Well I have been riding my replacement sunova for about a month now.The waves have been that I have been surfing in are from the waist high to head high range and it has been mainly wind swell.Pretty much typical florida waves for this time of year. The board is 5 11 181/4 21/4 flat botom with a hard edge running for nose to tail like my Griffin that I have.The bottom is balsa with angled timbers on the tail and the rest of the board has the balsa running like they normally do.The deck is corcell and it is painted but the paint is on the outside of the gloss coat wich should definately help keep the board from delamning.My first firewire delamned because the deck was painted white to hide the corcell.It is the board that I had talked to Bert about getting so I am real happy. I will say that this is one of the best boards that I have ever ridden!It has very good release especially when I am setting up to hit the lip.It just goes up and I can bring the board down sideways and I never feel like the rail is going to catch and throw me off.I can generate speed on it very easily and the twang thing that Bert was talking up is definately there.It has helped me get to and around sections that I thought I wouldn’t be able to make other wise.Sunova really came through with getting me something that worked and I have to apologize for the things I said in my previous post but it was the truth.Oh yeah I trid the griffin fins in it to see what would happen and it made the board harder to initiate a turn but when it did get on rail it would turn so tight that it would sometimes get away from me.I ended up goin back to the PG5 that sunova sent with the board and that so far has been the magic setup for me.Paul this board is not the clone model it is a custom!I will be posting some pics soon.

Can’t wait to see the pics.

Preferably some of you riding it too eh!

So thats quite a narrow board by Sunova standards, 18 1/4.

How light is it? a measurement would be nice, or simply a comparison to a poly board of the same size, if you could.

Good to hear that you’ve got something that does the job.

Oh yeah, and while you’re at it, can you jump up and down on your brand new board for us? (joke)


Hey Surfercross,

I believe Bert puts the angled balsa in the tail to enhance the flex and pop in that area. - creating more drive.

Have you had to adjust your surfing style a little to work with the twang or do you feel it simply enhances the way you surf?

Glad to read the board is one of the best you’ve ever ridden. Nothin like getting stoked on a new board!


Yo Greenlight I have been surfing coils and firewires for the past 4 years so it was a natural fit for me.It would be hard for me to say that the angled timbers enhance the twang without surfing on a similar board with straight timbers so I have something to compare it to.I will say that this board has really good feel to it.Sometimes I can get that board into places on the wave that I feel that I would normally not be able to get to easily and with confidence.People have been definately interested in the board when they see me walking with it which is cool because it is unique compared to the cookie cutter boards that everyone surfs here in florida with exception to coil surfboards.

Sunova Pics…

[img_assist|nid=1042496|title=Pic 1|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=375|height=500][img_assist|nid=1042497|title=Pic 2|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=375|height=500][img_assist|nid=1042498|title=Pic 3|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=700|height=91][img_assist|nid=1042499|title=Pic 4|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=600|height=450]

i will never be jealous

i will never be jealous

i will

Well I stripped off the wax today and I was suprised to see that was not one single dent in the deck.I do like when the deck gets the foot wells in it though becuase it feels like the board is custom fit to my foot which in turn feels like I have better control of the board.Wouter I am jealous of you since you have the ability to make your own compsands if you want to.The board you just posted looks real good by the way.

i love compliments too!

it is very thin thoug, st you dont see on the pics.

but too wide for you 6.3 * 19" * 1 7/8

about the dents, it should ideally get some, from prolonged foot pressure in the same spot.

the coils get them rather fast, i can only hope the sunova does as well.

funny thing is i dreamt last night that mike daniel told me he uses the 2040 resin on the deck of the coils, to promote the flex



Some sandwich construction methods are remarkably resistant to dents on the deck. Hess (hollow) surfboards don’t dent. Neither did Bob Miller’s sandwich boards. And probably many more.


I’m rather naive about these boards. Is the corcell and improvement over balsa on the deck? Wood sure is pretty and if I was ordering one that is what I would want. The Sunova’s Bert posted a few years ago were beautiful although I admit to believing these type of boards were more ‘eye candy’ than an improvement in performance. Does he still make them with wood decks? Dents in the deck equals weak,cheep, mass produced workmanship in my view although I realise that many of the younger, more athletic riders are accustomed to them. I’m also glad Sunova came through with a board you enjoy because I miss and liked the straight forward, no nonsense ideas Burt brought to Sways a few years ago and I want him to succeed. I would like to see a photo of one of your legendary backside airs, too. Blame it on Craftee. Mike


In reply to: “The Sunova’s Bert posted a few years ago were beautiful although I admit to believing these type of boards were more ‘eye candy’ than an improvement in performance.”

They were never eye candy, just the most functional way to get the lightest, strongest and most flexible board possible. About 50% lighter and still stronger than a tuffliite.

There are still lots of the originals in WA right now, some in original condition even though thery are 5 to ten years old. Mine is 6 years old and unmarked.


da blakestah,

do you have one of hess’s ?

are they stiff or lively?


I never got a Hess, but I rode a few. He dials in the flex for the rider. Usually

I was riding his board, and he weighs a bit more than me, so it was not

very flexy under my feet.

Controlling the flex principally through the rail construction is something the

Hess and Sunova’s have in common (and Firewire and Loehr boards).

As a PhD engineer I am convinced it is the highest performance solution to

the performance needs of a surfboard. Obviously getting the details dialed in

is important, too…

D. Blakestah

You probably didnt mean to be funny, but “getting the details dialed in is important, too” made me laugh out loud.

All the best


Yeah, mine all have wood decks. You have a few options when ordering, wood decks is one of the options.

Wouter the board weighs 51/2 pounds with fins tail pad and no wax.The board is dead flat the entire length of the board.The firewires I have had dented decks after the first month of use so that is why I was suprised not to see the deck dented.

Sunovas are constructed to Bert’s high standards. That’s probably why it didn’t work out for Firewire’s business plan…

I have a 9’6" Hangman on the way! Sorry Wouter :wink:


I also like the Hangman. I’ve been thinking of making one for my bigger wave board. Did you go with the single fin or the thruster setup?