Surfboard as the Trailer

I have a nutty idea involving riding my bike to Cape Horn from the U.S.A. and surfing the whole way. The nutty part is that i would like to make my surfboard into the bike trailer to carry my gear.

I am asking opinions on how this would be best accomplished. I know most people reading this are shapers, glassers and general surfboard design hobbiests, and not bike mechanics, but work with me. I was thinking a board about 7 ft long that splits in half, the wheels would be in the middle (or the wide end of the half) and the nose or tail would be where it is towed from. Either one board makes two trailers, it stacks onto itself. Thats my idea. I do not know how i would mount the wheels, or the tow arm, i do not know how i would bolt the board together, and i do not know how i would build it…

What do you all suggest?

There are clamp on wheel assemblies for pulling kayaks around. Similar designs exist for surfboards. Keep it simple - one-piece board. A basic axle holder/board clamp kind of thing. Just stuff your gear in a wet bag and strap it to the board. For that kind of distance you might prefer full size wheels and top of the line bearings. If you need some wheels, I have some. Here is a basic example…

I made my board into a two wheel trailer to do a trip to Madagascar. Works really well, easy to tow, and stable. When you stop, just angle the bike and it stays standing, unexpected, but an added bonus.

I moulded the tail end, bottom up, using carbon, but you could use glass, maybe 15-18 inches long to take the load. I then attached an axle assembly using bmx size wheels with those foam tube inserts so no puntures (thorny stuff in Mada is everywhere). I used rubber mounts to reduce shock from axle to cradle.

To attach to the bike I moulded the nose, about 12 inches, and made a universal type joint out of reinforced rubber, I think it was something like conveyor belt stuff, really strong and stiff, but flexible. I attached it to the seat post using 3/8" pins with a split ring pin for easy disconnect.

I moulded the sections slightly larger and lined them with rubber, like neoprene. To hold them on the board I just cut a slot in each and used a webbing strap pulled tight.

No damage to the board. Loaded with gear, food and water and pulled for over 300km in very average to poor road conditions without a problem. Good bearings is wise advice.

Sounds like you have quite and adventure in store.

There might be some ideas in this link ----> Hard Core Bike/Board Trip

Why not make an overhead rack. The back end could be attached to the rear wheel axel bolts and the front end could be attached to the fork down tube. This method would give you the added advantage of overhead protection from the sun, rain,etc.

Check out these products at We used the mule for short trips.



a couple of cheap boo trailer builds

I’ve looked into something similar. What I found was that if you are going to cover long distance in a decent period, a single wheel is best. Check out the BOB trailer. Also, I would worry about theft, unless you plan to sleep indoors with the bike each night, which I can’t imagine would be possible over such a haul. I’ve secured a lockable case to a BOB and that worked OK. I’m constantly looking for better though.

Keep me updated, please!


there was a thread going a few months ago regarding different bike trailors…that would be a good start. Personally i would get a strong/lightweight trailer (aluminum) that i could use for gear/board…and maybe even to sleep on?


That is the craziest freaking adventure ever…and they SCORED!!! I was thinking of posting it too but I thought I might be breaking some unspoken seafarer’s code.

Code, scmode…

That looked gnarly…!!!.. That sand headwind…!!!..Ugggh…

Hay Dude have you seen the Quiver Kaddy Just what you need

Ever since I moved to the coast, I tried really hard to ride to surf every morning… Had a few products that worked all right. The CarverRack was good for early morning trips down the trail to Trestles.

I welded up a trailer that worked pretty good for hauling a days worth of crap to SanO.

But I really hit my “pack alotashit” stride when I picked up an Xtracycle. It really was one of those profound products thats changed my life… I mean, I was a pretty happy camper before, but now Im the happy campground host. I could throw 2 SUP’s on it and peddle down the hill to the pier and take off for the San Mataeo point, surfing the whole way. I take it camping and now I cant wait to take it on some bike tour/surf trips. It would be ideal for hauling a grip of stuff and a board. I barely drive anymore, and when I do, I get pretty frustrated.

Its basically just a component that you put into the drop outs and it extends your rear wheel back an additional 16 inches. Handles great. For long distance stuff, I would still prefer the MULE trailer, but this thing billy goats trails way better than any trailer would…

What an intense trip indeed… Sure makes the ocean going vessel seem like the dream. But still that’s an intense trip. At my age, I’ve been into the need to be hydrated… Some recent research suggests 1oz H2O for every two pounds of body weight… Keeps me feeling about as good as I can, and they were on some serious rations.

Back to the bike thing… I’m on the same quest. Can anyone post close ups of the “mule?” I’m very curious how it holds onto the nose of the board.

There’s a link at the top of the page for the Mule system. The nose fits into a pocket which has an adjustable webbing loop that fits over the front of your seat. The nose end attaches to the tail end with an adjustable strap and plastic clip buckle. I use one when I need to carry more than just one surfboard. I’ve sued it to carry 3 boards, a beach chair and a small cooler. When I’m juts taking one board I just use the side racks on my bike.

Thanks Kim - I looked at the close up on the site, but I’d like to see some close ups for the classic Sway motif… Reverse engineering… Ha! I’m digging that idea quite a bit… Sounds like it was a similar set up the guy rode through Madagascar… Now that’s an endorsement…

I’ll try to remember to dig up some pics. I’ve looked into building various types of board schlepping devices myself. The most expensive part seems to be the wheel assemblies.

I once had one of those side of the bike mounted rigs on a motor scooter and also a behind the bike seat on an angle edge of board toward ground mount on bicycle. Either one, esp the bicycle one, you do not want to be in a strong side wind! To and from Trestles is pretty protected. Head out of Santa Cruz up to 4-mile and weep and swear and pray when the big semis roar by… talk about “a mighty wind”! The flat mount tail dragger seems to me the all around most user friendly in that respect.

This is what I made to reach places I can’t drive. It’s made of hardware store aluminum with the wheels being the most expensive part. They can be found a

The surfboard is 10’ 5" and weighs 27 pounds. The trailer weighs about 15 pounds.

I can pull the trailer anywhere the sand is hard enough to ride the bike.

I added a padded shoulder rest (can be seen in the bottom picture) for when I pull the rig while walking.

It will stand upright on it’s own even with the surfboard strapped on.