RSAblanks are Safari Blanks

Safari Blanks has changed its name to RSAblanks !  Why ?  Do they think we are stupid ? Changing your name doesn’t change the fact that you dump your cr_p all around the World .   Foam is still second rate , it delaminates and sinks .  

…and is not too White, kind of pinkish

Madman, Apple Computer was written off for dead 15 years ago, now they have surpassed Microsoft...... proof it is possible for a company to re-engineer itself.  Whilst we are not Apple, we have completely re-engineered our blanks operation by removing Rod Stainton from the business and going back to the basics of producing a quality blank.   I challenge you to try one of our blanks now, in fact if you give me your real name and address I'll even send you one for free!

The purpose of changing the name from Safari Foam to RSAblanks was not to fool anyone, you'd only need 3 brain cells and 3 seconds to look at the address and phone numbers on our website to see that they are the same.....  We felt that with all the wholesale changes to the business a new name reflecting the quality and origins of our blanks was appropriate.

Lonnie Tiegs

RSA Blanks


The first containers of Safari that came in after the Clark fiasco where pretty bad and the shrinkage was horrible. However towards the end the foam actually got pretty good. By then we had local supply again and imported foam became less in demand. Many board builders never had a chance to see the better stuff. I’m sure the foam that RSA is making today is well made. We only get better if we stay at it long enough and persevere. I’m sure you learned heaps from those times. Experience only makes us better. Human Nature is cruel and very unkind and people seem to remember the negative and have a difficult time moving forward. Sounds like your headed in a Positive direction. I only wish the best for everyone!

Kind regards,


Hi Lonnie , Its great rebuilding/re-engineer  your company at the expense of all those board-builders and surfers who had the misfortune of getting rejects . Did you ever compensate them ?  Lets be honest here you don’t change a products name unless your are trying to get away from its history . Did Apple change their name ? They might have got a bit stale but they didn’t supply dud product .

As for you sending me some free blanks . No thanks . I would rather buy good blanks . I’ve seen some of your ‘new’ foam and I’m not impressed with the ‘quality’ . Do you shape or surf ?? What qualifies you to say your foam is great ? Maybe do a bit of research at your expense then launch this ‘great’ new improved foam . Other wise it would seem your selling the same sh_t under a different name . 

Your truly



I've done my best to compensate everyone I know about as best we could......, do I owe you?  Let me know. 

We shape and glass 20 of our blanks a day, I think that gives me the right to have an opinion, and yes we spent large sums "launching" it.  My offer to send you free blanks stands, only a coward with an ax to grind wouldn't take me up on it. 



PS:  I find that a long walk in the evening takes the edge off things, you should try it.


I’d like to try one.  Can I have his free blank?  I’ll post up shaping, glassing, & riding info when I’m done.

Keith....., done, have sent you a private message, will need all the relevant info.

…you re very diplomatic and the guy may be have now a good product

but talking about another factory, Elova; well they said to me not only one time that, 5 times…5 times talking about how good was their product and the quality of the process

I even was in their factory…but the foam was never good; improved yes, but not top notch quality

then the guys changed from MDI to TDI to try to avoid all the hassles with the other formulas.

Seems very difficult to produce a fine surfboard foam

I repeat, that may be these S Africans hit the nail this time, we ll see

Reverb: Been listening to all the good surf guitar reccomendations you gave me a couple of years ago. Great selection!

Concerning foam I lost  $1,000’s of dollars with foam back in 2005 and 2006. SAFARI, ICE NINE, ELOVA  ALL FAILED during this time. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Ice Nine did refund some of my loses. MDI was a hugh mistake. The Moses was really good to bad they couldn’t keep going?

Safari was a big gamble and I had blanks shrinking in the rack before they were glassed. Scary watching a 9’6 nose rider change to mush over night. Filled a few dumpters. During the era.

Have to move on and press forward. The Past does not equal the future!

Everyone had problems with blanks. It seems Safari have moved on and resolved their issues. By all accounts, Safari boards and blanks are now pretty outstanding. A mate has purchased Spider’s new board and he stoked with it!!

Keith, look forward to your feedback on how the Safari blank shapes up…

Looks like a marshmallow with a strip of wood running up the middle of it.

Lonnie , I’m not a coward , just I’ve seen the results first hand . Don’t spend the money ‘launching’ your ‘new’ product , use it to make it better . Only launch it when your certain its new and improved . If you are 100% sure that your foam is that great ?  Why don’t you state online that you will compensate anyone who has a reasonable problem with it or the board made using it . Lets say $150 for a bad blanks and $500 for a bad board ? Put your c_ck on the block ? If its as great and improved , no de-laminations , shrinks or excessive pressures .


You say you have compensated  everyone – what about  Surfding ? What about all the smaller manufactures ? How do you compensate for Reputation and loss of  clients . Sending replacement blanks doesn’t compensate it just compounds the problem .


You say ‘We’ shape 20 boards a day , from what I hear you haven’t ever picked up a planner . Your just a suit trying to get money out of a bad investment . Maybe you got scr-wed by this Rod Stainton  ?  


You sound like a clever guy . Maybe have a good think about what I’ve said . You cant re-develop / re-engineer in a year . Its takes years of RND , trial and error . You have tests and test pilots  . Don’t use ‘Us’ as your test pilots .


Bigzee anyone who joins on the same day smells like a plant ?


P.S. – I don’t need a long walk in the evening , I got surfing . Try it , you might understand what I’m talking about .

Madman, everyone else on this forum has moved on, I suggest you do to.  I'll let my blanks speak for themselves, Keith's 2 x 6'6 Patterson's are on the way to him today. 

By the way, I didn't "launch" our new blanks, you're doing it for me. 

True to his word, Keith has completed the review of the two blanks we sent to him all the way from South Africa via airmail......


I've cut and pasted below a comment of yours posted on Sways more than 2 years ago.  Talk about being hoist with your own petard!

Again, thanks for the marketing assist.





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Re: [Board_Slave] Oahu's new blanks

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Heh Board_Slave you d_p sh_t !

‘just chatting about new blanks ‘ - sounds more like a script from a cheesy tooth paste commercial .

Yes I’m mad , mad at people like you wasting everyone’s time with your rubbish . If the blanks are so good let them speak for themselves . Don’t waste space on this Discussion Forum with your ‘advertising’ .

Your not discussing ‘new materials and technology ‘ , your tying to sell product . We don’t come on here to read adds or scripted blogs !

Keith’s review is good. Looks like you have a winner.

I’m no plant Madman. Any comments on the review?

“Talk about being hoist with your own petard ! “ – why ? I win no matter what happens Lonnie . 1) everybody who has been supplied shit gets good replacements  2) If your foam hasn’t improved everybody will get to hear about it .


BigZee I enjoyed the start of the review (not finished yet ?) . Was a bit concerned about -  “The foam has a sort of sparkly crystalline look along the rail band - you can sort of see it in this photo “  In my experience a sparkly crystalline look doesn’t bode well . It normally sucks resin or shrinks . I enjoyed RMshapes comment after the review  “a bit of a debacle with my last container from Safari (we won't go there). “  . He doesn’t mention that his glasshouse refused to glass the shaped RSA (Safari) blanks he took there a couple weeks ago . They said it would delaminate !


The industry standard for compensation for a shrinking blank is 6 good blanks for 1 shrink . If the foam is Now so good - Safari/RSA can replace all those (many) shrink containers as act of good will - restoring faith etc, etc.

I’m sure you’ll have your hands full with compensating all those blank buyers .? How do compensate the other shapers who get screwed when you dump containers of returned boards on your local market at below cost ? How do you compensate the surfers who got dud boards with foam ?  e.g. the 11year old boy who saved up for a brand new board , that after a week looked like a heard of elephants had run over it . He was told that by Safari that it would cost  1000 SAR to fix !


The point of this post is before you move on with your ‘new’ RSA blanks you clean up the old ‘safari’ blanks mess by compensation . Call it a type of penance - "penance" applies to the whole activity from confession to absolution .

Every comment you post serves only to entrench just how appropriate your Username is.  Whilst my message has been consistent from my very first posting, yours has changed according to developments and whatever misinformation you manage to dig up from dubious sources. 

Best of luck to you.

The foam has a sort of sparkly crystalline look along the rail band - you can sort of see it in this photo.

warning glassers  nightmare      ''suck suck’’


                           cheers huie