Swaylock's Laminate

I wanted to create some kind of identity to acknowledge my recognition of the impact and the influence Swaylock’s has had on me and my ability to create a surfboard. Thought some others might enjoy it as well. Print it out and lam it in. Fearing a verbal lashing from Ambrose, I tried to make it as nondescript as possible.

By the way feel free to change/enhance for yourself and others.

Howzit aquafiend, We need to add some glassing materials or tools to it to make it a total Swaylocks logo. Aloha,Kokua

I like it.

I’ll be putting in my boards.


Yeah Kokua, that would be cool. I wanted to, but I am not to skilled with the computer program. Please feel free to improve/enhance it.

I’ve been putting the address to this site by my signature for several years now…

…Do you remember when you use to laugh at M-TV?..

               <a href="http://www.swaylocks.com">www.swaylocks.com</a>

…Internet killed the magazine star…


I’m going to try and add a woven texture to the oval, that might be nice but I think I’ll have to start from scratch. Where did you get the planer picture from. Aloha,Kokua

looks awesome…but you’ve gotta add in a sander…and it better be a Harbor Freight!!!

haha…just kidding…or am i?!

Great, It will go on any boards I shape !

Kokua, I got it from a friend’s 1950’s skil tools catalog.

Have at it…

how about if you had it enclosed in a ‘barrel’…

‘‘swaylocked in, and charging’’…or, is that too obvious ?

[or maybe, so it DOESN’T sound like expensive business stuff …"swaylocked in , and NOT charging " ?

"? swaylocked in , and free " …?

[yes, that sounds a bit better , if somewhat ‘oxymoronic’ …[freely locked in] 'dribbling “chip” ’

i think it looks really good aquafiend, its something that will definetly go on my next boards.

That’s awesome, thanks aquafiend only wish it was posted earlier. Finnished my gloss coat about 3 hours before that was posted. Dang! oh well get it on the next one I guess

toungue lashing?

you poor beaten psychotic heere have some kibble:



this is yoour greatest and most well balanced contribution to date.I herby ,in my un-official status with absolutely no authority open the doors to the swaylox laminate derby ,may the ultimate lam be chosen by the moderators and become official any takers?.. ambrose…submit variations please I wanna see the depth and breadth of our collective maddness

how bout how many swaylocks lams can you get on one board…from all over the world…basa put hundreds on his ten footer from everybody…ambrose…

No, no tongue lashing had contemplated putting a logo or some design on this board and couldn’t come up with anything. Then I saw this and kicked myself for not waiting till I came up with something.

Ok Ambrose, I’ll draw my electronic saber and attack the gauntlet thrown forth. I’ll see what my technical wizardry can draw forth.

BTW I think this is a great idea, perhaps the Mods could move this to a sticky so that we can all easily post our laminate designs to it.

Excellente, I’ll have to modify it slighly to show up against the woody stuff but a variation of that will deffinately be lammed into the present project. I too wanted to acknowledge the inspiration taken from and generosity of those who dwell here. I might also replace the planer with a spoke-shave as that’s what I use most.

Nice one

Jase (MMM)

How about this:

very cool will put it on some of my boards

Edit as you see fit.

By the way… how does this sound? Superstar surfboards…