swaylockians chariots

Project for the weekend post photo’s of your chariot maybe throw in the quiver

Why would anyone want to see my 18 year old bronze XF Ford Fairmont?

ame reason they would like to see my 73 f100 with undercoat grey and rust. It is something to do.

mine’s a pushie ["bicycle], a skatey [“skateboard”… duh], or my plates of meat [feet]. Or when I head towards Darwin to visit the hicksmonster …a train !!

SO… which one you want a shot of , Panny ?

Oh go on then, this a pencil drawing of my 1959 Manx Norton. OK the drawing’s mine but the bike was the property of the British MC museum before it burned down. The Yamaha FZR 1000 exup is mine.

Jase (MMM)

…hey Fatbaslardass ive got a Triumph 5t from 1948! and its always on the road; NOT a Sunday bike!.. but i go to the beach in a Velosolex 50cc (French bike).

Hey Reverb,

the 5T is that the trophy? High level pipes and sexy as **** exhaust note? What about a picture!

I used to have a T120 but some evil son of a bitch put a match to it for me when I had to park it up after breaking down. The Exup is used all the time, winter, summer, rain, snow and even the occasional sunny English day. If I owned the Manx that would be kept for racing though.

Jase (MMM)

I still ride a horse LOL

…fatbaslardass the 5T is the Speed twin, mine is the older one with rigid beatiful frame and controls on top of the gas tank…well i put the harley 16´´ rim behind…

yes i use the bike all the time too, but with the constant rain the chrome exhaust are rusty…im tired about the chrome men…

yes ive pictures, but too heavies…but you can see couple of pict in www.britcycle.com under customer bikes (left column), then 1948 5T.

This is my faded rusted reliable f100 with the canadian 6

The Thing


that’s one funky piece of kit. Who built it? You? The rear rubber looks like it’s been to a few places in its time, still who needs grip in the middle?

Nice one.

Jase (MMM)

man…that’s WILD , Shippy ! …now I know why you like orange boards .

Didn’t the Germans have something similar during the second world war , called a “shwimwaggen” , or “kugelwaggen”, or something ?

You’d definately want to be wearing your tin foil hat when you’re driving that around …especially to “Moonlight” …the moonbase’s alien friends would probably try to abduct you …again ??

[nope , I haven’t been drinking …just a private “ben” space joke ]


steve’s , c.1997…car [old toyota] and board long since gone !

my brother Simon in Coffs Harbour , in 2002, with (someone else’s) classic Vanguard …Brits should like this one eh ?!

? 1996 ? (or thereabouts ) …taking my …er…“chariot”… for a lap of mosman park bowl… (I’m still searching for my shot of my last car …

skimmyman chariot company …the real ben [hur] would turn in his grave if he saw this shot, I’m guessing !

I had a hq monaro with the same stripe.

She’s a 1985 Jaguar Vanden Plas. IMHO, the sweetest sedan ever made.

Just had to share,


Walked into a local surf shop one day back in about 72, asked in a loud voice to anyone who’d listen if anyone had a Kharman Ghia for sale and amazingly, someone did. Bought it half an hour later for $250. Drove it everywhere for a year or two and sold it for $250.

This is my remembrance of the truck owned by a friend of a neighbor when I was just becoming aware of this surf thing starting to happen in about 63. The owner lived in it and gave me a skateboard made of balsa sandwiched with aluminum sheets. The name on the side was lettered with oil pastels I think. Never saw the truck in a situation like this - influenced by the Severson surf-artist-draws-car movement.