new zealanders ...

...are you guys okay ?


  moonfish, your relatives alright ??!!

all ok here.

friends in Christchurch ok.   but watching it on the news at the moment and it seems like there are quite alot of fatalities.  the place is a mess. 


Not looking good at the moment. Fingers crossed for all you guys over there.

This one is a real bad one guys.  There is 65 confirmed dead and lots more missing please pray for those who are trapped and missing



prayers go out to everybody in NZ.  my wife is a Kiwi and we are thinking about our friends there tonight.

Kia ora from Christchurch, firstly thank you to Ben for his concern, it has been a very stressful day. Unbelievably, it was 5 foot and offshore at Scarborough and Sumner this morning, so my surf buddy reckoned, I went to the office. At 12.31pm the shake started, our office is on the third floor and the building has exposed circular columns everywhere, it was like riding a bucking bronco, it went on so long that I thought the building wasn’t going to make it. Well she did, we upped and ran down the stairs, the electric doors were locked, someone broke a couple of windows and we were out of there. Water and sand was running down the streets, liquefaction and people milling on the road. The car next to mine was crushed from a repair on the building next dor from a previous shock, a US/NZ conference next door had emptied out ont the street as well. Old buildings that had survived other shocks were destroyed, check this link . I headed back to my house, and checked my family, we are all good. There are still aftershocks, people are trapped, it is night time and raining, just had a bloody big shake, visitors are sleeping in marquees with no blankets, its ok, but shocks like this last one does get to you, now another one. I can hear them coming as well.

At least we are still alive, warm and dry, and our home is sturdy. There are thousands of others not so lucky. Finally the bridge to my favorite surf spot is meant to be down so that adds to my woes. 



It's good to hear that all is well with you and your family.  There are a lot of people here on Sways and across the USA sending out prayers and good Vibes to New Zealanders.

It’s aweful.  How’s Paul Gannon?  Prayers on the way.  Mike

We are wishing you guys well, keep safe guys.

News reports don't look too good, thoughts and prayers for my friends and customers there...


Paul should be fine as he lives in Napier. Estimates for Christchurch are for 200 to 400 people dead.

F*ck mate, that's serious. Prayers are with you all.

75 confirmed dead, 300 missing. I don’t know where you got that figure. God help us, it won’t be that many.

NuclearFishin, where you at?!

I’m  okay , thanks for asking.

I’m in Auckland . so a long way away

Watching it all unfold and feeling for friends and acquaintances  - everyone really

A lot of tourists / travellers  got caught up in it  - it’s the time of year for backpacking.

I’ll be making some donations to help.

     Howzit Warthawg, So did Ragland get hit by the quake? I have a friend who moved to Ragland back in the late 60's or early 70's from Santa Cruz and as far as I know he is still there and owns a house on the Bay and is a really good wood worker.As usual I can't remember his name but he has a pretty little Blonde daughter who must be in her early 20's by now and I think her name is Tui,darn I hate when I forget a name but I know they had a picture of him surfing Ragland years ago in a Surfers Journel that had a story about New Zealand. I probably still have the Magazine and will look for it when I get some time.Just remembered his name is Dennis Conquest. Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kokua,

Raglan was far away from the epicenter- it’s in the North Island, Christchurch is in the South Island. Hundreds of miles apart.

I don’t know Dennis but I know of him. He does indeed have a beautiful house right at Whale Bay.

Take care.

My best wishes to Paul Cannon, Roy Stewart, Nuclearfishin, Warthawg and all the others I can't seem to remember at the moment.  Please taake care of one another.  Times like these, all else can be shifted to the trivial bullshit category and put on hold.

Best wishes to Paul, Roy and our other New Zealand friends.  Lot’s of earth issues the last few years.