SHOW YOUR COLOR!! - tints, swirls, paint, art, lams, let's see what you got

Let’s see some color work!  Paint, tint, pigment, lam, whatever your technique, show us what you got!

Thiw was a board I sold to Sealegs Surfshop in Laguna Beach.

Sort of a 80’s theme.

And a board I painted for a friend.

Three to submit,

“Boy” did the blue and yellow job.

Guess what period I came from for my work.

BTW extremely nice work posted here in!

EPS/Corecork epoxy sandwich kiteboard with reintint and some bamboo left overs

EPS/Corecork epoxy sandwich kiteboard with resintint

EPS/Airex epoxy sandwich kiteboard with 2tone X-Wrap glassing


as it is my first post, hope you guys like’em


cheers Andy


Airex/cork core eh? Sick compsand… any chance you’d be down to post some photos of the build in a separate thread?? I may be interested in trying something similar for a wakesurf

Interesting tail on that last one - Squashed fish? How’s it ride?

Greg Griffin “Felix” knock off.

Boards work very well, Mini Sim and mush buster, it hauls ass!

Awesome work Andy. I’m attempting my first compsand & would love to see a build thread too.

My screen printer blew me off for this board, so I had to paint the island and surfboard/scythe portion of my logo by hand with posca markers - I tried to stencil out the island and the water-based paint was sucked under the stencil like a microscope slide… I tried to wipe it off and OH SHIT! I had pigmented the board white and already done the sanding coat so it absorbed the color and made the board pink and splotchy… I cleaned it up best I could with a white posca pen and still wasn’t happy… so I took my lemons and made some lemonade - blood-spatter style paint job around the logo completely masked the imperfections. 

I’m happy again, I just hope the client likes it… ha

These are what I have been playing around with…

Some customs and stock jobs from past years to recent. 

Good stuff.


I don’t want to start a thread just for this so…

I just ordered the stuff to finally glass the 8’ er I’ve been waiting on. I like epoxy, so I got the ph2000 kiwk kick stuff, which I have experience with. I’m gonna try my first resin swirl, dark red and white. Hoping it doesn’t turn pink. Question is, is it a terrible idea to try this with fast hardener? This is board 4. It’s 8’x21.5, so it’s not like it’s tiny.

I’m gonna keep them at two differnet temps, and so viscosities, to prevent them from mixing. Sounds like it’ll work, and I’ve heard of other people doing that. and if I end up with a pink board… I guess I’ll pretend the 80s are cool. I just want to do stripes tip to tail like this, but only two colors.

No idea who did this, found it on google images. I’ve been watching videos. I think I can do it. 

Wow… so sick. Love the drips


Heres one I painted last week, Just needs some glass and fins 


Taking a stab at my first ever petina - going for a tarnished copper look - Did the lam in green and the sanding coat in orange with a crosshatch deck patch to add a cool effect when I start sanding. 

Here’s the lam

And here’s the Sanding Coat

Absolutely lovin this thread! I’m not usually into adding much in the way of colour on my boards, but some of the colour designs on this thread are really inspiring me!


So stoked on this. First one I’ve ever done. Kwik kick on pu foam with dark red and white. All other shades are just combos of those two. Done in the lam.The 04 is rice paper between the glass on the deck.

The last time I picked up a planer I reshaped a late 60s 7’10"Harbour roundtail. Made it into a 7’6". It had issues. This is the lam I put on it.