Raising the bar...

Hollow Board # 1 for Darryl...
Some might say that's impossible...

More please Paul…looks niiiiiice!!!

Start with a basic frame...
Let your imagination think of what can be...
And dream of the ride...!!!...

Just beautiful

what a creative mind for your first board

makes my 1st board look like a pile of doggy poop


The rising sun pattern, on one side of the board, reminds me of a beautiful personal board of Wayne Miyata, from the 1961 era. Wayne did his in colored resin in the gloss. Doing it in wood is truely a testiment to vision, creativity, and craftsmanship. I’m not sure I could do it on my best day. It does raise the bar, in no uncertain terms. Well done.

Stunningly beautiful. Liddle type planing hull? What a lucky guy. Mike

Paul that board is a work of art, that’s why you are the MAN! Very impressive. Mahalo

breathtaking. & mind-boggling too. wow.

You’ve susparsed yourself on this one paul, looks amazing, The bar is so high I can even see it from down here :slight_smile:

The bottom inlay is gorgeous. How did you get the different wood tones? Are they two different pieces of wood or did you stain one darker?

Darryl got my “How To” CD & built that, all good credit to him…

What you see is very much a Liddle style hull…He is an aficionado…

The bottom is built like the top, different 1/8" thick woods matched together…

Beginner’s luck…???.. I think not, but maybe so…???..

Paul you need to get Darryl to sign up to the forum, I’ve got questions I want to ask.

Fair play to that man.

How do you feel seeing all the posts saying its your best work ever, when no one realised it was actually Darryl’s first board, must be weird, hope it make you proud.


There is no beginner’s Luck in that board!!!. The skill of a true craftsman shows! Darryl has the skill. Paul Jensen was the insperation! I would rather hang out with guys like Paul, and Darryl then hang with the Duke! For sure Paul will hang with the Duke for generations because he has inspired so many to progress from where Blake left off. Would love to hear from Darryl about his experience building that board. I could learn something from him as I have learned from Paul. Aloha to all. Wood_Ogre PS Kauai Kite Fish is alive and well and being used as my #1 board. Thinking about what is next !




best #1 ever?

Hi Guys…

That indeed is probably the best #1 board ever…!!!..

I was just on the phone with Darryl and he will likely log on to answer questions…

He knows a lot and likes to share…

We are working together to make “the better board”…I’m excited collaborating with him…He’s a super nice guy…

I’ll keep y’all posted on what we come up with…


This is Darryl. I am really amazed and honored by all the nice things said about my #1 board. I learned so much from Paul’s How-to CD – I couldn’t have done it without him, but my 27 years as a cabinet shop owner was also a help. Some of you were asking how I did the sunburst – I do have pictures that didn’t get sent to Paul. I’ll try to dig them out and post them this weekend, but since this is my first experience with a Forum, it may take me awhile to figure out how to do it. Thanks for all the great comments.

this is a thread worthy of ten pages if not more

comment and quizzik

that is not likely

proof of need of physic

the depth of growth

in the relms of

sophisticated joinery

has taken the grail

and quietly raised it

above the heads

of the blasphemers

salesmen and promoters

the sublime

the obscure

the quiet

the quest

for higher simplicity

the guantlet has

flown down not

upon the hard

clattering floor

of the marble arena

but onto the softness

of the sawdust of the workshop

someday soon

when I can make

a clean space

I too will quest

the moon…

I have seen the glitter of the stars

ol’ dog you have raised me up

an I aint in no bar.


not a toy

suitable instrument

for surfin at the rincon

or the like

after the water

clears of pretenders

volentarily to observe

finity of craft…

refinements to surely come

praise the craft

prize the object.


I stand by my earlier post. On my best day, I’m not sure I could match the workmanship. You should be proud.

Sorry about the delay in answering your questions. I’m only good with wood, not the computer. The colors are different woods – white pine and redwood. I’d like to attach pictures but I can’t figure out how to do it – it says the pictures are larger than the 34.2 kb limit.