shaping a FISH with a round tail


Awesome.  I was gonna say - one of the pre-reqs was a super wide swallow tail and a butt crack - but you beat me to it!

Can we move on please?

The dudes who give a shit about what a board is called, rather than how it functions have a jaded conception of design.


I would recommend against taking advice from those who want to put your mind in a box. Unless you just want to be like the vast majority of surfers… sheep.


What was originally called a fish, has many more design elements than the shape and width of the tail. When someone says “fish” a lot more is conveyed than the design of the tail.

I think we should call them blunt-nosed-high-volumed-shorter length-wider boards.  That’s easier

Wait that sounds like my “Squish” or “square tailed fish”.

spelunking came to mind.

I should wish to climb a mountain,

whereupon reaching the summit

I will take photos and send them 

to friends with a note on the joys 

of spelunking experienced on this

outing … aaahhh the view from above.




feed a fish a man

and never worry

about him


You gotta love the fish police - they take the bait every time!


Ya gotta love the clueless, misinformed noobs. It has to be spelled out for them…over, and over, and over, and over again.

BTW, Joe Blair shapes the Rocket Fish which is a wide round pin quad.  I love this shape for small waves.  Check it out at




I love Joe’s work.I have a gun of his. He foils his boards so well.

Joe Blair's boards make the average guy surf better.  I ride one of his big boy boards and I feel like a kid riding it. I can catch a bunch of waves and the board rips.  Joe work is excellent and his prices are fair.

Both great. As others I find the round tail to be not quite as drivey but real fun. quad or twin is a good idea. I find the round tail better (more fun) in less than perfect surf: Bottom turning round sections, tight turns in the pocket. Fish love a clean fast wall. I think what makes the fish unique to surf is the straight rail in the back, a round tail is going to loose that particular characteristic. 

Therefore I conclude you probably need at least one of each!

A fish looks like this..........

This is not a fish


A fish looks more like this..........


...and round tails....well...I confess...sometimes they start with fish blanks...but....the rocker from the Clark Foam 7'3" is perfect for breakfast............too bad Clark Foam bit the big omelet...........Come on Guys and Girls...lets have some fun...


[img_assist|nid=1055349|title=DT and RT Quad|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=480|height=640]Orange one is a 6’3" shaped from a 6’4" fish blank. It is my “Slayer” type step-up. Settled on the Rusty Quad Fins which seemed to hit the sweet spot. Tail is pretty narrow on it (14.5") while the nose is relatively wide (14.75"). Fishy up front and all business in the back.

Nice job jamie. Any chance I could get a picture of the rocker on those beauties. I have a quad very similar to your blue one. Mine is

6’2"x20"x2 5/8".

I’m looking to make something like your orange one .Maybe around 6’2"x21".   What are the dims on yours? How did you make your template for it?


The rocker on the Orange one is 4.5" nose and 2.25" tail. The blue one (a diamond tail) is 4.5" nose and about 2" tail. The blue board is 6’0" x 20 3/8" x 2 1/2". Tail is about 15 1/4" and nose 14 7/8". Orange is a Greenlight 2lb EPS fish blank and the Blue is a Marko 1.9lb 6’2" Pescado blank. These two boards get me through 99% of what NJ has to offer.

FISH are also only used to ride points, and only frontside, and only in San Diego. Just to be absolutely clear. Everything else is a surfboard. “Fish,” per se, are very very limited. It’s part of the whole thing, historically-speaking, see.