SA 2004 Challenge

Inspired by Ambrose and Keith Melville, here it is: Everyone starts with a Clark 9’1"Y blank, natural rocker. The Challenge: make something you can ride at SA2004. You can carve out a 6’2"X12X18.5X14 flipped shredder or just wrap the blank in glass, or maybe three 3’ paipos or maybe a 3/4 inch thick 9’ skim board. Hollow one out and put the wood INSIDE? Let your imagination run…All contestants win something yet to be determined.

Comments, questions, suggestions?

sounds like the old 9’1Y in the shed has a destiny…let it be" los classico de cinco maderos" …its been there a long time a t-band down the center with two offsets 7’‘out …I still have to make the swayraffle blank up into the inspired rendition…you sure you don wanna 7’3’'becker division ? hmmmmmmmm?..this 9’1y has the old super green stencil…how old is that?it might even be from before the mold modification …whoopie sounds inspirational…ambrose…

Can I just use the box the blank comes in…???..

If you do that, every one else is going to want to too!! Just kidding Paul.

I’m thinking of making a 12 foot board from a 9’1" blank, myself…but not with cardboard.

sorry paul I dont think I have the old box…ambrose…that the blank came in

I’m with ambrose, let’s add a 7’3" Becker class. Gonna be FUN! HOOT!!

Maybe next year for the Becker…this is a challenge for your shaping skills as well as your imagination…make a 7’3" from the 9’1". Just lop a foot off either end and mine the bottom. Think the Grandfathers had close tolerance trees? Still fun aaaawhooooooooo.

Sounds fun. Is there a foam density standard as well or do we have room for customized stringer(s) & foam?

Naaahh, just plug and rocker…I’m going to order one up next week. I’ve been thinking about this wacky design since I was a kid, just never had the push to actually make it…now I will.

While you guys are playing with foam,I’ll be grabbing some waves with???Herb

How about, we FINALLY get Mr. Paler to shape a board…???..

Any ideas how…???..

I was thinking the same thing myself – my conclusion was, you can lead Mike to a planer, but you can’t make him shape!

Best bet might be to set up a session sometime at a well-equipped shaping bay, hand him the tools and a blank, and then all stand around waiting to see what happens…

PS Paul, thanks for the CD that you sent w/ the book. Very nice, it brought me back in time…music I love, some of which I hadn’t heard in way too long.

tell him he better not shape or we’ll tell his mom…it might work into his contrary lobe and he will sucumb to the uncontrolable urge to carve … how about ivory soap swallow tails…ambrose…kalua pig tacos w/ refried beans, olive oil and balsamic vinegar marinated garlic , cottage cheese and mozerella flavors my state of mind


then all stand around waiting to see what happens…

With your arms crossed.

Oh man – now that’s pressure.

I better get outta here.

I’ll be in the indian ocean if you need me…

I’m more worried he’ll start shaping, get hooked on it, then not keep this board running anymore!

By the way, no pressure, Mike. We’ll look the other way while you’re figuring out which way to point the planer, and promise only to give pointers if you ask!!

This remark with arms crossed is not in character…the aging sage wit’, eyes barely visible peek’in from between straw hat brim and sunglass rims visibly dusty from exposure, taunts the michael in question form a wry smile and a lilting patois stimulating the the excitement and adventure of somthing perhaps Verbotten in the eyes of an absent random mother figure brought up only to spark the mischievious fun of yet another mildly forbidden relm…some respond to …do it …yet others may not … ambrose … dont be afraid sometimes works…manipulation can be a high art…at its best the subject believes it is excercising freewill when responding to the bell

All in good fun, Ambrose!

We all know that, deep down inside, Mike wants to shape… think of this as an intervention!

As a sidebar note on the gathering of the;

The glossary information stimed a thought on a new revision of the shapers tree. If you guys brought your own version of local, or individual shapers trees, perhaps an updated, post Y2K tree could evolve. It would be a big task.

there are latent fears to deal with brought on by the existance in history of groups like the SSand the Mc Cone commission that made senator Mc Carthy so famous… with a detailed list of shapers and enlightened form affectionados a clean sweep round up would become possible…"are you or have you ever been a member of the shaping community?“or perhaps,“you will shape and divulge theory and tecnique to the central board of government manufacturers monopoly to resist is futile we will be the dominant world surfboard producer” or maybe " is it not true you were seen talking to any number of individuals for the express purpose of procuring materials to make surfboards for the express purpose of riding waves with no one out” mark my words there are troubled times ahead and this kind of gathering of names is shirley a covert move on the part of an unknown group lurking behind every bush…ahhk …did you see that gladiola move…Dr .Fred E. katz…front line observer for the underground resistance to the invisible threat

This freaks me out! Is it ok just to come, with other boards, and hang, and surf? I am afraid I may be resigned to the “outer circle.” Ha! Well, if all goes well, I hope to see you.