Robin Mair - you da man !!!

Nice to hear from you foamhead, Yeah Robin is a cool guy(-: I enjoy working with Robin and he's a great friend.


Resinhead thanks for the kind words my friend. Sharkey, not a good idea to put a "V" groove in FCS fins they will break at that point on the first hard bottom turn. A very slight dent of some kind in the  tab to catch the screw head is all you can really do.


Thanks all of you guys for supporting the ProBox Movement and have a safe and Happy Holiday Season my friends. Mahalo,Larry

Here'z a big plus for you .... you can still use your custom three tab fins with Probox

Fit a Probox, then a FCS plug fore or aft of it to drop three tabbed fins in the board ... think I've already mentioned it to you on another thread .....

I actually did a "velo" type fish for a bloke and fitted an FCS plug fore and aft of the probox for him ........ loves it and not locked into any static fin options ...... jeeeze just thought of something, "could actually come up with / design  a four tab long keel (Mackie style) with that set up

Back to the bat cave !!! I think I might have a Mackie Keel template somewhere hmmmmm

    Howzit Bernie, Do you have Peters ph#, if not just PM me and I will send it to you so you can get in touch with him. Aloha,Kokua

    Howzit resinhead, Robin had another friend named Mitch who was his partner in building the system in the first place. Then they sold to Larry and I hope all 3 make the big bucks. I remember when Mitch first told me about him and Robin were working on a new fin system. Aloha,Kokua

Probox is the only system for me., Just love it, and yep, robin and larry are great!! Glassed on feel with box fin versatility.


PRIDMORE, Get some off foamhead, they are un fukkupable to install, too easy. And to change the cant too, makes it all the better. And also a little back and forth movement too.


Foamhead, if i end up with some cash after xmas, i'll have to see what fins you got mate!!



Sweet azzz mate !!

Let me know when you right ..... happy to help out as always

Jeeeeze if you wind up with left over cash after xmas, you've done well old boy

seasons greetings to the family


Aloha Everyone:


Wow! Completely missed this thread, where was I!

Mahalo to everyone for all the kind words, very humbling.

Yes, some of my fins do look a little different, but I guess I never got the memo that said all fins should look the same, I like to experiment and it has helped me discover some very cool shapes. Most of my fin designs are driven by the desire to reduce drag, make them fast, and have them turn tight, so this has led me to narrower bases with more tip area.

The idea behind the combination that Foamhead showed in the photos is that you have a front fin that is the engine providing the drive and some of the pivot, while the back fin is the steering fin but also contributes to the drive. The back fin (H2) actually do steer once they start to flex a little as the leading bulb goes off center helping the fin turn. Been messing with this concept for many years now and it has culminated in this fin design. Been use this combination (DirectDrive) in everything from short boards to 10-3 guns with equal success in all. Also been making them out of both fiberglass and G10, fiberglass has more flex, G10 has more drive!

For you guys in Australia just thought you might like to know we now have a distributor down under for ProBox, here is his contact information, we just sent a pile of product down to him and in the early New Year will also be sending him a stack of fins. Eventually we are also going to start making my fins in Australia to make them more affordable and more accessible. Lance is a good friend of mine and a really good guy, I’m sure he will look after anyone that needs to get ProBox stuff.

Lance Pearson


mobile: +61417243592

This contact information is also available on the ProBox website on the dealer page.

Sorry about the plug but thought it was a good chance to inform our friends down under.

Here is the most recent design I have been working on that I use in my personal boards.

Aloha oneula:

I’ll be around so please stop by if you make it over, always love to talk story! Surf is pretty small at the moment but the water has cleared up. Sounds like we are going to be getting a lot more rain on Monday so that might muddy things up again.

I’d really like to see more about these fin designs.  

Hi foamhead,

Pics of the board have been in the quiver section all along :slight_smile:

I've only been shaping boards for about two years and so far putting in ProBox Fins has been the only thing that actually went right the first time around.

Any product that gives you that, "damn, I'm good" feeling," is a keeper in my book.

Not to mention the fins I got from Robin are awesome.

Robin is a class act an one of the most generous guys out there sharing his knowledge of fin and surfboard design. Brilliant man too!

Looking forward to seeing more guys get hip to ProBox and reap the benefits of fin adjustability.



Well Brian thats about as accurate as a comment can get about Robin and it's been my exact experience Robin hands down

nothing has ever been to much trouble in my dealings with him and always comes thru ...

And your not to shabby to deal with either ..... Probox has a good distributor in Greenlight

be in touch soon

Walter T


hello Robin,

I have been playing with somewhat similar fins but only on fish designs.



Aloha Reverb:

Nice looking fins, always love to see other peoples designs, keep thinking outside the box, mahalo for sharing!


Weird stuff going on, I’ll try posting again???

Hey Pridmore.

Nothing but the greatest respect for Robin and Larry,here…

Great fin/ box system, and some interesting fin designs as well…Good to hear they’re going to be available out your way soon!!

One of the easiest boxes to build your own fins for, as well…Sorry guys,lol

I’ve been glassing over the boxes used for large twin / type fins and quads, using a small butterfly patch. pretty easy stuff… You don’t really have to go this far with these boxes, but I enjoy being different…

I want some....


Aloha Everyone:


Here is the most recent design I have been working on that I use in my personal boards.


Aloha Robin, what can you share size/placement wise on these fins? They're badASS!!!

thanks in advance.

Yeah I second what foamhead says - can you perhaps start another thread ,  post some pics and talk a bit about the board ?