Stanley Multi-Angle Vise for fin foiling

Got to share with the Swaylockians how happy I am with this vise.  It actually makes fin foiling pretty fun.

Picture didn’t show up. I’ll try it this way

Uh, oh, I think I want one of those.  Where did you buy it Gene?    Mike

definitely going on my Xmas list !  I just cut out some fins and need to foil them, so perfect timing too! 

thank you…

Only available online when I was looking.  I got it on Amazon about a year ago but I see they’re out of stock now, kiterider’s link shows where you can go now.

Here’s a youtube from last year that shows more of the the ball head in action.


this will be my next investment

cant find it online in Australian shops so I might need to get one offa eBay or from the US unless another Aussie knows where they are ?

Whatta Ya think Mr. Tate? Worth another foray into the field????

You are hilarious, Tblank.  Yes, maybe I am tempted.    Most of the the skin has grown back on the tips of my remaining fingers.  My therapist says there is nothing really holding me back.


(that is really a cool tool)

nice stuff geno,

hope all is good with you.

this looks like i can ab... use it !


Hah! One step at a time Mr. Tate.


One step at a time.



…I make the panels and foiling work for all my boards except a small % that sport 4WFS (but even I make fins for that boxes too) so fins is something I hate to make but I do in weekly basis ; in my opinion there s no need for such tool, that by the way is like most with the vise to the other side; seems that this one have the posibility to change the action…but the practical and cheapo way is to buy a small clamp and weld it a sheet of metal. That s functional in my book.



For years guys have used band saw vises mounted on the side corner of a work table or bench.  Then switching to a bench vise to work the base of the fin.  The nice thing about the vise in Gene's picks is that you never have to take the fin out of the vise.  Just flip it over;  as the vise is on a swivel head. 
Then to clean up the base just re-position the fin in the same vise.

You’re right reverb.  What was I thinking?  Does anybody want to buy a used Multi Angle Vise?

The cheepo way?  How much for the torch, tanks, and gear so I can weld the two pieces of metal together?  Sounds like the ‘great deal’ 9.99 right angle grinder from Harbor Freight I bought.  Walked out 200 bucks lighter after buying everything else I needed to use the tool…   How much do you want for it, Gene?  Mike

I’m definitely gonna find one! 

Can anyone out there tell me how in the heck to get the bases nice and squared up.  I can foil the fins but getting the base nice and square is so tricky.  I also have some challenges getting the guide pins straight.


Thanks for advice, Steve

     I had a 1"by 4"by about 2 foot long and would screw it across my sanding rack tops and use a clamp to hold the fin blank.  Hey reverb nice grinder I like Makitas.Aloha,Kokua

Sorry Kokua, but I think reverb is the winner so far in the ‘I’m a bigger hillbilly than you’ fin foiling contest.  He gets the Jethro Bodine award for his depression era vise screwed to the old door.

Here’s my entry.  It’s from a few years ago so I don’t know if it counts.

Wow pretty cool vise thingy, might be the cherry on the icing for my setup, borrowing the quick height adjustability of shaping rack post