Possibly moving to Australia - looking for tips and connections

MAte go onto Realsurf.com.au It’s a surfing forum with a lot of stuff directly focussed on Sydney, theres also a forum for Log’s, fish etc. These guys are always happy to help out and they are all from Sydney. I am an hour south. PM me if there’s anything specific you want to know.


Blue bottle


If you’re used to city living, then live in sydney. If not, and you want to relax, and your wife doesnt mind driving ( forget public transport, terrible ) try to live 1 hour south or north of sydney. Much less stressful, much less crowded waves, much more laid back people.

My .02 cents, this thread has become a bit of a ausie/nz battle ( nothing new there!! ), so i thought i’d bring it back to seriousness.

P.S i live 90 mins from sydney ( south ) and have little crowd worries, and some nice waves ( dont tell anyone though, all the sydney surfers drive past this area to go another hour or so south )

Oh, and by the way, plenty of longboarders here.

Hey beerfan.

Don’t give too much away.

But your right.


Thanks, mate. I’ll check out that site.

Hey rugger,lots of positives!!And you’ll be away from your paranoid,gun totin brothers!!

What suburb in Sydneyis your wife planning on working in, and what sort of work will you be looking for…

We might be able to narrow down places to live close to breaks…

Ruggerjay, do you play Rugby?

BTW you’ll both love Ozzieland…

Thanks, mate. I'll check out that site.


Ok dude looks like you still wanna go. Well you may pick up a few tips from that web site etc, but from first hand experience you need to go into serious training to fit in and not stand out as a Yankee Wanker…you listenin to me boy??

Aussie Survival Training - follow the steps below

  1. Put on heaps of weight around ya belly and go get a rental car, burn some serious rubber in the local parking lot whilst drinkin cans of beer, one arm out the window and screamin ya head off. Get out and drop ya pants and moon all the onlookers, throw up over the trunk and take a piss on any garden bed in sight. Oh nearly forgot…scrape up the burnt rubber into a small jar.

2.Down to Costco…half doz cheap boards, Billabong slaps, t=shirt, shorts, towel hat. A big cooler (hold 300 cans of beer and NO food) for a day out…just you and Mrs Rug-j… little tip on Aussie romance, boy! Stock up on insect spray, shark repellant and sunscreen (as long as you only stay in the sun for 10 minutes at a time. Factor 200plus will do). Don’t buy any guns…yep I know you get a free one with every cooler…give it to the kids next door …they can take it to school…after you leave of course. WHY??? Crazy Aussies don’t have Guns!.Yep I know,…don’t start me.

  1. Now you are getting the attitude and equipment and some rules. Now a quick guide to social manners!

Next weekend, tell Mrs RJ you have a Aussie surprise.

Make her stay in bed for a little…well you know…and it won’t take long, rollover and snore ya head off until…11.30 am. Tell her to stay in bed, get all ya new BBong gear on and get her some breakfast. Now here comes Aussie surprise no.1 Get the jar of burnt rubber, spread it thick on some buttered toast, srve with a very milky cup of tea…whamo Vegimite toast in bed…NOTHING more Aussie mate! She will love you.

  1. Now while she is enjoying that tasty breakfast, get the lawn mower out, BBQ burner, cooler loaded up and a nice recline chair. Ater you have put a few shrimps on the BBQ, drank 30 beers and demolished the shrimp, tell Mrs RJ to get into her bikini (national dress) and get in the yard to get her involved in an Ausfest.

Give her 5 or 6 beers (don’t waste too many) while she is standing around (remember you have the one and only chair), don’t let her eat cause she might get fat. Tell a few bad jokes, blast some insect spray around and comment on how the yard needs mowing.

Now it’s time to show some real Aussie mates style…lift your fat butt a little and let out a ripper fart, quickly followed by a huge belch and a roar of laughter. She will just love it! Now tell her to start the mower, get her top off (topless bathing is mandatory on most Aussie beaches), get you a fresh cold beer and get her butt into the yard and get some tan on those tits!

I hope you have been following me boy…this is valuable advice…here endeth the first lesson! Get training!!


Translations from US to Ozzie

Costco = KMart, but they don’t sell boards or BB gear (yet)

Cooler = Esky

Shrimp = Prawns but hardly anyone here puts prawns on the barbie, way too expensive…

Replace rental car with ute, lighter back end, better doughnuts, holds more beer too…


Get the jar of burnt rubber, spread it thick on some buttered toast, srve with a very milky cup of tea…whamo Vegimite toast in bed…NOTHING more Aussie mate! She will love you.

Who said the bloke had to get it, that’s unaustralian…


Give her 5 or 6 beers (don’t waste too many)

Replace beers with vodka coolers

Haha pretty funny mate! i cant say much, i’ve got a beer tap outside, and i have three kegs that constantly need filling!. As for my wife mowing with her tits out?, i only wish mate, i only wish!!!.

Yeah vegemite, safe to say an acquired taste!.

P.S the word “bastard” can be used to describe your worst enemy, or your best mate,ie. “hey bazza ( barry ) ya bastard i havent seen ya in ages, what’s goin on mate??”, or “That fu&*en bastard just stole my wave!”. Usually if it’s a friend, the word bastard is kind of dragged out, pronounced “baaastaard”.

Funny thread!

Yeah vegemite, safe to say an acquired taste!.

You may have heard of the trick of giving vegemite/marmite to a tourist and telling them it’s Nutella. Gets quite a reaction I hear.

Tell ya what, mate - I agree with you on supporting local shapers, so I’ll hold off on adding to the quiver until I get there. And speaking of cold ones, I will need to know what local beers to drink and which ones to avoid.

Silverbak - true story: I have a friend who lives in St. Kilda and I was sending him an email about this, and when he responded he mentioned the lack of guns in Oz; at the same time I got his email, the news about our latest university shooting spree broke on CNN.com. Ironic…

Rocky - based on your advice, I could move down there right now and fit in without any problems.

Hicksy - not sure where her office will be. I’m a technical recruiter by trade, but I am actually looking to make a career change; I’m thinking that I’d be well-qualified for something that involves surfing, drinking, and playing/watching rugby (to answer you question, yeah, I did for a while - was a fair inside center until I wrecked my MCL). In all seriousness, she’s interviewing for a fairly high-level job and if this works out I may not need to get a job.

Mate i know not all yanks are seriously paranoid,and by the sound of things you don’t mind havin the piss taken outta ya,so you should fit right in!!I have made sum good friends workin in the states,but there still seems to be more patriotic gun totin rednecks than we got at home! Maybe it’s just coz theres soooo many people here?

Beer now heres a topic,

Tooheys extra dry 5% alcohol nice drop

Fourex bitter, 4.8 % better drop

Victoria bitter,4.8% nice drop if really cold

Boags premium5% nice but sweet

Yeah pandanus,beer!!That and the surf,that’s wot i miss bein here in mammoth.Don’t forget cascade,ahhh BEER!!Yank beer is piss!Whilst snowboardin is surfin frozen water,it’s still not as much fun as surfin the local!!

Don’t touch Fosters!!! Very ordinary.

Coopers Pale Ale is good, LIttle Creatures is good, on ice its pretty much all good…except fosters!

Yeah thats why we export the shit!!

Practical assistance from someone who’s lived in both SoCal and Sydney:

  • the water’s way warmer in Sydney, you don’t need nearly as much rubber

  • waves are shorter interval and a good swell carries a lot more energy, which means more paddling whatever board you’re riding, and a more dramatic surfing experience when it’s on

  • plenty of excellent surfboard makers who understand regional conditions very well

  • there are spots more suited than others to longboard riding…most of these are on Sydney’s northside (Collaroy, South Palm Beach etc)

  • the lack of freeways and the all-public coastal access means that way more surfers in Sydney base themselves at a particular spot or beach, yet this doesn’t lead to “localism” a la Sunset Cliffs and Newbreak – just a more structured pecking order along with local boardriding clubs, one of which I’m sure you’d be welcome to join, depending where you settle. (In fact highly recommend this.)

Australia isn’t quite what it might seem from a distance – it’s a much smaller society than southern CA, and compared with the USA it’s tiny. But it’s physically big, and as far as surfing goes it’s got an amazing megaculture that’ll probably blow your mind.

have fun, buddy! If you see me out surfing somewhere don’t be a stranger.

Good onya mate tell em how good it is , You start getting serious next thing they lock it. when are people going to learn , we finally turn a treat to beer and bam back to square one.