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In today’s climate of greener fields, bluer sky’s, and clearer water a new, more environmental technology is appearing in the form of a new epoxy resin system specially made for board sports products.  The board sports industry has naturally always concerned itself with environmental issues and now from the labs of the world’s leader in board sports epoxy technology comes the first epoxy resin with a significant percentage of sustainable ingredients. “Up to 40% of our systems now contain vegetable based, sustainable ingredients,” says president Greg Loehr.  “Based on vegetable oils,” Loehr continues, “these ingredients are fully reactive members of the finished polymer offering flex and elongation characteristics that not only augment the environmental anatomy but will enhance the ride and durability as well.”  Initial reaction in their Florida test market has been very favorable.  Most manufacturers using the new products have seen little difference in the production performance and a noticeable ride and durability enhancement.

Press release? I'm not used to your referencing yourself as ''president''. If you're going to do it, go all the way and call yourself ''president-for-life'' :)

You earned it....

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I think it's kind of cool...refering to oneself in the third party. Kind of like Bo Jackson or Barry Bonds.



Heck , when I ding my new Veggie epoxy board ,I am just going to toss it with vineger and lettuce and eat the sucker!! Ahue Hou- President Wood_Ogre !


Greg I have a tremendous amount of respect for what you have contributed to the industry…


I am shocked, offended, and frankly PISSED that you would “claim” this advancement in the green movement.

You are NOT the first to do this. In point of fact…you are not even close.

ENTROPY has HAD a bio epoxy out and available for AT LEAST the past two years!  It has been available, in use, and quiite successfull when it is being used.


So to claim “a new epoxy resin system specially made for board sports products” and “the
first epoxy resin with a significant percentage of sustainable
ingredients” is not only false and misleading…IT IS AN OUT RIGHT
“lie” is a little extreme
… let’s call it, “release of erronious information”)

And sadly…it is one you are knowingly participating in.

As a matter of fact…there is a “Green board glassing demo” happening using ENTROPY resin at Sacred Craft this very weekend.


So please sir…keep your dignity, have some integrity…and stop claiming to have pioneered this technology.

You don’t have to pioneer everything.

You have pioneered enough things in this industry.

hey greg

can you tell everybody it was a copy paste of some article please?


Wouter it doesn’t matter…GREG POSTED IT!

If it is a copy and paste of an article…I want to know what publication so I can contact them and ask for an editorial correction.


Just so there is no confusion…here is the FORBES Magazine article on Entropy and their Bio-Epoxy dated Sept. 1, 2008

There are actually more…but that one is the most noteworthy.

funny quote

Todd, don’t get your panties in a bunch…it’s all marketing. The statement is valid until you can specify what percentage of the Entropy product is comprised of “pine-oil-based” product.

if you want to get mad, get mad that I just bought a 3 gallon kit of CE and come to find out there’s a new product that is more appealing to my stupid tree-hugging friends



I actually can “specify what percentage of the Entropy product is comprised of
“pine-oil-based” product” since I have been working closely with those guys pretty much since the beginning.

The info is readily available and easily accessible.

Entropy’s “Super Sap” sit’s somewhere between 67% and 70% and their “Surf Sap” comes in at a little over 40%.

Marketing or not…it is complete bullsh!t that these big companies straddle the backs of the guys that are doing it FOR REAL, as their mission, and ONLY do it when they see the little guy being successfull at it.

Since I just happen to know quite a few of the TRUE pioneers in the field, I will not sit back and do nothing while eco-posers claim these things to be theirs.  I will always come armed with the FACTS…not the “green washing” HYPE and I will expose them at every turn. Especially with something like this blatant farce.

I will do it in online forums…I will do it in public forums…and I will do it face to face.

If you want to see the REAL pioneer of Bio-Epoxy…go to Sacred Craft…check out the green glassing demo…and talk to Ray from Entropy.


Have fun…be honest…GO SURFING!






**Glycidyloxy compounds used in epoxy resin systems:    


**  well lets here some good honest  facts about the product

Huey if you are talking about specific compounds, Ray Banatao of Entropy has the PHD, not me. Yes…he is a legit scientist.

You are more than welcome to do that research yourself, or better yet, talk to Ray, I am sure he would be more than willing to educate you.

The facts I am speaking of in this case, are that Greg did not create the first bio-epoxy, and I have provided the evidence to prove it.

There is plenty more documentation, published articles, video, etc. available…look it up yourself.

I’ll agree with this:

damn Todd, you are good at generating some attention for GL…

Who does more for the green movement? the guy that develops the new tech or the guy that has the ability to get it to mass market.  Im not saying Entropy is one and RR is the other.  For all we know the work has been goibng on simultaneously, but with different product release plans.  Seriously though, lets see some space race type sht go down to create the ultimate green epoxy system.  The winner gets the market share and the masses get a better product.




so what your telling me is you know sweet f###k all

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at least you got a sense of humour todd . dont take it personaly :slight_smile:


Thanks silly

I was laughing the whole time!


just messing with you im sure

Thanks silly

I was laughing the whole time!


Thanks silly

I was laughing the whole time!

Weird…it posted thrice LOL