SwayHolland 2009 Dutch Shapers meering 31 august

Hello all,


it’s coming: The second Dutch Shapers Meeting, on 31th of August 2009 at Wijk aan Zee (Noordpier). The first edition last year was great, so we thought we should do it again! So drop by y’all and bring your creations!!

 spread the word!






aaaaaaaaaaah just descoverd i got the date wrong :D of course it is the 30th of August, here is the flyer with the right date on it :D






i can be there this year !!


will be there fow show!!

tryin to spread the word thru facebook cause if you RSVP to the event automatically all your friends will know you go so join!!


see yall there…

I'll try to be there.

All the best.



Speijk Surfboards

it will be great to see you all again!


when everything goes well, i'll have some unholy experiments to bring myself :D


It looks like there are waves coming for sunday! What is the best tide at wijk? Don’t want to miss anything :wink:

Hello Hans!

i'm not quite sure about the best tide... Any Wijk locals here that can answer this question? Maybe it's on http://www.wannasurf.com.

I think it is a very good idea to come early anyway: if the weather or the waves look to be good, the small parkinglot will be PACKED.


See you next sunday!





Does anyone knows a good camping around wijk aan zee?

I’m maybe gonne spend the weekend there




Hello Hans,

this maybe a nice one:


try google too, there are quite a few there, and also loads of bed & breakfast.







just so we all show up at the same time, same place.




i think i'll go a bit early to surf a bit before the meeting. Waves should be really GOOOOOD!

If i were you, i should be there in the morning allready too, to avoid parking problems ;)


see you all sunday, here it is:




going to spend the night there!


friday and saturday I’ll surf in domburg and afterwards I’ll drive to wijk!

that’s a hardcore weekend of surfing :smiley:

see you on sunday!



That camping is really expensive!

Weet niemand een goedkope camping in de buurt van wijk aan zee? Bij een boer ofzo?

Wat bedoel je met vroeg komen? hoelaat is dat? anders slapen we wel in domburg.

Hoi Hans!

geen idee voor een andere camping helaas…

wat vroeg betreft, ik denk dat de parkeerplaats zo rond 11 uur wel vol begint te lopen, hoe later je komt hoe verder je staat. En de parkeerpolitie is streng, dus zorg dat je binnen de vakken staat!

ik ben er zelf zo tussen 11 en 12, een beetje afhankelijk van de wind (ik kom op de fiets).

tot morgen!





The Swayholland meeting yesterday was GREAT!! A lot of shapers turned up and there was quite some public, too. The weather AND the waves were good too, so thanks a lot to everybody for making this day a succes!

Here are some pictures, if you took some as well post 'm up!





































Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice pics!

Had a great time yesterday, especially because the whether and waves were cooperating!!!

awesome day! nice to see what everyone’s been up to shaping-wise since swayday08… i say we make this an annual event. i feel inspired again, im gonna go get some blanks right away!

It was great surf! I spent almost the whole day in the water.

Sorry guys that I was there just for a few minutes.

I’m the guy on the fourth last picture wearing the billabong wetsuit with the red stripes.



But I didn’t liked the atmosphere at wijk. In domburg people seem much more relaxed. Is it because it was so crowded, or is it just because it is so close to amsterdam?