Random Photos From The Low Tech Lab

The black looks insane! Some day we'll buy real clamps......


They all look great but that longboard is singing to me.  What’s the story on that one?   

that longboard my friend is a 10'0" Lance Carson classic 60's pintail. When I talked to Lance I asked him to shape me the board he rode. Ha! "asked" him to shape....more like pleading



Sorry I missed the party dudes, I was on baby duty and he’s quarantined now so no outings with beer swilling miscreants.

Is that foam from The White Hot deal in Oxnerd?

heres some more pics from the LAB


boards look good! ... looks like you guys are having fun! ... i gotta make it down there for a party at the lab...

you should post more often Mark

I learned a lot hanging out in the lab.  Even when things did’t work according to plan these guy remained cool, and focused. 

Here is the original vacuum set.  It had a few leaks, and had to be reconstructed.  The after shot is in Marks post above.


This is Tim’s beer powered vacuum pump.  It worked like a charm.


I’ve found that the best way to get a leak-free setup is to have four coors lights. I see that your issue might have been that you only had three.

That is an outstanding use of quality 3M products.....humm, is that roughly 100 yards of 2" 233 I see?

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I am in AWE!!!!! Viceclamps, paint stir stick, masking tape, and a copper wire...I'm really sorry I missed it!

    Howzit stingray, Have you thoght about getting an Iwata, they are like the chevy's of airbrushes. They work unreal and are so easy to clean it's a crime. I use mine then just flush with Simple Green diluted to 50/50 and about every 5 uses take it apart and wipe it down to get any paint build up. Have to admit that I spent hundreds of dollars on airbrushs and for small detail work they are the best in my thinking. There do make a couple of other models that can spray larger areas and was real close to buyiny one but got another brand of gravity sprayer from Fiberglass Hi that worked just fine but for the fine detail work the Iwata was great. Another thing you might buy is some airbrush lube that they sell and it makes the paint flow evenly plus is good maintainence for the sprayer. Aloha,Kokua



Is that foam from The White Hot deal in Oxnerd?


Yes ,

The green board is heavy and tight bead , the red board is light.......

it's not a build thread but we are building 2 Longboards......Feel free to ask questions.....

I want a new Air Brush but the money just isn't there.................



Sometimes things just happen...you get into the groove and go with it. MarkSSD and I have worked out a system but it was never planned. It just happened.....

...I mix the resin...Mark lays out the cloth.....


We're doing RR Epoxy.......Mark did an awesome cut lap on this board....We do a two man tag team on the laps....Can't wait to do the tail block and the fin box....Fun Fun Fun......




S’Ray, thanks for answering my question. How was it for workability? I noticed you were planing it, any probs? I scored a HUGE billet from them and am gearing up to do a paddleboard. After you guys scored, I went buy and they were just trying to get the stuff out of the warehouse. I got a 2# billet 16’ x 3’ x 1.5’ and a few blanks for $40.00! Have yet to work with them though. Like the color of the greenie. And to Mark, Thanks for all his work on the Plaskett Tee shirts.