Southern California Trip

I’ve decided to take a quick trip to Southern California with my son for his 15th birthday.  Decided on someplace between San Clemente and San Diego.  Doing a Wednesday through Monday trip beginning Nov 5.  I have never been to California.  Lets hear it.  Where to stay, where to avoid, etc.  Jr has Trestles on his bucket list so that will be at least one day.  Was thinking of staying close to Trestles or someplace further south.  Open to ideas.

Camp at San Clemente State Beach.  Bring a bike and you can ride down to Trestles.

Be sure to visit the Surfing Heritage Museum, in San Clemente.     And, if you make it to San Diego, visit Bird’s Surf Shed.   

What type of waves are you looking for? You are going when the north swells start, and if that is the case you may want to hit up san diego. Carlsbad State Beach campground is a good base, since you are close to both SD and Oceanside, and there can be great waves right in front of your campsite. Also, San Elijo campground you are right at Cardiff Reef and Swamis (along with a couple other decent reefs). San Onofre is a cool campground if you want beachbreak, and if its big there are some great reefs/longboard spots. Chances are you’ll get good waves during that time of year.

November 5th.  I’ll be staying at a hotel not camping.  Hotel ideas?

I never stayed at one as I had a house there. There are hotels in every price range in those areas. In San Diego, I would look at Pacific Beach-they have many hotels at all price ranges. Early Nov. there should be plenty of vacancies. This is a good base spot to hit all the SD areas. I assume you have a car?

I would vote for san clemente. - lots of waves, trestles and smack dap in the middle of san diego and newport beach. San clemente is laid back, nice downtown area, lots of board builders if you wanna check them out. I wouldnt pass up the opportunity to chat with Mr Terry Senate! Lots of hotels in all price ranges in the area.

Are you military by any chance? If so you can stay on the base right at church.

Ohh and check

You may find a good deal on renting a house. Its off season and usually cheaper than a hotel.

I’ve been in San Clemente most of my adult life. PM me if you want.  

San Clemente has a bunch of hotels from extra low budget to pretty high. Lots to choose from.  Plenty of good eats locally as well.

When you’re here I’ll give you all the deluxe tour of SHACC if you like.

Hard to believe but the water has been over 70° since June and barring any large winter storms may actually still be that warm when you get here.

The fishing has been excellent as well.

Thank you for the kind info and I may take you up on that tour offer.  

If you decide to stay in San Clemente, you can check out the Beachcomber Motel.  You overlook the pier and T-street and you’re super close to the main street Ave del Mar where there are some good eats and stores.  Never stayed there before but whenever I surf T-street or the pier, I always think “…looks like a fun place to stay…”  

Mako224 - hotels and - even motels can be a “rob” in cali. Best to pick up the discount motel magazines in the 7 11
Convenience stores. You’ll save sum " taco money." Suggestion: read reviews on lodging. Lately ive been looking into " hostels ." They tend to cost roughly half of what motels cost. But it’s sharing space w other traveler’s. But I’m sure security is tight. Again, read reviews of any facilities and book early. Stuff fills up quik.

Please if you are in SC don’t forget a trip to Biggies Burgers.  They are on the opposite side of the street from Stewart’s Surboards at the south end of town.  Best burgers you could want if you ar a carnivore!!  I know the owner, great guy, and old school.  He’s kept the quality up and the prices reasonable.  The king burger is awesome.  Just what the body wants after a hard day of surfing at Trestles/SanO, the Pier, T Street, etc…  Just my 2c…


All the orange county guys are hitting the crack pipe. November in Southern California ia all about South San Diego.  Orange County is blocked all winter from most North west swells except when it is quite large.  San Diego from Blacks down to Pt Loma is quite good.  Stay at the pacific terrace in PB, it cost a bit o money, but you are right on the beach…in a hotel, where they make your bed, and have a place to get breakfast if needed.  If you are on a low budget, then just stay anywhere in SD that is cheap and drive to the surf spots, everything is pretty close…it’s not like LA county.  And it’s off season too.

We have had a pretty strange summer around here, we are still catching marlin 5 miles off the coast, and a few sport boats have even caught Wahoo.   My buddy 2 weeks ago caught 11 marlin in one day…So there might be an outside chance for the Tresles south swell during your stay…but if I was betting, I’d say it will be a complete bust.  if you are flexible, take a look at the long range forecast for surf, that will tell you whats up.  Currently there is a big Northwest coming, so that tell me that san Diego will light up…not Oceanside, San Clemente., or new Port…But San Diego.  

PM me when you get to town, if i’m around maybe do a surf.


Winter in SD…Oh yeah!  I can hardly wait




PickleWeed Point!!!

Dude what is pikleweed Pt, thet looks kiler!!


November 5th is over a month from the first day of winter.


  If there’s swell there’s waves somewhere along the State Beach/ Cottons/ Trestles/ SanO stretch regardless of direction.    


I just posted something explaining surf in San Diego County…And I pulled it. I thought to myself…“What the hell am i doing posting surf specifics about San Diego during a specific season”    

There is nothing to see here pedestrian…keep moving.





Flying out tomorrow.  Kicking myself now for not booking a trip to Puerto Rico instead.  Surf forecast for Califonia looks pretty dismal.    Oh Well.  At least it will be warm.  Decided to stay at the Comfort Suites by the path to Trestles.  May road trip to other places.  No real plan.  Bringing enough rubber that we could go up to Central California if the waves look worth it.


UncleGrumpy, I may take you up on that offer if you’re around.