Point of interest: SHARK ATTACK !

Believe it or not, a Mexican surfer was just killed off, or near, Acapulco. Seems there are more incidence of shark/man ‘‘activity’’, than in the past.

i think acapulco was the general area where that californian guy was nailed – troncones?

Yep, you’re right.

The Pacific Currents have been crazy this

year. The California Current swung inward close

to the beach this year causing the upwelling/cold

water and is probably a highway for migrating Whites

going into the middle of the Pacific to breed? (we don’t

know what they do there)

Down south the currents run north and would be

moving tigers & bull sharks up out of their normal areas

into contact with humans. (Shark populations are

always reduced where there are people due to fishing


More surfers probably die in accidents on the way to

the beach in their cars than ever get killed in the water!

…may be you re right but I dont believe in the statistic thing (like got 2 chickens for 2 guys…the statistic is all eat, but may be 1 eat 2 chickens and the other starve to death…

in the road I have choices

in the water havent…Im there hoping that no shark attacks me

More attacks, or more publicity? As for more chance of being struck by lightning, I think that’s crap. That statistic is done by dividing the total population by the number of attacks per year as far as I am aware. Try total number of people who entered the water during the year by number of attacks. I think you will find a substantial difference. Last time I checked, land dwelling sharks were a rare phenomenon.

Troncones is the gringo suburb of Zihuat. a good distance north of Acapulco. Has there been a new incident since Troncones?

Yes. Either thursday, or friday. Picked it up on Yahoo. They made reference to the other attack last month.

I’m no expert but I believe that since we have stopped killing off the seals, there are more big sharks in the water. I also believe there are at least 10 times the number of surfers in the water then there was 10 years ago. So we have more sharks with more people to attract. This could make our odds of getting hit a lot better or worse, depends on if the glass is half full or half empty. It could also mean that we are now communicating with each a lot more then we use to, and as such hear more about the attacts. The Landlord was there before we crawled out of the muck, which was a few years before we started to swim in the salt water. We are in the salt water to have fun, he is there to survive. I for one would prefer feeding the fish then having some drunk running a stop light and smacking into me. At least that way I have done something some good. I know, I know donate your organs, hell as old as I am there is not anything left that anyone could use, and if you don’t believe me just ask my wife. Just one mans thought about it. Bagman

HOT OFF THE PRESS… Channel 8 six o’clock news. Mexican surfer killed yesterday, an american surfer mauled today, off Acapulco. Third one in Mexico, and the fourth one on the pacific coast, this year.

Interesting that you said “probably”. If you compare deaths to “contact” probability increases. Here in Hawaii we have had and continue to have increased contact, sightings and even death. It is true there are more people in the water than ever. Some of them doing very unnatural things like “swimming with the sea lions” etc. Cerainly the number of incidents increases with the number of people in the water. Having surfed most of my life (and I am ‘older than dirt’ as McCain says) above or north of Santa Barbara I have met many who have had “encounters”, or been “vibed out” etc. The last 5 or 6 years I have surfed quite alot in the cold waters of Northern Oregon. Most serious surfers on that coast have had or know someone who has had a “close encouter” with “Whitey”. Having said that; I personally have NEVER had such an encouter. It is hard for me to fathom that the Great White Shark would or should be on the endangered species list considering the “whopping” population in places like the Northwest and the Farallon Islands. I personally would like to see us go back to the “good old” days when Salmon fisherman carried “30-30’s” onboard. Kept the sea lion nusance down and whites didn’t hang around.

Acapulco is in my memory as a place of years past incidents also. Maybe Acapulco is the central reporting city for coastal Guerero and turns up sounding like all the incidents are right there when in fact they could be spread along the Guerero coast? Did the Troncones incident have an Acapulco by line or was it Zihuat? I like that stretch of coast but can sure do without sharks on the mind!

doesn’t surprise me…

punta diamante '04 scored some nice rides but it was spooky… just that feeling…

Troncones is actually 30 minutes north of Ixtapa. Haven’t seen papers here in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo yet but word is two more attacks happened in past few days - all very near here, not Acapulco which is close to 4 hour drive to the south. You’re right about the news thread likely coming out of Acapulco but attacks didn’t actually happen near there.

Before the guy from CA last month, don’t think there has been a reported shark attack in this area for 30 years. what is up…?

Friday’s attack was at beach in Pantla, Saturday’s was at Playa Linda - both locations are close to and inbetween Ixtapa and Troncones.

have they ID the type of shark? i’m thinking tiger or bull.

As a Marine Biologist, I agree we have a seal problem,

but only in terms of how they are impacting the salmon

fisheries, not as a food source for Whites.

There are a lot of factors in play in regards to the

populations of sharks here in California. The biggest

impact and the one not studied (since we didn’t have

numbers from earlier) was the banning of all inshore

net fishing. This fishing must have been reducing the

number of juviniles greatly. Since the ban we have seen

juvinile whites caught of the Redondo Pier, chasing fish

at Trails in San O (I actually saw this happen, it was a

juvinile and a mako working the same school), fins up

and down the So Cal coast (this past couple of months)

and a rare salmon shark(a cousin of GW, could be mistaken

for one in the water) rolling around on the beach at Trail 1!

McCosker at the Steinhart Aquarium in SF has successfully

tanked (kept for a while then released) two juviniles. Any biologist

will tell you that top predators reproduce very slowly and

we may have only one population in the Northern Pacific. It

just happens that the Farallons are a winter feeding ground where

they can be observed.

As far as Mexico goes, no one has identified the species of

shark responsible there. Bulls and Tigers are both agressive species

and Bulls in particular have been known to stay in the same area

for a long time. I would be curious to find out if this was a rivermouth,

or had it just rained, etc…


I would be curious to find out if this was a rivermouth,

or had it just rained, etc…

Playa Linda is on the south side of a rivermouth…

Bull sharks tend to feed at rivermouths,

tigers not so much…


Check out the photo of the jaw set from Mexico!

Just saw on the local forum (2ndlight.com) that the American was Bruce Grimes,

who had moved to Zihaut last November. Reports are that he’s OK and will keep

his thumb. He’s a Swaylocker too, I think his handle is ‘‘Primer’’. He’s an incredible

artist and builds boards under the Prime label.

Godspeed for a quick recovery, Bruce!