Swayloholics Anonymous 2010 Sept 24,25,26

Plaskett Creek Campground Sept 24,25,26. Reserve your spot to be part of the legendary event! Bring your boards. Bring your women and children, Being your beer Bring more beer. I'm told spots are filling up fast, perhaps some of you may want to get together and reserve the group campsite if necessary. No host, no official raffle, no price tags (bring what you can for swapping. Get Ray drunk you never know what you'll bring home!) Camp sites just became reservable today for late Sept. Any questions post them here and everyone can figure it out. Keg stands optional.


very cool balsa! looking forward to meeting you all


I got campsite #29.

As could be expected my crew will be there.   All of them.   And I am sanding an incut fish today so I will have some new toys too.   Does anybody have any numbers for a Sand Dollar Gun type board.   Maybe I will bring a propers serious wave board this year.   Let the feasting begin.   Darren Leader of the Lost Boys and a few lucky girls too. 

kniiice! this just made my day!

I just reserved site #27 so if anyone is looking for a good region to be in that would be it. Darren 

There will be T-shirts again.

I’m working on it…maybe we can channel the funds raised on shirts towards some serious keggery…?

I'd like to go this year.  Is anyone else bringing kids, or is this more of a bohemian kind of even?

There were a ton of chilluns running around last year…family friendly for sure.

Nice.  Just got my reservation.  I pitty whoever gets the site next to us.  My kids are loud.

Gentlemen, do you realize how hard it is for people like me who live hundreds of miles away when we read about your reservations and preparations for this annual event, knowing that you will have a great time and that we cannot join the fun? I’ve been a Swaylock’s member for more than five years now, and each year it’s the same story of watching the preparation of the annual migration to Plaskett Creek and then reading the reports and just wishing I could have made it…




This year you will have to endure a bad English-speaking infamous frog-eater: I just decided that I would join the crew, securing BTW the “further travelled member award”.


John Mellor very generously offered me to share his spot and I still have to work out a few details but I’m definitely coming.


So glad that I will actually get to know some of you (and to meet again a few I already know)!!!


The idea is to rent a van and spend some time before and after the event driving along the coast and hopefully meeting some more swaylockians…

More on this as things get a bit more precise…



please get in touch with me and let me know how I may be able to assist.

airport pickup (LAX), place to crash, logistics, boards…anything.

will Mrs. Balsa be accompanying?

OMG…can you bring the Pax Franco-Americano board too!!!


Balsa Balsa Balsa ;) woohoo DUDE! Awesome!!!! I'll be up there all week, spot 35; King of the Hill. What's your poison...... muhahahahah

Darren, here is the orange board I rode last year.


one word:



Hello Tyler, no, Mrs Balsa won’t be accompanying. Not being a surfer herself (nobody’s perfect), she fears being amongst a group of surfing stories tellers, shape tricks swappers and beer drinkers. I told her that nothing could be further from the truth but she didn’t buy it. I would have loved to bring her along but it looks like a no-no. Besides, someone has to take care of the house and kids ha-ha…

Of course I will let you know if I need anything. Right now, I’m just trying to choose the best way to do things. I was thinking maybe to land in LA or San Diego on monday 20, rent a camping van of some sort and slowly drive up along the coast to Plaskett Creek, trying to meet a maximum of swaylockians along the way and to see all those mythical spots… Then board a plane in SF to go back home on sunday or so… But things are not so easy, it seems; renting a van in LA and returning it in SF, for one, sounds difficult and expensive… I’m open to any ideas from all of you guys for this trip.

Don’t worry about the board. I’m going to have it sent to you soon. I just have had a hard time lately with lower back problems but I’m OK now.

Woooow! Can’t wait untill September…

Ok, can some one give me details of how to find plaskett creek. a campervan or car hire, type of surf and weather . hot or cold.

Any links email to pandanus_surfboards @aapt.net.au   .   cool would love to get there

oh man…this explains one of the weirdest things I saw last fall.  I was down there around this time last year and there were way more surfers with way cooler boards than I’d ever seen at sand dollar/ plasket campground before.  I even saw some guy in the campground had a little grey paipo with a big hoop fin and I tripped out a bit.  I’d never seen (or heard of) a hoop fin before then and no one else in the car saw it.  I almost drove another loop back through the camp just to check out the board again.

I’ve actually never stayed in the campground, but spent the night on the ridge road and up nacimiento dozens of times.  Is there a pretty fun scene up there as well (in the little meadow on the left or a higher up on that knoll off to the right) or do you guys mostly just stay down in the campground area.

I’m totally throwing the mini-lofted futon matress setup back into the campershell and cruzing down with as many crazy boards as I can fit for this though.  I’ve been up and down the coast more than once now and this area in big sur (nacimiento to willow creek) still hits the spot every time!



Ok, can some one give me details of how to find plaskett creek. a campervan or car hire, type of surf and weather . hot or cold.

Any links email to pandanus_surfboards @aapt.net.au   .   cool would love to get there



Plasket Creek, Big Sur, California, USA....Near Monterey ,California.....

...I've seen more than one spelling for Plasket...Paskett....Plassket....

...Sand Dollar Beach is the surf spot....internet search...change the spelling and "caps"....lots of cool stuff.......