such a deal i have for you:

we’ve posted threads about our little keysafe on both the general discussion forum and the industry forum. now a local newspaper ( florida today) was good enough to give us some free press (see surfcraftnews: gadgets keep surf industry…) on the home page, and they shot a nice little video with that also.

so. partly in celebration of that, and partly to get some r & d feedback, we are offering up some of the keysafes to swaylockers for FREE!!! on the condition that you promise you will install the keysafe in a board and give us your feedback so we can make improvements and a better product based on objective real world experience.

and no, i’m not going to hit you for 5.00 shipping and handling either. although that cost of same will limit how many keysafes we can give away to folks outside the U.S.

first 24 U.S swaylockers to email us through the website and send us your mailing address will get a free keysafe delivered to you by an agent of the u.s. government. no charge.

first 12 swaylockers outside the u.s. to do the same get a free keysafe sent to them. also no charge.

Thanks, I just sent my address, credit card number, password, deed to my house and a couple of pints of blood. I’m looking forward to trying out your product. Will post reviews.

The blood is particularly appreciated - we were kinda running low…

actually a dude this morning could have used one

got his car nicked from awatoto

left the key under the wheel

We still have a couple of these freebies available; give him our info :).

Just sent the email from the site but forgot to put my address.

Hey Peter,

I just got an email saying that you guys would send me a sample. Thanks. It’s going to go on my next board.



9 free kesyafes to continental u.s. and hawaii.

1 each to australia, new zealand, france.

this FREE offer will run to the end of july.

Correction - that’s how many we sent out - we still have some left to send to all areas.

I just received mine. Thanks guys, I’ll let you know how it works. Still, there’s something leary about leaving your key in your board. I like having mine tied up in my trunks. I could totally see some stoners enjoying this out in the line up. I didn’t notice on the website but is it water proof, like sealed tight?

I just got mine too…looks like a very simple install.

It says that it isn’t waterproof, so no electronic keys or herbs…



yeh. i was kinda antsy myself the first few times i used it. kept thinking…what if the lid falls off. then i’m screwed. i put my first install in the bottom of the board (longboard) right in the stringer about 6" in front of the fin box. figured i’d put it in the worst place possible, so that if the board broke or water pressure ripped the lid off, then i’d be the one that was screwed, not someone else. so i used it for about 6 months before we offered the keysafes out. i never had a problem with that one and haven’t had a problem with the others we have installed in the deck.

not warranted as waterproof. we say that right up front in our disclaimer.

lots of folks say the same thing. rather keep their keys on a string in their baggies or in their baggie pocket. there’s a lot of ways to be right. this is just another way to make sure your vehicle and gear is safe while you’re surfing. when winter comes lots of folks don’t wear baggies over their wetsuits. lots of women don’t wear boardshorts either, summer or winter.

friend of mine now uses his string in his baggies to tie in an fcs key. (same size as our allen wrench).

good luck with the install.

surf safe.


So thats why they make those little ziplock bags…

Got mine thanks Peter…had a good look at it, well molded, the idea with the tabs to support it so you can fix it in and sand it down is great.

Then I gave it to my wife…

Joanne said

“Where do you put the allen key when you go surfing?”

“Why go to all the bother of screwing and unscrewing the lid twice per surf, use magnets or a slide lock”

There you go, feedback from two wozzies. Just for your stats 1 male and 1 female caucasian age group 35-44 married with children, middle income earners…

Good luck with your venture…

the little allen wrenches are magnetized. i just toss mine up on the roof of my truck. we include 2 of 'em, so the other one can be placed in a more hidden spot, in case someone makes off with the first. fcs keys work just as well.

those are interesting construction alternatives. we thought we’d go with a simple system that has already been user tested in thousands of fin systems.

thanks for the response.

surf safe.


I know you don’t offer waterproof warranty, but we windsurfers will be very pleased to have a safebox big enough to carry a mobile phone or some extra rope for those occsions when we are far from shore and we need assistance.

Waterproof can be easily achieved by a condom or a ziplock bag. We need the space!!!

BTW: I’m in Spain. I’ve sent to you my e-address for a free tryout.

Got my box the other day in the mail. Thanks for the prompt service!

I could totally see some stoners enjoying this out in the line up.

There was something like this in the 80’s, or it could have been the late 70’s. It was like a plastic jar with a twist on lid. But the lid stuck out from the top of the board about 1/2" of so. It was pretty big, like about 4" in diameter.

In their ad, they marketed it as a way to keep your stash dry on the paddle out.

I could totally picture LeeDD with one of these on his board.

Is that what the DD means…I never knew!!!

Sorry, but I jsut can’t see a surfer hack apart a board to install the compartment.

Here’s a few reasons why your device is flawed.

A. Boards are not like a pair of skis or a snowboard. they have personalities onto themselves. they are like best friends, lovers, comrades etc. Treating them like an SUV is not something that most surfers would be willing to do. HAcking into them to make a safebox is heretical.

B. The people that might be willing to do this. Prolly the newer surfers, that might think the idea is good, but would be unwilling to do the job themselves and would most likely be to lazy to have a shop do it for them.

C. Is this really needed? I mean ther are thousands of places to hide a key on a car. Every surfer has their own method.

Just seems like your asking surfers to go through a lot of trouble to find a solution that already exists in a better format.

Here’s an idea, just find a safe place to hide the necessary allen wrench and instead of putting the allen wrench there, simply hide your key there. EASY PEASY.

Good luck



this means you don’t want one, right?

good luck.

surf safe.