid

for their advantages

has an edge of creeping

insidiousness …

like abandoned train tracks ,

shopping bags half burried

in the sand ,and broken plastic

skegs in the tidepools…

glen schott made a wetsuit

out’a scraps off the beach at kellys.

I remember right now like it was yesterday

and it excites me like tomorrow

because of the unlimited potential

for personal besting.

the hammer is a sophisticated tool

in the right hands,and the varieties never

cease,until of course they meet

the compressor and nails in bondage.

paul revere made silver pots

with a hammer before

the declaration of independence.

hand made pots are only in glass cases



my friend showed me a blank he left the skin on

and glassed w/1 layer of 4oz and polyester resin

1 layer was quite strong.he might ride it for some time

leaving it for ancestors to reshape.I was a second 11’bennet


When board builder designs a board let’s say to cut on a DSD machine (Brazilian) the rails come out square and unfinished. So that shaper takes that board shapes it complete then has his team rider validate the design. Then sends it to be scanned exactly the way the board was finished. The created file can now be transfered to many different machines that will give the repeated results of the finish board. That is if the finish shapers do not distort the intented shape off the machine. In the board industry which is not what this site is about a board builder has his models all recorded (Scanned) and files generated. Having the files under his contol give him the flexibility to cut on any machine anywhere he wants.

In your case you may not need to scan?

Hey, hey, hey…I believe that was lam no. 2 for me. My motto is “Better too much than not enough! That’s why God invented sandpaper…”

I think that board also featured resin pin lines that never cured.

There is a certain level of alchemy involved in any resin application. After 1,000 boards you get it narrowed down pretty well. I’ve got 990 to go.

Hope the recovery is going well Mike!

I’ve been working on an APS 3000. The spectacuar Miki machine and I’m over scanned one offs. Design on screen is the way. So nice to have all my shapes on a little thumb drive that can be run anywhere in the world. Not to say that the 35,000 I did by hand wasn’t something I use everytime I design a new one . But having over 800 files that can fit in a shit pocket is really something. And I can tweek the shapes right on screen and save the result … coolest thing since the skil 100.

Reverb … I can relate but time seems to move in only one direction … too bad sometimes.

Howzit Lee, I didn’t even realize it was you who did the lamination on the board, and sinceit was # 2 then all is forgiven and keep at it. Gees #1000 for me was sometime in the early 70’s I think. It all becomes one big resin/fiberglass blur after a while. Was with a friend of Jack Reeves the other day and he said Jack is feeling little burnt out these days, that happens to glassers sometimes, that’s why i take time outs and let the flames of the stoke rekindle .Will try the link.Aloha.Kokua

Hi Kokua -

In all seriousness, I’d like to point out that LeeV doesn’t drink alcohol. Not a drop. I believe the glass job was a mutual effort and turned out pretty nice.

Howzit John, Knowing now that it was only his second lay up it isn’t a bad job at all. When you say a mutual effort do you mean more than one person involvedn in the lam job, um some times to many hands stirring the pot does more harm than good. I have a shaper friend who used to call me up every time he wanted to glass a board since he felt he needed me to help him. Well as soon as we would start laying up the board he would start yelling at me to do this or do that. I finally told him that just let me do the glass job since his yelling was just wasting energy and my time and I didn’t need him to try and tell me how to do something that I had been doing for over 40 years. He never asked me to help him again and would just bring the blank to my shop and let me do it.He is just the kind of person who gets all flustered up when doing certain things,I feel sorry for him.Aloha,Kokua

Greg: I met you at Cerritos college just after the clark closure.

Anyway I agree with you: One off scanning doesn’t make sense. Scanning is more for the larger board builders that need to send files around to be cut in differnt parts of the world. I love the design side of building boards. Miki makes a really good machine. I believe he now uses Shape 3D version 8 the world standard. I too keep a memory stick on me with all my board files. It’s really endless. Next time you in California come by and check out my set up. I’ll even cut a free board for you from one of your files.

My machine is a 3DM built like the space shuttle since Shape 3D version 8 it cuts unreal. I like Miki’s machine too as well as John Yow’s. There both really smart people.

the space shuttle…

c’mon ------- that thing has leaks and pieces fallng off of it every time it goes up…or tries too…

your machine is way better than that ‘space shuttle’ thing…

hope things are going well for you…



Good to hear from you. We miss you comming around your shapes are always so pure and clean. It’s been really slow this winter so I rebuilt many things on the machine. We (Jim Holis) mostly revised some things that help keep the machine in calibration. I’ll show you how we did it next time your around. Looking forward to a new season and I hope that veteran custom board builders like yourself do well in this uncertain economy. As you seen from the photo of Jim we have plenty of time to goof-off.

Ok the Space Shuttle was a bit over the top! John Yow did use tons of steel and the frame is solid. Today you couldn’t afford to build a machine like mine for the price. I just need to use it more. Maybe I’ll wax it?

Our turn around is normally 24 hours during the business week. Same day for you.

Post some pics of your latest work alway’s love to see what your up to!

I guess we can just go to your web site?



TS is by far one of the most knowledgeable guys, we have the priveledge to work with. Working with Tim has helped us to raise the “bar” on our offerings.

WOW! Levitating the board with one hand and levitational razor cut with the other!?!

Outstanding! Now THAT’s a true MASTER!

I want to study with THAT GUY!

hey SD-

things have been slow, but steady for the most part…getting my glassing, sanding, etc. skills back in check…actually, kind of nice to get back into that part and relearn some new, good habits…i’m sure you’ll be seeing me if/when if gets busy…thanks for the kind words.


thanks for the kind words…

i know i’m a little critical sometimes…it makes us all better in the end…