skil 100 parts

Hey guys I’m BRAND NEW here on the site. this is my first post and I am stumbling through it I think pretty well. Anyway I am asking about Skil parts it seems that most of the posts that I saw were pretty old so that is why I am writing this. I am looking for a part for my type 4. I need a set of brush holders. One of mine are cracked and it dosent seem to be fixable. I
s there any current people out there to contact that still have parts. I already contacted the eBay sellers. My tool repair person has exhausted all of his leads also. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pete C is the man for this stuff if you can’t find it. I will look if I get a chance. I found a website that has all sorts of parts for tools and some of these parts are not unique to the Skil 100 and can figure out how to cross reference to other Skil and Bosch products.

Thx for the response. Yeah its crazy that brush holders are the issue. I think thats an odd thing for them to break or go bad. I thought they just might need a good cleaning but I guess was wrong.

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Pete’s around. Just saw a post from him the other day. I believe he told me there are two types. They are distinguished by color; orange and black. I think I have an extra set at my shop but won’t be able to take a look until next week. I saw a set recently on EBay. Go to eBay and search Skil 100.

Plastic gets a little brittle and tends to dry out and crack after 30 or 40 years. What you are describing is actually a pretty common problem.

I sent him a PM; brush holders and brush caps are two different things. The caps screw into the holders. There’s 3 different kinds of brush caps and two different kinds of holders. The holders are part of the motor housing and can be removed, but unfortunately they are unique to the Skil 100. They break from overtightening the brush caps.

Ok here is a picture of the problem, I don’t need caps I need a holder. According to the repair guy this is made of some kind of grounding material or something. I don’t know…its just frustrating, lol. There HAS to be one out there somewhere.

Ok here is a picture of the problem, I don’t need caps I need a holder. According to the repair guy this is made of some kind of grounding material or something. I don’t know…its just frustrating, lol. There HAS to be one out there somewhere.

not caps I have caps need brush holder maybe thats not even it thats just what the guy said. I’m pretty good at figuring stuff out but couldn’t figure this out so I took it to the power tool repair shop THEY said this is the problem. I am just trying to run down their diagnosis. If that rodent work then I will try something else. I feel like its got to be pretty simple. These things are not crazy technical. I feel like Clark Grizwald and his Christmas lights LOL.

These are not grounded, but the opposite. There’s live voltage in those holders and the material that is broken away insulates them from the metal housing so you don’t get zapped. To replace the holders, you have to remove the motor armature, field coil wiring to the holder, then tap it in with a piece of wood dowel. It must be precisely set to the right depth or it may hit the motor if too deep, or the spring tension on the brushes will be wrong if too shallow. Getting the old one out is also a problem as they are a press-fit + setscrews. The whole job involves major disassembly and then putting it back together correctly which is the real trick. It’s not something I can provide step by step instructions as there’s a whole lot involved if you’ve never done major work on Skil’s.

Given the small area involved, and the apparent access to it, could you repair it with an epoxy putty and careful needle file work? I’d make a run at that, if I had the same thing happen. Just askin’.

Is it me or does it look like the OP is missing some threads in that there brush holding thingie…

WOW that looks SOLID!!!.. is that a repair or a modification…how did you do that
thats what I need… NO PLASTIC

are you saying just replace the broken area with plumbers/ding putty and try and put threads back in it and that should work?
the guy at the repair shop said something about hot glue which I didn’t really understand what he was saying but maybe that was it

The short answer to your question is yes. A qualified yes. I’d want to have the cap available for fitting tests. The hot glue might be a good choice. Or use a bolt, with the correct diameter and thread, inserted into the opening, and then fill the void to reproduce the thread in the affected area. After cure, simply back out the bolt, and re-assemble. Do you follow my thinking?

sounds simple enough…
its just hard to believe that, THAT thread being broken keeps the tool from rumnning…sounds too simple but I guess thats it huh…im gonna shop around for a week or so for a holder and if I don’t have any luck hot glue or epoxy it is
thx for the tips

As far as I know this is original. It is from an older ‘pre-type’ 100 if that makes a difference.

Am I seeing yours correctly that the threads for the cap are in the busted up brown insulator?

EDIT: Just saw Bill’s post above. If I wanted to DIY it I would handle it the same way.