Rusty sandpaper

I seem to recall

That somewhere in the past  mystro Preisendorfer

AKA, Rusty was somewhat chastised for saving old scrap sandpaper.

Like me,  a lot of us grew up poor.

“Waste not want not”

I dig thru my “dump” all the time

 rather than grab a new full sheet.

How many of you Swaylock’s have a bin like mine?

but not that organized, ha ha.  I have piles of used sandpaper, bags of sandpaper, buckets of sandpaper, and used sandpaper wrapped, stapled, clamped, taped, or glued around every conceivable shape of hard, soft, and medium density object I might need (or think I need)… waste not, want not.  

I’m guilty too.

Guilty here as well.

Although a new piece of sandpaper is much more functional than used. For final finishes for either boards or repairs I usually always use a new sheet/disc.

Sharp tools are more accurate and efficient .

That incudes sandpaper 

I have an almost identicle bin, sandpaper stays with me until it is falling apart. I use my old 220 as wet 320 when sanding out my handplanes, saves me some trips to the hardware store…

It is great to make your paper go further.

But, dull paper heats up the board.

Heat is bad.

A top quality paper will be boh more efficient and last longer.

Don’t waste your money and time with cheap sandpaper.


For the record as I mentioned

being poor

now I consider it thrify

Hey still poor.

And so I still do repairs 

where sometimes I need experienced sandpaper.

Or not so sharp.

New boards?

No cheating

Heat is a killer…

I’m the opposite well as far as using it, soon as its dull or starts to clog I reach for a new bit. Has anyone found anything better than indasa? 

When you work in a paint shop you learn how to cut / fold / tear your sand paper…not about rich or poor…your bones are all trash…but you never worked in a paint shop so you don’t know…and…

Love ya Ray!

In my  (repair world) a worn piece of 150 vs new 220

is sometimes just the ticket.

No Matt. You are wrong. Worn out sand paper does not get a lower rating…Used 150 does not make magic 220…most of my work is repair and glassing…

But you never worked in a paint shop… You are an awesome shaper…fine tune finish work…nope…buffed out stuff…nope.










Ya know Ray I respect you opinion.

So this AM I started a “new” (hand sanding)

got thru 3 ding repairs with new paper.

I was feeling good!

My time sanding was cut way down.

Then a stubborn spot just outside the 220 I was using.

I back slid and went to the bin.

Forgive me, Lord.

Is it OK to reuse not so dull razor blades (for taping)?


Hey 1 outta 3 !

Nope no paint shop experience.

All self-taught with no rules.

Just basic logic

paper stops pulling you are there,

dust off and change grit.

WRONG or whatever the hell I’m doing.

I am trying to achieve a finer finish

than the hack I have been.

And as atonement for my sins?

Something for you.

Battle scares maintained

a nice find and back to the surf repair.

We’ll see If I can Bling this out! edit DONE!

And eh, thanks,

I mean it…












I can see if all you so is one particular task that it is inefficient to use older paper, and I don’t hesitate to use new paper when needed.

But I definitely keep a box of old stuff around for several reasons. 

One is that paper that seems dull when you have a full box doesn’t seem as dull when you’re down to your last piece and the supplier is closed for the weekend. 

Another is, paper that is too dull to cleanly cut wood is just about perfect for easing edges or blending foam.

Also there are some jobs that clog up sandpaper quickly at first so I use sacrificial dull stuff for that…I generally don’t throw it away until it is clogged up or my used paper bin is full.

Even if you have money it’s a good idea to not waste it.

That being said, time is money too, so using dull paper can be more costly than changing it out frequently

I use old sandpaper for lots of things, including cleaning rust off tools & blades.  No need to waste new paper on that. 

Your turn, Ray.

all the best

I have a home made sandpaper rack…it holds 10 different grits of sandpaper…I do not waste sand paper…I did a big reply to this thread and new set up bumped me…kinda bummed on that…trying to help.

Please do an internet search for Sand Paper Storage Box… Please post your comments. I do not waste sand paper.

I fear used sandpaper might introduce contaminants which might repel epoxy causing fisheyes, or cause secondary bonding issues.

So I have a Giant pile of used paper for those projects where such fears will not be a factor.

Nothing like a fresh sheet though.

Let’s see if I can explain this stuff… Not bashing Matt or used sand paper. I’m just very organized… I found some cool stuff searching for sand paper storage…and you can always go to Office Depot and buy a paper rack…ha ha…I made this years ago…