Pics of you riding your creations.

We have several show your build type threads and a show your artwork thread.  How about a show your creations in action thread?

Ok, here’s a pic that Resinhead took of me riding a 7’0" thruster I made from a Walker blank, one day when he was on the injured list and I (fortunately) was not.  As I recall it had been this way for a couple hours, and this was my last wave in…


Okay, since Keith's the only one so far, I'll play too.

First: 6-2 quad fish EPS with XPS rails balsa "parabolic" stringers down in South America a year or so ago (wifey took the pic on a shitty, windblown afternoon while my son and I were out mucking about):


Last month on a 6-3 EPS roundpin quad:


DSC_0973.jpg picture by tjrm63DSC_0761.jpg picture by tjrm63 tube.jpg picture by tjrm63Surf trip at Nicaragua, this is one of the only pics of surfing, 3 days before we went by boat to the outer breaks and the captain capsized the boat when we got out there, lost all our video cameras and cameras all footage of surfing some nice 6' to 8' swells. We all had to paddle in to shore and the captain and his buddy couldn't swim, thank God for extra boards. One camera left and this all we got on a dying swell, the second pic is us walking to the break, I just thought it was a cool pic.


[img_assist|nid=1045424|title=malibu floater|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=380|height=291][img_assist|nid=1044832|title=first|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=377|height=251][img_assist|nid=1044825|title=2|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=357|height=333]

Just about to float the shore break at my ‘local’ on my favourite fish i built . Its sold now, kind of wish I hadnt sold it , still trying to make one as good!

The only pic I have of myself surfing

Board no. 1

I think it was the first floater I’ve landed too !


just got back from a week in Central Costa Rica where I tested out my fifth shape, a 6'3 roundtail thruster

10-8 Wood Veneer single wing pin prototype.    2+1 in these shots but man, it works even better as a quad.     As a quad you can really lay it on rail and carry so much speed!    I reluctantly sold this board to a guy on Kauai and to this day I’m glad I stoked him out but man,  I miss that board a lot!    


GEEZ CarveNalu! when/if you ever get back on a "normal" board, it must feel like nothing to bury a rail.

Nice Pics!

Yeah Carve - Looking at that last shot… Can’t you lay it over… Ha!  Unreal!

What sucks for me is… the server I use at work won’t let me see photobucket anymore… bummer!

I’ve posted the only pictures I have, that I can show… Ha!

Here’s a few.

looks like you’ve been keeping charlie busy.

how is he doing these days?

beautiful work between you two

Keith's great wave is a tough act to follow.  I'm not even standing up...


well… i don’t have pics… but i have a video of my first one! hope this won’t be considered off topic hehe



Homemade 5’6 x 18-1/2 x 2-1/4 PUPE LokBox Twin

lookout major photo slut steppin up!

Rocky Rights North Shore Sep '09 couple frames from full sequence -



Bud wins thread but John wins ''most esoteric spot'' honorable mention......

…yeah cool pictures everywhere

but Bud wins for the best small boardfactory in the world