skateboard for learning to cross-step

G’day guys,

I am learning the art of oldschool surfing, wanting to make a skatie for practising cross-stepping as I don’t get much time on waves to do it!

just wondering what would be a good length and width, template etc for this purpose?

can I just use normal trucks off my double kick board? or should I get wider trucks? (do they even exist?)

I have seen this one on ebay and like the outline, would this planshape be good for this? what length would be good for cross-stepping?

any measurements, lengths etc would be greatly appreciated, I really need to learn to cross-step coz I am so unco at it in the water!

well,for me using a skateboard to practise cross stepping was the big breakthrough in my surfing.It really came together when i got back in the surf.I live in the city so most of my surfing done on concrete even now.I started off using Sector 9 5ft but now ride a Still Stoked 6ft Land Cruiser with 180 Randals and 76mm wheels.They have a web site…… With the 6 footer i can lay down and jump to my feet and it is really the closest i have found yet to longboarding . oh and i like mine very very loose.good luck with it


Yeah go to tell Dave I sent you.

either dave or one of his cronies can dail you in…

robbo: with your skills with wood you should make your own deck.

i did. it’s 54" long & i attached sector nine trucks & wheels. i glued up & clamped a bunch of different timbers about an inch or so thick & wide (i used liquid nails but unfortunately they’re starting to come unstuck, i should have biscuit joined them). i then drew a template, then cut & planed to desired thickness & shaped. i coated the board with marine varnish & for grip i sprinkled a little clean builders sand evenly on the deck while it was still wet, then dusted off when dry, then sealed with another coat of varnish.

it’s fun to ride & work on footwork, fives, tens, kicks, heels etc. flat day fun.

Here you go Robbo!!!

ok, 54" inch huh, that sound like a good length to me.

as far as width is concerned, what is a normal width for this kind of board? I was thinking about 10-12 inches, too wide?

are your secter9 trucks extra wide? or can I just use my ones off my double kick? I have biggish wheels on them already.

so the front trucks go as far forward as possible for practising 5’s & 10’s? but where do the back ones sit?

nice looking board by the way oldy, great idea about the sand and estapol for grip.


Have you seen this site?

Awesome! I wonder how my company would feel about having a 44 yr old drop knee skating around the parking lot ramps during lunch…

48" is the minimum you would want to go for walking. Here is a 58" I built.

It all depends on how versatile you want it to be. Give and take.

Randal 180mm trucks are my standard. I have tried torsion and spring trucks but I don’t like the centering action for cross stepping cross training.

Soft 78a 70-72 mm wheels are good also.

hey rastro that is a beautiful board you’ve made there. lovely timber, template & finish.

a question: did you just glue & clamp the timbers together, or did you biscuit join too? or something else? i’m keen to know what to do so i can repair my board.

Also consider an “indo board”

and do a search for “balance board”

quite a lot of good info on board building forums here too:

wow what a beautiful looking board rastro, nice length too!

can I ask how far back the front trucks are and how far foward the back trucks are please?

180mm randals, when they talk in inches for trucks what would they equate to? 7 inch?

thanks for the wheel info too mate


Also consider an “indo board”

and do a search for “balance board”

Yes, I have one of these and recommend it. Beats skateboarding in the snow :-> If the price is too steep ($100 and up) anyone who frequents this site should be able to make their own, trivially. It’s just a wooden plank with a cleat at each end that you balance on a roller. You could probably make one of these from 3/4" plywood and schedule 40/80 PVC for $10 or less, assuming that you didn’t already have suitable scrap material…


I bought an 80" Silverback from JAM longboards- really enjoy it, my wife learned to cross step on it and my daughter hangs ten on it :).


There is a guy named Chris Chaput that has some clips on his website of him doing some cross-stepping and pumping the board at the same time. He used an old water ski. I’d say go with a deck like Rastro.

hey guys, while the glue on my hws ding repair was drying I got to making my longboard skatie deck.

the BIGGER the better I say!!!

MEET MY 64 incher!!!

triple hardwood stringers and laminated beech deck

now if everyone could throw their 2 cents worth in on truck width and placement please!!!

by the way I think it might need mighty wide trucks coz I made the deck 12 inches wide!!!

I have also put a coat of varnish on it now, it looks like an oversized bread board!!!

looks great robbo. it’s big. 64" is a whole lot of skateboard, unless you’re hicksy.

the specs for mine are as follows:

deck: merbau with three blackbutt stringers


width: 10&1/2"

thickness: 3/4"

leading screws of front truck: 3" from nose

trailing screws of back truck: 5" from tail

trucks: 10" sector 9s

wheels: 61mm sector 9s

how did you make your deck, glue & clamp, biscuit join, something else?

hi oldy !

can I just ask too…

if the trucks are 10" wide , and each wheel is 61mm [about 2 3/8" wide , WHAT is the total width from the wheels’ “outside edge to edge” , when they are on the trucks ?

DID you make it so that the wheels do NOT overhang the deck , mate ?

…it’s been AGES since I have made a skatey , and this thread is kinda re-motivating me to get some bigger [wider, and ? taller? ] wheels . I have a 47" x 12" x c. 3/8" piece of scrap plywood that I can experiment with , I guess …

do you guys put kicktails on these big boards , or are they purely for carving turns and walking only ? [I reckon a longer board will be fun for me in a bowl , too !]

This is a good thread , Robbo , thanks mate !



chipper: the width from wheel edge to wheel edge is 10". so they’re just about inline with the deck, but they overhang a little i guess because the deck outline pulls in at the nose & tail. but i’m no expert. i just made it how i thought it should look. no kick on my longboard, it’s flat all the way. i don’t pivot turn it at all like i do on little skateys, it’s purely for cruising. due to it’s length & the fact that it is heavy & i don’t pivot turn it, it’s turning circle is quite long & therefore unsuitable for any transition really. it loves long runs on mellow slopes.