Seeking Advice on Sustainable Materials for Surfboard Manufacturing

Hey stoked surfers!

Been catching some waves lately? Awesome! More importantly, I’m on a mission to find the most eco-friendly surfboard out there and ditch the whole traditional route.

I’ve been diving into recycled foam, bio-resins, and even bamboo boards, but what I really want to hear is your experience. Anyone ridden these sustainable shred sticks?
I also check this : Green Foam Blanks = recycle your foam dust into moneyservicenow But I have not found any solution.

Wondering how they hold up? Do they catch waves just as good? Is shaping them a whole different beast? All things durability, performance, and the shaping/glassing process are on my mind.

Please guide me in my new project.


Hello Emma,

i find this transition to eco very important.
where i am from 2 well known shaper houses allready shifted to 100% eco foam and biopoxy unless the custumer deamands pu resin but they wont budge on the block.
I recently gave a go at a TECCEL GREEN ( 70% eco blank).
sending you some photos for your consideration, shaping it was easy haven´t laminated it yet.
Cheers and good waves