shaping a FISH with a round tail

Any opinions on these newer fish boards with round tails? I’m debating on whether to make a standard quad fish or a round tail quad. I want something that surfs / catches waves like a fish but can do a nice smooth roundhouse cutback.Is this what I’m looking for?

That looks like an egg to me. Looks really fun.

How it surfs depends a lot on other factors besides the outline. Most important is where you surf and kinds of waves there. Then the rocker and fins are also pretty important.

That last board with the resin tint and dollar bill has no resemblance to a fish, in the least. It is an egg.

There is no such thing as a fish with a round tail. Where did you get that idea?

Wide, lots of volume, round tail.  Some people swear by it.  This board has a cult following:


Of course, these boards have a lot more nose rocker, but that makes them more versatile across a wider range of conditions.  



There is no such thing as a fish with a round tail. Where did you get that idea?



Maybe from here?:

A few years ago I made a board based upon a speed dialer template, but removed the bumps and made it a round tail. Everything else about the board is similar to a speed dialer, and it works great. You get a little bit less drive, but it comes off the top and does cutbacks better. It looks a lot like the board on the right in the first picture you posted.



Here you go sammy. Some of these look like fish’s w/ roundtail. One is even called a fish egg. Why cant there be a fish with a roundtail?


							<span style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color: rgb(163, 152, 106); font-size: small;">**JM4347 5'10 Jeff McCallum Quag Shortboard Surfboard**</span>

							<span style="font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: x-small;">Jeff McCallum Quag Surfboard 

TAIL: Pintail

COLOR: Brown resin tint bottom and deck w/ khaki opaque panel

FINISH: 1/2 deck sanded


EXTRA: flat rocker / chimed rail w/ edge / flat bottom w/ rolled vee
in the tail / easy entry into waves / progressive surfing top to bottom
/ perfect for waist high and up wave conditions / RIDE A MCCALLUM THIS


Thickness2 1/4

They look fun, if they are not set up with twin keels, maybe a single fin of a quad.

I own a quad disk shape that’s very similar to the brown board in the first post.  It’s even got the brown resin tint.  I got it about 4 years ago and surfed it as my daily driver for a while.  Although it has the same dimensions as a fish it surfs differently.  Not at all as drivey or as fast, but with more control, particularly going backside.  Part of that is the quad, but part is the tail, too.   I have a pic of it but it won’t post. 

As fishies go, I prefer a semi-traditional fish template with a little more curve and a (very) slightly narrower tail, more like the Zippifish than the traditional Lis fish with the really straight rear half. With that said, I wouldn’t use one as a quiver killer daily driver.   As part of a 4-5 board working dude’s quiver it works pretty well under certain conditions but they definitely have limitations.  


Sammy you are right on Bradda.  There is no such thing as a roundtail fish surfboard.  The round tailed quads pictured are just that -------- "Round tailed Quads".  Discard the "Fish" tail and you no longer have a "Fish".   Ekim----You arer either ignorant of terminology and design(aka-- unaware) or trying like a politician to rewrite history.  Which is it?


board on the right went really well, its 6'6" x 20 3/4" x 2 3/4", not a full fish but definitely fishy, the round tail gave it some pivot, with the pulled in tail they can be surfed up and own with more ease than a wider pod...I like em with a more upright fin template up front for the quads....

A fish is a board design with certain elements that make it a “fish”. A swallow tail may look like a fish but if it doesn’t have those specific design elements, like the width between the tail tips it’s called a swallow tail. A round tail is just that, a board with a round tail. You can have a fish like board with a square tail, or a rounded off square tail or diamond, but then it wouldn’t be a fish it’s a mini simmons, or a stubbie kind of board. 

Some boards get their names from the design elements. A fish has two pointed tips in the tail with a certain distance between those tips. The tail width and usually short length forces the outline to be a the way it is. 

Now there’s also a difference between a round tail and a a rounded pin tail, and those are not fish.

yeah, but alot of people call them fish because its a hybrid shape with alot of fish elements in them, the width, the planshape ( mostly except for tail ) ans if you go to a Fish-Fry you'll see so many variations and interperatations of the original fish design,  I think sometimes we need to call them something and if it is 80% fish , than it just gets called that, even though it doesnt exactly meet all the criteria...just my thoughts.......sure you and many will disagree......


Call them any damn thing you like. It still doesn’t make them something they are NOT.

A fish has a wide, split tail, and typically two or more fins set near the rails. The only valid variant which still fits the design parameters is a quad fish. And even that is stretching things a bit. If you think a fish can have a round tail, you need to do some very basic studying of board design, and history.

If I built a board with one fin, and called it a thruster just because the tail is wider than the nose, does that make it a “thruster”?


And, those people are wrong.

Totally agree with all comment. Including being ignorant about shaping. They do look like they would cutback smoother than a fish though.

Younger people don’t know that before there was a fish design there were short boards that were loose and kinda fish like, but there wasn’t a fish yet, so we didn’t know what to call it. Some people looked at them and said they look kinda like an egg, others said they were really loose feeling, but called them double enders. Then there was the whole pig thing going, but with the hips low. Or that for the longest time almost every board had just one fin, and was over 9’ long.

The fish was born as the Mirandon twin pin, but it was left an orphan for many years until Steve Lis found her, had a baby and gave it a new name. Just lucky that he called it a fish and not a Butt crack.

Can you imagine someone coming up to you and saying “wow that’s a nice looking butt crack! Mind if I give it a ride?”

See guys.    Ekim is a humble guy and is willing to learn from a few who know better.  Very good.  A rarity on this site.  I applaud that.  In one post he has already learned a great deal about surfboard design.

Hey, Ekim seems to understand what’s being said, but I don’t know if others do.

I can’t believe that people would actually call a round tail board a fish, but it comes up all the time.

We call certain shapes certain names because someone somewhere sometime ago was the first to do so. It’s like surf spots, someone somewhere a long time ago claimed a spot as such and such and that’s what sticks. The only reason we’d use other names is to throw off others from knowing our surf spots. 

Hell we might as well call a Mini van a station wagon, or a 3 wheeled motorcycle a bike. 

You can call a "round tail " a "square tail" too.  That doesn't make it right or accurate historically or design wise.  But go ahead on.  When someone ask me the differance between a "Fish" and a "Swallow tail" and I take a stick and draw a simple diagram or drawing of each in the sand on a beach in Oregon or Calif. the person who ask me know's instantly the differance.  Reason being There is a differance.