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quiver has been killed by spammers

may it R.I.P.

Most of the old core just troll here these days… No one wants to deal with the tripe being posted. 

Shape/post/spamaholic has turned most discussions into a drunk/stoned teeny-bop rant. And the mods seem to find it cute and beneficial to let him rant and trash what has gone on here for over a decade.

There’s maybe 10 people, it seems, who post here on a regular basis anymore, not like the days past - and they have to spend most of their time trying to shut out the trash.

I would venture to say that the old guard wants Swaylocks back. 

This is my 50th season on a surfboard - 46th since I shaped my first board (and I still have my first sureform - with the original blade, works better with age btw).

If ignorance is bliss… Who’s the happiest person posting here?  Gee Whiz… is the wunderchild who’s had a Skill 100 for week? 


“Shape/post/spamaholic has turned most discussions into a drunk/stoned teeny-bop rant.”

sad that a seemingly poster child for Ritalin is able to train wreck so many threads unchecked.

usually the best thing to do with an ADD kid who is babbling and being a general pain in the ass, is give them a time out until they manage to calm down.

Mods, how about moderating?


Well, my original post was regarding Quiver, but I seem to have hit a nerve.  Which I understand.

I don’t have a problem with it, but I’m just one guy.  There has never been that level of moderator involvement since I’ve been here.  Seems like everyone just wants to have free reign to say and do as they please, and resents moderating on any level other than deleting spam and locking threads.

I have been trying to have a discussion on the subject with the site owner, for probably two months now.

My thinking is to open a folder that would be called “moderated discussion”, and I would see that it would be moderated per standard moderating protocol.  For those tired of the endless blather and petty bickering, they could post on that folder, where this would not be tolerated.  For those who prefer the status quo, they could proceed as usual, on the general discussion folder we all now use.

All it would require is to set up a new folder, or re-name one of the seldom used folders already in existence.  Posting in that folder would be voluntary, so no one could really gripe about it being moderated - if they don’t like it, don’t use the folder.

Seemed a better solution than to try to change the whole forum to a more moderated forum, as there are plenty of posters who wouldn’t be happy with that either.

Maybe you guys need to clean the sand out of your vaginas. Swaylocks is what YOU make it… a seemingly benign thread has turned into a mud-slinging contest. Let him with no guilt throw the first stone.

Chrisp - I understand the sentiment, but don’t think its that cut and dried.  There are some valid complaints IMO, which you might not be aware of.  Its easy to judge comments on their face value, when sometimes there is a back story that shows a different picture.

Swaylocks has rules, but they are pretty routinely ignored.  We allow a lot of leeway in that regard.  But there are people here with a sense of community and a history with the site, people who have given years to building up this site, and making it the great resource it is known as being.  I don’t think those voices should be ignored.

I’m not quick to pull the trigger on anyone, but would love it if we could have just one folder where standard moderating procedures would be the norm.

My comment was directed at 2 guys who took cheap shots at a guy who isn’t even on this thread then complain about what drag this place is. Again, Swaylocks is what YOU make it. If this place is dragging, post up some stoke! Are we not all adults? Can the mere presence of one poster that you may not like really mess with you that much??? Geez, get over it. Post your stoke and ignore what you dont like… i shouldn’t have to be even posting this. Swaylocks is what YOU make it… but, don’t mind me, go back to your complaining and whining.

Trust me, I’m as frustrated with the negativity as anyone.

But I also feel that there are some valid points being made here.  In allowing such leeway in posting as we do, should a newcomer to the forum, with little practical experience, be allowed to slander an established craftsman, attacking his shaping ability and calling him a dabbler, citing the fact that he’s not in Surfer Magazine as the reason?  I’m talking a guy with a current business, a family to feed, and a professional reputation to defend - so what if he decides this type of stuff is detrimental to his business, and stops coming around?  We all lose.

In allowing such leeway as we do, should someone be allowed to de-rail and destroy a valid thread on an interesting subject like stringer glue ups?  So if the original poster decides not to follow up or share anymore of his stringer glue ups, who loses?  We all do.

Even if these guys are very relaxed posters who take the high road, and are not the type to complain, there are those who value their presence here, and I don’t think its out of line to say Hey, there should be some respect for genuine contributors like these guys.

We allow a lot of leeway here, but would it be so bad for there to also be some accountability?  Or at the very least, a place where people could go to get away from that type of negativity.

Hi Huck,
I don’t think most want the free reign. Its called voting with your feet. Most do want more moderation. Most, sadly don’t post anymore because of the lack of moderation. Most posters have left.

Don’t believe me? Look at the active users list on the bottom of the page.
What is the traffic like these days. I noticed the number of views count disappeared with the last website revision.

I really hope something is done about it.

I should have said the ones who want free reign are often the most vocal!

I’m open to suggestions.

I’d like to see some accountability, and a move to a more standardized moderating protocol, beyond deleting spam and locking threads - but don’t want to start a war here.  A lot of guys are used to it being the way it is. What do you suggest?

I suggest a block this user option like they have at surfer BB.

Secondly I suggest deleting purely negative posts. We know what that are, and who usually posts them. Delete the post. Then after say ten deletions, you delete the poster

As for shapaholic, I can’t get past the first ten words of anything he posts, so he is sort of auto-ignored.

   30 day ‘‘time out’’ as an attention getter for Spamaholic.     Either that, or I’m going to start a thread about the bitchen antique sandpaper I found, and ask how to make a sanding block for it !    Then you’ll be sorry.

the first point is for the site owner, moderators have no authority or ability to modify the site

the second point is OK with me, at least the first part about deleting negative posts or comments, how does anyone else feel about it?


Read your concern and limitations, not to mention sticking your neck out for the betterment of Sway’s.

Is controversy and pissing matches really more interesting than the, stoke of the art that we love?

Double post

I feel for you Huck, this is a totally unique situation. One for The Ethicist column of the NYT.

Bill’s 30 day temp ban, with a kind, clear, private explaination why, is probably the first step. Clear warning for repeats of acting out, however many I don’t know. Then permanent ban, or hopefully, not.

Hard one. Respect to you.

I’ve been on for 14 years now and the negatives outweigh the positives on posting pictures 

other forums just have a block user button so you dont see anything from that person 

I think it’s driving people away!  The forum used to have so many great shapers involved. 

I used to be on every day now it’s around once a week 

A block user feature or a total ban of said individual.  Something’s got to be done.  He’s single handedly killing the place.

I just ignore him. But would agree with a 30 day ban. And a block user option. 

Im not nearly as motivated about Sways as I once was. Too much drama. I just cherry pick the few remaining guys whose advise I respect. And occasionally offer some help to the worthy newb. 

Read Sting Ray’s new post about apples and oranges. That is the spirit I miss.