S.A. 2004 photos...

I’ve tried to post some pics of event on this photo sharing website. I think if you click on “gallery” and look for “S.A. 2004” (2 parts) you can view images…


Cool pics John, thanks for posting them…Was Greenough there for the get together or did you just happen to run into him? Or is that not even him? Kind of hard to tell…

Howzit John, Can’t seem to get the SA 2004 pictures to appear, only the other pictures appear. Aloha,Kokua

the link above did not work for me using the “safari” browser on my mac,

but did work using IE from my mac.

try http://photothru.com/open_a_view_thumbnail.asp?album_id=136503 and http://photothru.com/open_a_view_thumbnail.asp?album_id=136488 and see if that works. The slide option tab up top is kinda neat.

hope that’s of use


Howzit doc, the art work and SA 2004 pictures are the only ones that won’t open, I can see the others though. Aloha,Kokua

Hmmm… I’m with Kokua - can’t seem to view any of the pictures… Not from John’s link, nor Doc’s…

I don’t know what’s up. Maybe they just have too many people online at one time and their servers are bogged down. I’ve been able to get it to work from my home computer and the one at work. I’m not logging in with a password or anything - just browsing. There was another site that used to shut down after a certain bandwidth limit had been exceeded but I don’t think that’s the case with Photothru.

I’ll try uploading to another site when I get a chance.

Thanks John - I’ll check them out again later tonight when most of the West Coast has gone to bed already. The benefit of being 3 hours behind in time zones?


Hey, Kokua

Yeah, I’ll bet the line was full at the time, like John said. Might have a little to do with connection speed too, I’ve noticed that some photo sites can be a little odd that way.

As for the Art Work - BBW_StripTeaseParty.jpg ( presumably a poster or video box sheet for the video ) was one of them. Believe me, you didn’t exactly miss a new Monet there…


I couldn’t see them with Firefox, Explorer worked so it must be an ActiveX or other Microsoft thing at PhotoThru.

I like to use Surfermag’s Photo section as my host. Unlimited space; you can link into to photos and they are processed into small & large versions.

Oh, BTW, nice pics looks like great fun. See you there next year.

I as well was able to see them - looks like it was a great time and great looking surf…



Rob- For what it’s worth, I viewed the pics using Firefox just fine…Once from my Windows machine at work, and once from my Linux macihne at home…Wierd.

count me in with the cant see ship guys unless IIIIIIIII close my eyes aaannnnddddddd… ambrose… im right there by that tree

Howzit Brose, Are you able to see all the pictures except Art Work and the 2004 SA pics. That’s what I get and that’s what doesn’t make sense. Aloha,Kokua

nope words in the upper left corrner that say microsoft and I gave up never tried again all day…ambrose…did I get a shirt for you ? as per a request?

Howzit doc, If the line was full I shouldn'e be able to see any of the pics but I can see all the pics except the Art work and 2004 SA pics, very strange. Tried again this morning and had same problem, I'm bummed. Aloha,Kokua

Mike - I sent pics direct via e-mail. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Ambrose - It sounds like you might have tight security settings on your computer?


Howzit John, Thanks again for the pics and yes I have some heavy security on my computer, that could be the reason I can’t view on line. But yesterday I was able to view the beheadings in Iraq on a website ( really sick ), so it must also be a website snafu. Aloha,Kokua