yep…you guessed it…i’m comin’ for a visit. soooo…anyone wanna go for a surf?..and loan me a board?..and maybe a wetsuit? i’ll be there from November 13 - 21. i like traditional style longboards 9’0"-9’6" and i’m about 5’9", 140 lbs. unfortunately, to get a flight that i could let my ex-girlfriend pay for without feeling guilty, i have to go through some funky connections and would rather not risk my boards getting trashed in cincinatti or houston or wherever else as they’d be thrown from one plane to the next. you know how it is. when i come for a month next january, i’ll bring a board or four and pay the extra money for a direct flight…but somehow i just know Delta will screw up my boards. soooo…anyone?..bueller?..bueller?..

WHEN, what’s your size, and what’s your board preferences might be nice to post.

all done ^^

i’m just so excited, i guess i left out a few key things :smiley:

not really… looks like you hit the important stuff. where in sd are you going to be? I live in La Costa and surf Ponto several days a week.

i live in point loma and have a log you could borrow, pm me

Hey, I am also in Pt. Loma area and probably have a wet suit that would fit you. Water will start to get chilly soon but the waves should pick up too.

I surf most every day, but early, so if you want to dawn patrol give me a shout. Also if it gets big and you need something other than a longboard…

wow…you guys are awesome…all of you. i’ve asked a few times which town she lives in, but she doesn’t know (figures, eh?). but anyhow, i’ll get her address and mapquest it so i’ll know where she’s at. i can’t believe i’m leaving tomorrow!!.. :smiley:

Hey Green Barel.

I spent a few days at La Costa in Sept. Surfed the noth break at Beacons a few times. Real nice area and I met some cool people out in the water.

Beacons is a really nice longboard wave as well. Will be back next year…

Brian - Ireland

It didn’t so hot to me today…

I got a chance to check out the OB pier this afternoon with 10-15 mph onshores chocolate water and 1ft mush breaking in 3ft of water. Kind of yucky looking.

Got a chance to visit Takayama’s shop, see the man and talk to his nephew. They said the waves were better up at their pier but I didn’t get a chance to see as I needed to get back to SD. Traffic sucks…Got my Takayama omiyage for the boys back home.

Vedisit surfride as well, they had alot of Kane Gardens and other fishes.

I also visited Toby Pavel’s Greenroom and got some more gifts for the homeboys and family even a Mandala Tee. Toby’s boards are pretty as were the Merrick and Kane Garden fishes but I don’t get the feeling they’d work out here in Hawaii. The Rocket Fish I saw in Ventura seemed to have better lines for Hawaii.

I bought one of those new Australian Soar fins (OC3) to try out as I never saw them sold in Hawaii.

I’m doing my best to spread a little Hawaiian kala(money) here and there among all these shops to help contribute to their survival. I love these small shops. The Greenroom was much bigger than I imagined. There was alot of choice boards everywhere.

Tomorrow Kane Garden, I hope they finished their fish video… The guys at Takayama’s were watching a blue horizon DVD.

As far as waves though… not too impressed yet… but hell I’m just a lost tourist…

Good luck with your SD quest.

well, she told me what town she lived in, and while i don’t remember the name because i had a migraine when she told me and wasn’t really paying attention, she did say that it was just a few minutes from Pt. Loma. so, yeah…awesomeness!


Brandon,come see me in Encinitas 760 427 1763

Next time your in Oceanside and it sucks on the south side, go all the way north to the Harbor. It’s usually a couple feet bigger and typically has better shape.

well, i’ve been in san diego for a few days now, and while i’m really diggin’ the town, things aren’t exactly shaping up the way i had expected. the surf has been rather weak and uninviting, but that’s the least of my problems. i once joked that i was coming to visit for “as long as i could stand my ex-girlfriend”, knowing that we were totally cool and there was no static between us…well, that ended after day 1. she wanted me to come out here, she paid for my ticket, and now that i’m 3000 miles away from everyone that i know she has more or less given me the shaft. the brief moments when she chooses to acknowledge my existence are quickly met with a cold shoulder, and i must say that it’s really ruining what could be an awesome time (and my first trip) to SoCal. and if anyone happens to be cruising through Mission Valley and wants to see if i still have my sanity, feel free to drop me a line (my phone is dead, but i’ll still be checking my voicemail at 561-289-7523, or you can get me on the girl’s cell at 561-289-8429) .

Jim – i’m going to give you a call tomorrow…i’d love to hang out, pick your brain a little, and maybe even watch you hack out a board if that’s cool with you.

well, that’s strange, but after all you did say that she was your “ex” girlfriend, so the whole “buy you a ticket” thing is a little odd too. Why did she want you to come out here? But then, I’ve never figured out women, and I never expect to…

I’d say, put her aside, go have fun, meet somebody new! And the surf is supposed to pick up over the weekend, too.

Any man that says he understands/predicts what women think probably has been glassing without a mask in a closed room for decades

i may not be very old, but i learned a long time ago that trying to rationalize why women do the things they do is as futile an effort as any. regardless, some fun, clean surf is just what i need. keith…don’t be surprised if you hear from me over the next day or two.

no problemo - was surprised I had NOT heard from you yet.

Come on over for a surf…

yea send me a pm if you want to surf this weekend or something. im dawn patrolling tomarrow before class

Keith, Point Rat & Brandon. We should do a am dawn patrol Saturday Cliffs surf?


Keith I promise not to drop in on you?

Works for me! See you out there, 0’dark hundred. Or send me a PM…