Putting out fires with gasoline...............................

To all Swaylocks viewers,

Lately I have seen much improvement in this site as far as shared information.I hope and wish for it continued growth throughout the years to come.However due to a lack of computer time,a need to put more time into my family,and a feeling that my worth here has diminished

…I have decided to separate from Swaylock’s as a contributor.

…It’s not what you might think,sure people like Bill put a kink in things,it’s more a need to economize my time.

…I WILL miss the occasional chat and visits to the past ,present,and future.

…There are alot of new contributors here that didn’t exsist a couple years ago,and that’s a good thing for you to resource from.I’m just sorry that I won’t be there when Sways reaches it peak,and gets reconized for it’s cutting edge approach to surfboard design.Like others that have gone before me,Noodle,P.G.,Ramon(may he surf in peace),I am venturing on…

…I have some commitments here to LOKBOX and PC as to get them some Superchargers to try out and other than that… I’m out.

…Feel free to E me anytime,and once in a great while I promise to check in as a viewer.There are no bent feelngs or anger on my part towards anyone here.

…It’s been fun guys,but times are changing and I can see the writing on the wall.I wish you all the best,and keep the"free" spirit alive here.BYE…Herb

…The righteous man is beset on all sides by the tyranny and selfishness of evil men…

…Bless-it is he who in the name of charity and goodwill sheperds the weak through the valley of darkness…for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children…and I will strike down with great vengence and furious anger…those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers…

…and you will know my name is the Lord…when I lay my hand upon thee…Ezekiel 25.7-17

Farewell Herb, Whilst I didn’t get to know u that well I enjoyed your posts and humour…

Stay Stoked,


u’ll be missed.

peace be da journey, brah

HEy Herb, thank you again. Sad to see you go but we each have our own lives and resposibilities to deal with. Hopefully we will see you pop in once in a while.

Fair winds and following seas (with nice barrelling point breaks!)


Sways will be a different place without you man, theres a lot of stuff I would have liked to have asked you, but every ones gotta treat your own path, hopeful those paths will converge again at some point in time.

Until then enjoy the trip.

I will miss your knowledge , experimentation , help , and wit , Herb …

It certainly sounds like you put in a few years here , that’s for sure , and many long term contributors will surely miss you very much .

But you’ve got good priorities there, buddy …a healthy family is SO much more important than a computer website …even one as good , informative , friendly , generous [people] and fun as Swaylocks !

All the best for the future mate , and I definately will keep in touch with you ! [thanks for the email]

regards !


Herb, just want to sat that your worth has not diminished a bit, and that I’ll miss ya. Hope all goes well for you.

Best regards


I'm gonna miss you...
You are a man I'm so very different from, yet you are someone with whom I have a great affinity, and the deepest and most heartfelt respect...
At first I thought you were just blowing so much smoke (metaphorically), but when we got together in Big Sur in '03, and I was able to spend one on one time with you, after the party was over, I realized you are so very real and to the point...That I respect...The stories you told were fascinating...Especially the ski story...That was so Herb...
At last year's gathering, the evening that you and Kirk Putnam were talking about the parrallel live you each led, and the people that were the crossovers in your lives, was so very, very funny...I'm sure Lee V will agree with me, that our faces hurt from laughing and smiling so much...That was classic...
Your generosity is way up there, from "trade secrets" to the board you gave to Mr. Swaylock in '03...I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that 5 pound block of Teflon you gave me...The electric scissors I still use all the time (although the switch broke) and that surfing statue you gave me, is here in my office...Thanks...
Your contributions to the discussion forum are the cornerstone on which Swaylocks foundation was built with...You shared without hesitancy, offered advice when it was called for, and stamped things that were bullsh!t, that were...All with a pure honesty ...You leave a legacy, that is without equal...There will never be another Herb Spitzer...A good and bad thing...
Don't let your self imposed exile be hard and fast (like your surfing)...
A BIG "Rebel Yell" goes out to you, amigo...
Stay in touch...

Have a lot of success and happiness in your future endeavors bro…I sure will miss the constant contribution and ingenious posts.

Laws of supply and demand Herb… More Herb, less demand, Less Herb, much more demand. Right now your kinda like a mint Lopez lintnin Bolt. High in demand and yet so scarce.

Seems like a few years ago you were posting on a daily basis. I must say that I miss those days.

I too took a year or so break from Swaylocks and when i came back you were hardly around…sniff, sniff.

Needless to say, I understand where your headded.

Sad is the day when we have no Herb sprouting wit, and wisdom.

Good on you brother!

Peace and goood will to you and your family.



While Mike created the medium you provided the content.

From an emotional point of view I second Paul’s beautiful words. However,if I was your employer I would not accept your resignation.

Rather, I would suggest you be made the resident elder of the tribe.

Good surfing, fishing, and hunting. If you ever make it north of the 49lat., I know a spot you can hunt, fish, and surf with no one around. Although, I would probably have to tie up the game for you to be able to hit it!!!

Take care.


take care Herb


 Everyone understands the priorities thing and I know you will never give up  the stoke. So, let's just say I look forward to seeing you in the water and dropping by the shop whenever possible.

Hey Herb,

You’re top man here and will be missed big time. There’s no doubt you are at the very heart of the conception that Mike concieved the forum around.

If the wave looks too steep drop in anyway you never know when that free fall will turn into the most awesome bottom turn ever.

You’ll always be welcome in my corner of the world.

I know you’ll lower heaven in your part of it.

Give all your girls a hug for me.

God’s speed ~ Rich

p.s. I’ll be in touch

Damn. I guess this means I have the messiest and most crowded shop now. Better clean that up.

Roll on, Herb. And remember a clean shop is a sign of a sick mind.



Although I’ve only been here a short time, I have gleaned a broad spectrum of useful information from “The Elders”. Your place is at the top of this class.

Thank you for your contributions. You will be missed.

Sr Pato

I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but we have both caught waves and enjoyed them.

It’s just good to hear people getting on with their lives.

Catch a wave for me, actually catch enough waves for everyone.

Gonna miss ya Herb. Keep in touch from time to time, you got my email. Thanks for the memories and the advice.



 Howzit Benny, I think I may have you beat as far as the messiest shop, but that's fodder for another thread.Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Herb, I know and understand what you mean about Swaylocks. When I first logged on to this site you were a very prominent poster. I think what I admired the most was you were more an inventor and idea person who would think outside the box. I’ve always enjoyed your presence here and will definitly miss your posts. We all move on in life or we become stagnent and that is one thing you will never become due to your curiosity and ability to make things come to bear. At least I know you will be checking the site and can still PM when you have something to say. Hopefully the e-mail address I have for you is up to date since I’ve always felt a connection to you and want to stay in touch. Just remember you are wecome in my house when ever you come to Kauai and look forword to meeting you some time in the future. Aloha, Your friend Kokua