Swayloholics Anonymous 2010 Sept 24,25,26

Ok, so where do I fly to, what is a good camper van company. is it hot or cold.

sort of know I have to go to LA. then do I drive or fly.

Lost boys is a good name, but you will always be the Mira Mesa boys in  my book. 

We had such a nice time last year, I really wished it had lasted a week!  


Balsa, too bad you couldn’t convince Madame Balsa.  There were wives and kids there and the more the merrier.  Here’s a few pics from last year. There was a thread with a lot more pics started just after the weekend.

LA is probably where you'd fly into. SF is closer. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) from either to Big Sur. Plaskett is at the south end of Big Sur. http://www.recreation.gov/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=70161



dunno bout renting a camper, pretty expensive. Rent a compact and buy a tent and sleeping bag. We have had fog, sun or rain, depending on the year. Ya never know. Water will around 58-60 F. Waves have run the gamut from knee to 2x-3x OH.


Hi Pandanus -

If you decide to come over, an econo car and tent camping is worth considering.  I will be there from Thursday until Sunday.  I can let you use one of my extra tents and camping stuff.  There are usually boards available for the asking.  Just PM me if there's anything I can do from this end.

I checked in to motorhome rentals for Balsa and these places seem to be about as good as any for the 19 foot bubble top models... as always, beware of hidden charges.  Things like mileage charges and one-way drop off fees can add up fast.





Pandanus-Take John's advice.   Economy car, cheap tent and a sleeping bag.  The latter two can be purchased at a Walmart on your way up.  Roll out of LAX and head Norht on Interstate 405, Take Hwy 101 like the song by America " Ventura Hwy" to Ventura.  Continue North/West to San luis Obispo.  Take Hwy 1 to Morro Bay and the Big Sur Hwy.  You'll be pretty damned closed by then.  There is a Walmart in Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande.  Both are right off the Hwy(101)  and you pass thru both of these towns before you get to  Hwy 1 in San Luis Obispo.  Gas up and get beer and supplies before or in Morro Bay.  I've thought about this gathering many times.  Looks like I have NO excuse this year as I am on the Mainland.

..." Looks like I have NO excuse this year"...

....Looking forward to meeting you McDing ......and........ Pandanus ....and Balsa...and everybody!!!!!!!!!

Resinhead , Kensurf...you guys need to show up...whats up????

Hello Llilibel, Catherine “Da Cat” Balsa won’t be there but there is a slight possibility that my 22 YO daughter Gabrielle will… Providing she’s back from Australia in time… Right now she’s heading north to Darwin with some boys and girls that she met in Perth. They bought a van together and hit the road, looking for jobs. Last we heard of her, they were in Carnarvon.

I will be there with wife & 3 kids as usual.  We will be in campsite 37.  I have TONS of extra camping gear if anyone needs it.   Bring warm clothes too, it gets cold at night.  Flying into San Jose Int’l Airport is actually the shortest drive if anyone cares about that.   Guilhem, Lowel, Pandanus - looking forward to meeting ya’ll in person!

This is shaping up to be a good event!

Stocking up the firewood as we speak, doing small remodel plenty of scrap wood. Like Keith said shaping up to be a good event, can't wait to meet all the new people and share good times. Only one word of advise bring BEER! there is always more than enough food at our campsite, #36.

Jay, no excuses this yr.


If you fly in to LA, you can stay at my house and ride up with me.

I can provide you a tent and sleeping bags, etc…then you could conceivably ride up to SF with one of the other swaylockers if you want to continue north.

You could basically pay for just your airfare and I can take care of your accomodations, transport and food…you can travel light.

There are certainly other alternatives to car/camper rental, but the weather is still fair that time of year so you won’t necessarily need a sleep-in vehicle unless you plan on traveling around beyond the camp out.

There’s room for Gabrielle in this arrangement too should she choose to join you…hopefully she comes home from Australia with some english because my French is still horrible!

Very exciting.


(Heavy sigh…)  

Good loyd - I’d love to make it down, but since I won’t win furthest intrepid tripper …  Ha!  

Third week of school… Hmmm… And me still rolling my 292+K '88 Toyota…  fingers crossed.

Either way - Eat some delicious nutritious carrots for me…

you west coasters get to have all the fun.


sounds like a great event that maybe one day ill be able to attend.

Well…maybe we west coasters initiate all the fun.

It ain’t hard, you should try it.  Pick a beach, a time, a date… you never know how far people will travel to show up if they know about it in advance.




P1010102 (482 x 351).jpg


Swaylock's late night wheeling and dealling......That Warvel Perimeter Stringer blank is now a 5'6' fish with a bamboo skin....My friend loves it...Thanks all...Thanks Lavarat...Thanks Rooster.

There was a keg in that car too....Thanks John....

this thread has me so pumped!...

Balsa, looking forward to meeting you. if you need help getting to/from the airport in S.F. or anything else i can do, let me know.

Pandanus, i have a 5 man tent and an air mattress you're welcome to. finding a place to park it won't be a problem. 4/3 wetsuit with booties is a good idea.

Right on McDing you're gonna have a blast!

my wife and baby will be there this year. they should have come last year... i think my wife is more amped on it than me.

we bought this with the trip in mind:



just gotta get racks and build an over-storage platform for a bed in the back...

and, Tim, if you're gonna be there all week, i just may try to finegal that too. previous years have been too short for sure. can't wait to see all of you!

OK, the dice has been thrown… I will be landing in LAX on 09/20 at 19.05 PM and going back to France from SF on 09/27 at 15.30 PM…

Feeling excited like a kid.


Last minute info: my friend Stéphane (the one I made a few boards for) decided he would come with me. Do you think you can endure TWO frenchies at the same time?

Chrisp-----Those Dodges are great surf vechicles.  Balsa ---Let me or any of these guys know what you need.  Maybe you can sqeeze in a surf in Santa Cruz on your way to SFO.   Lowel    PS maybe in the Basque tradition I'll bring some lamb chops for the bar-b.

right on McDing... we picked it up for $600. runs strong... gonna get it ready for some trips this summer. woo hoo!

are you in Santa Cruz?


here's some pics from '07:
















Chrisp-------------I'm currently working in the valley (and I mean the Big Valley).  I may be in Oregon by the time summer starts.  I'm not sure.  I'm waiting for word on a job down here that would keep me here thru the summer and would finish up just a few days before the Plaskett Gathering.  I came over from Maui last may and was going to stay in OR but needed to make better money so came down here.  I lived in SC thru the'80's--'90's.  Good deal on the van.  Somebody link me to reservations for Plaskett.  Been there but never stayed there.  I'll be bringing my pickup/camper set up.  I'll also bring an extra tent incase someone needs it.  Anybody that's just floating can porbably grab a meal at my site as I'll probaly be grillin' something every nite.   Price of said meal;  A couple o' Coronas   Lowel