Prototype#4 Zebra Fabric

Prototype #4 for Canoe Paddle surfing… The goal is to find the best blend of board that rips and still be able to knee paddle quickly using the short Canoe Paddle… The Prototype #3 rips but I think the mods on this will allow for even tighter arcs in the critical sections… Ahwooooooo!

Shaping the EPS 1 lb blank with PVC stringer from CMP… I took a lot down with the planer and sanding etc…

Ready for fabric… 9’-2" x 25-1/4"wide x 3-3/4"thick x 21"nose x 15-3/4" tail Very Flat deck,

Single concave into double barrel, fade to V, hard edges midway back… This thing is meant to turn hard and nose ride the slow sections…

Here’s where I detoured off the norm… I wanted to find a glue that would bond the Kevlar and the fabric to the blank in case I wanted to glass with UV Polyester. It needed to be strong, light, and seal the foam… This stuff fit the bill but in the end I had time so I used all Epoxy… Applied with squeege to a thin coat. This glue creates a FIERCE BOND!!! Hahahaha! Goes off within 20 minutes and dry in an hour… Good stuff!

After the 2 Kevlar strips I applied the Zebra fabric… Very simple with the tacky glue… Turned the laps then laminated as usual… Did the bottom with 1 layer 7.5 oz and the top with one 7.5oz-4oz… If I knew for sure I was gonna use Epoxy I woulda skipped the glue…

I knew the Kevlar would ghost thru but I wanted to see how much… Not to bad… The possibilties are endless with fabric! I picked up a few cool patterns at Wal-Mart… Set my fin plugs and box… Hey LeeDD, I almost had a SHARD SPEWING EXPLOSION!!! Hahahahaha!!! Barely saved it!

Ready for Hot Coating…

Top Hot coat drying now… Board still light for its size… I’m trying to get this thing done before I leave to Hilo tomorrow morning… I hope to surf this thing on Monday at dawn because the waves are coming on all shores… Ahwooooooo!!!

Sick puppy.

Wow Carve, That board is going to look trippy going down the line!

BTW, how’s that robot shaped blank of yours?



That’s a great looking board, CarveNalu. But beware of mating tiger sharks!!!

Aloha Carve:

Dude that’s awesome! I am interested in the Weldbond as a sealer. I want to do some tint work with epoxy on 1# EPS. I am reluctant to use spackle because of bonding issues. I wonder how this stuff sands. Where did you buy it from?

Great work again!




Let us know how the spackle stuff works . . . Some say its creeping evil. Others, like the epoxy king, swears by it. hey Carve, like the stoke in your previous posts.

The bonding issue with spackle is really a NON issue. Spackle contains the same contents as acrilic paint and no one has bonding issues with paint (unless you cake it on)

Greg alone has done over 10,000 this way without incident. With all the people on this messageboard that have actually tried it I havent heard anyone complain about bonding issues.

Done! Now it actually gets to cure for a few days… I took my time to get everything right… I changed from glassing in my shop with horrible lighting to glassing in my shaping bay with great lighting and its amazing the difference! This board came out the best quality wise of all my others… Of course I only sanded where needed… Hehe… Now we see if it surfs! Monday this sucker is out there!!!

Ready for wax…

Matching fins… We’ll see how this goes… I’m stoked!!!


BTW, how’s that robot shaped blank of yours?

He shaping it tomorrow while I’m off island… He would of done it sooner but I put to much rocker in and it couldn’t fit in the blank…


That’s a great looking board, CarveNalu. But beware of mating tiger sharks!!!

balsa, Hehehe! Actually there is a theory that the zebra stripes deter hungry sharks… Horny sharks on the other hand… Hmmmmmmm… Oh-oh!


Weldbond…Where did you buy it from?

Howzit Uncle D! I got it from Ace Hardware… Its pretty thick when it pours out and you can spread it real thin… Comes out like thick Elmers White Glue. For just sealing, I’d go with the spackle… Its cheaper, and my other board bonded great with it… Weldbond is over 30 bucks a gallon. For adhesive the stuff is super strong! The Kevlar and fabric laid down super flat and tight… No chance getting it back up after it goes off! ________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks everybody for the good words and all your input here at Swaylocks… Big help you guys are!!! Aloha…

Welcome to the full fabric inlay cover fan club.

CN - give us a few words about the asym. tail?


Great board. Love the chined deck relief rather than just a big dome.

In the picture of underneath the tail is the tail a little squirrely or is that the fabric playing tricks with my eyes? Or maybe you did that on purpose (some SUP trick of yours) ? I’m not saying anything bad about your shaping cause the board’s sick. Just wondering.


CN - give us a few words about the asym. tail?


Great board. Love the chined deck relief rather than just a big dome.

Haha! You know I’m a fan of the Asym tails! This one however is just a squash tail that is the same both sides… The angle I took the photo and the zebra pattern makes it look different. I can see it now… People will say the board looks off and I’ll come back with, “Oh no, its just the Zebra pattern!” Hehe… What a great way to hide goof ups!!!

Excellent job, I think this qualifies for their contest!

Nice job, everything is all zebra striped when I look away from the screen. j/k

Aloha Carve Nalu – Are those offsets of a higher density foam? Or, are those the pvc?

no Carve imagine what you could do with sandwhich construction. thinner lighter more flexible, it blows my mind. i thin SUP is going to become it’s own sport if people like yourself keep pushing the boundaries.

You are a monster… 4 boards in like 5 weeks? Every time I log on you’re finishing a new board

Hey, Carve, what about puting s light conccave in the neck of the nose for like the first two feet, cut down on the swing weight.

Alrighty… Arrived at Haleiwa early this morning and the waves were really perfect and overhead…(I heard later Sunset was solid 8’+ and awesome too!) Today is a holiday in Hawaii so there were quite a few dawn patrollers out… Board works really good! I tried some different type fins but I think the FCS H2’s with the 7" Cutaway will be the set-up… Paddles great and I even caught the set of the morning although it mowed my ass down cause I was doing the summer cruise when I should’ve been doing the North Shore pedal to the metal! The Blue Tent Crew gave it to me when I got in… “We saw you get drilled!” Hahahahahahaha!!! After my session I hung out and talked story with friends… Today is one of those relaxing Hawaiian days at the beach… Sun, sand, surf, families and friends all enjoying each other… I even got to talk to Swaylocks member foamdust… Very cool guy… I just got home and changed my FCS plugs to Pro Box so I can move my fins around… Waves are still coming and tomorrow too! Another swell this week and town is pumping too… Ahwooooooo!!!

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This is what you call a FULL NOSE! Hahaha!