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hi there !

the next ‘chapter’… here are some shots from [our southern hemisphere] winter here…


DSCF2971.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1659.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1649.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF2194.jpg picture by chippy61


DSCF1547.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1552.jpg picture by chippy61


I say we start a drive to raise money to pitch in and by Chip a workbench and stool to sit on. Then, he can really crank out these cool fins.








  i was actually at a friend's place , happily filling the air and surrounds with toxic dust while her co-tenant was overseas


  girl's house's don't always feature workbenches and sheds here , i've noticed ... [i'm sure rachel's and ethereal's are fully decked out , however ...]

     Howzit chip, I must say that not only are you a good fin maker but your photograpy is top drawer also, keep up the stoke.Aloha,Kokua

Slightly sickening...your winter is better than our summer...


Rich (from England)

Do u use a iGo HD?


     Howzit chip, I must say that not only are you a good fin maker but your photograpy is top drawer also, keep up the stoke.Aloha,Kokua




hi Mike !


 thanks very much , sir !


  how is your health now , are you able to paddle yet ?


  if so , let me know , eh ? [I've not forgotten fins for you ...]









wade , again…

DSCF1576.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1562.jpg picture by chippy61


DSCF1564.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1617.jpg picture by chippy61


Do u use a iGo HD?



thanks for asking , but  i've been drug free for a coupla decades now , thankfully !


[translation...i have no idea what aiGO HD is ,  obviously ?! ]


  'thirdshade'...cheers ...OUR winter is [generally] better than our summer , too,  being that in our summer [december to roughly may??] the surf becomes ankle least you have a GREAT reef break there yeehaaa ......  tigger newling would be proud !!

    Howzit chip, check your PM's.Aloha,Kokua

 Hi Ben, Great photo's ,those wave shots are awesome, Keep up the good


Hey Chipster,

Those wave only shots have caught and frozen moments that puts a smile and stoke in every surfers day ....... without being there ( sort of like having shots of your mistress you sneak a peak of when ya can't be there)

Yeah that's it ..... surfer porn ........ (lol) (lol)


Ps I think iGo HD is a precurser to stuff we should'nt mess .... hmmmmm

PSS Jeeeeeze were you on it when you took them shots .... might be something in it !!

Sorry for being such a kook! I intented to say GoPro:

Just wondering what the pictures were taken with??



no no you're not a kook at all mate ,


  it was merely my [paltry] attempt at aussie humour


  special thanks go to 'Lazarus' here [my brother Simon in real life] for VERY generously giving me a water camera while he was here in perth recently ....THANKS heaps , Simon !!  [it's a fuji finepix waterproof camera , which also takes movie footage too [this drains the batteries , i noticed! ] . Now , if i can just figure out how to post mini movies here [they are only around 6-9 seconds each wave ] .......


  cheers for your replies , guys ! [i have more , and varied , other photos for this thread too, but will try to hopefully be a bit more self-controlled with my photo postings??!!]


 ......keep surfing !!




DSCF2149.jpg picture by chippy61

Looks like a pretty decent camera!

yep ,


  and ...


  the closeup facility on it especially is amazing !! ..... [ i've done a coupla 'resin swirl' closeups with it on the 'show us your resin tints and patterns' thread ]


  cheers .....and keep surfing !



Need to buy a good camera like Chipfins61!

hey Surfding, i see your logo and a Merrick logo on that board. ???

DSCF2911.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF2938.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1660.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1061.jpg picture by chippy61

this 1 degree morning featured no-one out , for a change ..... mind you , it was only just light ....

DSCF1836.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1834.jpg picture by chippy61



the [?sp?] "underzeeboaten"s' perspective ....

DSCF1635.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1623.jpg picture by chippy61
[hats off to the master , Jack McCoy. he , of course, does it with fins inches from his head. in fact , watching the 'bunyip dreaming' dvd yesterday , i noticed he got run over , nose first , while shooting marcus brabant......ouccchhhhh !!!]

PICT1057.jpg picture by chippy61

PICT1046.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF1124.jpg picture by chippy61