Swayloholics 2009

What’s the scoop? Shouldn’t we be making reservations by now? I’ll actually have several new boards to bring this year. :slight_smile:

good morning

               i think its a secret  , i'm game for end of october or november . were you at sacred craft  had a great surf at c street at 5am sat , 

                             aloha james


thats not nice , i will try to be friendly and share waves , we can make this a campout , just pick a date and just show up .

I’m in!!!

John M… where are you…?

I also have a few too for the show and ride.

9’1" round pin, 5 fin - 9’2" round pin (3 1/2" thick!) 5 fin and an Alaia looking finless.

and fins… new straight sided cut-aways with curved tops, great on the 9’2", holds the tail down when on the nose!


Hi Guys…

There is a new campground ‘host’ with whom I didn’t exactly get along last time. The former host was a slap dick derelict but with the new guy (probably brought in to clean the place up), there were some allegations as to the illegality of staging an unpermitted event, etc.

Lee V was present when the guy drove up and read me the riot act. We were just trying to have a little fun. I think his main gripe was likely with some other groups that have given surfers a bad name. Our group has always been well behaved and the place has always been left in better shape than when we arrived.

Anyway, I did not make group site reservations this year but I’d love to see some of the crew get together up there on an individual campsite basis. There have been rumors of some weekend in October but I’m not sure.

How about 3 or 4 of us get sites near each other and just do it impromto?

Or do you think that guy might be gone and just do it as usuall?

Let us know what weekend would work, you know we’ll all be there!

Chris P just called me yesterday… he couldn’t make it last year but was anxious to go this year!


John-----------I’ll be on the Mainland to stay this June, so I’m up for it. I empathize with you about camp hosts. One of 'em gave me static one morning at Hobson because my Trooper squeaked too much. Where do they get these guys; at an AA meeting? Forget about Sand Dollar. Let’s take over the screwed up gravel/asphalt lot at Willow Creek. We’ll own it. Lowel

anyone remember where in the main grounds the bathrooms are…

Hi Tyler -

If memory serves me the facilities are roughly between sites 27 and 37. They’re reasonably removed from the nearest campsites. What dates did you choose or is it a secret?


i have to fly up to San Francisco for the annual AFP conference around October 4-7.

If it’s anytime around then let me know and I’ll keep it in mind

although going from a $200+ suite at the Marriott and having cocktail meetings with a bunch of suits to jumping into the bush and freezing cold water is an experience I’d have to think about…

If anything maybe just having a drink with Ben and the local crew while i’m in town would definitely be something to try and schedule.


a-fo - This is your year. Plan it, and they will come.

Ambrose-1.jpg picture by easternpacific

October 2-4, 2009. Gets us in before the Jade Festival, some south swell window, and nice weather. See ya’ll there!

sounds good.

i’m in.

Great! I just booked site #28. I hope it’s not too close the poopers.

We’ll be there Oct 1st - 4th.

In all the years up there, the only poopers that stink are in the group camp. The only problems with pooper proximity are pedestrians…

I’m in on the 1st and staying through Monday…so amped.

I am booked for the 1st-4th @ #29.

Willow Cr needs to be looked at more this time.[img_assist|nid=1042840|title=willow creek|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=417]

i’ve got #30 from the 1st through the 4th…

really looking forward to making it this year.