The best combination? CORE and SKINS

What is the best combination?

Bamboo is not allowed. This Tread is not a WMD. That belongs to the General treads.


Let's build a high tech surf craft.

Brotherhood Style!

What's your magic combination?





Never tried it myself but sounds like an idea:

shrinkwraped polyethylene over blow molded polyurethane?







this is just a complete guess Surfding - I’ve never tried it


#1.5 EPS core

Vacuum on Innegra with peel and bleeder using Resin Research Flexible epoxy formula - do each side, one at a time.

Unpeel it - there will be no blush even without Additive F - fine textured surface will be lam ready.

Hand lam both sides - S-glass with normal modulus epoxy

Hot coat as usual.


it might need a stringer.

all this vac baging 1 shot a big load off crap

 ding     you are going to wast a lot of mony & all that will happen is you will go back to were you started

**i have found   that i can hand lam the glass work a lot beter than F##fkin around  with all that shit.

 your  answer lies in the core ( end of story)  to mix & match the many fibres that are around is the icing on the cake.

**for anyone to come on here & give you tha answer  good luck?

go for it Surfding! GL didn’t try and stop me from doing my own thing. If I managed to get bagging to be really clean and really neat, better than my hand lams, now surely others can. Afoaf understands bagging the lam, he will get you started.

remember “Nothing ventured nothing gained

time for me to go to the beach, I look forward to seeing the responses :slight_smile:

HUIE your a Ledgend YODA like!

I have spend the last week putting together the core design. All the Flex and Dampening is based on High Performance Surfing. The Shape is still the most crictical part of my “Silver Bullet” project. Whereas the WMD is just a vacuum build for the DIY Hobbist. My vacuum setup is mainly for the core and holding the rocker. The fibres I use will maintain the shape and provide a strong deck without increasing the weight which can be a show stopper for someone that actually knows how to surf. I moved this conversation over to industry notes to get some imput from guy’s like yourself that have a bit of common sense and think on your own. Sheep or Shepard?

G’day Huie, how are things in sunny Queensland? Its still 4mm wetty weather here (although I’m still in a 5mm).

what do you mean by bagging 1 shot?

**ha’’ ha’’ ha’’    you will have to set a biger fly trap than that             ( refuse to argue)

michael  knows exactly what i am saying.

Keep it simple. Huie know what's important. I have my materials and my set up is dialed. Hope to have it weighed and put under the feet of a powerful surfer. Film to follow. CORE. CORE no Bamboo.

I would like to try XTR and ResinX together with just regular e cloth. I get the feeling it would be a good combination.

Resin X is that suff any good?

Pardon me while I just lurk here and take notes.

There was a review on it a while back and some feedback from some other people here as well. I believe the consensus was, yes, it was very good? I think it may also be a polyurethane resin as it contains isocyanates in 100% solids I believe.

Hey Surfding , is balsa allowed in this quiz ???  haha!

Aloha surfding, how goes your quest.  Bambam on the surfer design forum posted a pretty detailed review of the resin on eps.  Sounds like a superior product for the eps.  Just expensive and a new learning curve for laminating.  I'm not sure about applications for bagging. 

Are you going to try a prelam with the innegra 2oz?  Let us know how it goes.  I was thinking you could prelam a release coated plug for the deck and bag it with the innegra.  You could even use one of your son's old boards with the foot wells and get a finger print top piece for the board.  If you did a exact board to board prelam deck piece you could even get it to wrap the rails like a tuperware lid.

Just rambling, too much coffee.

The Innegra I have is 6oz so I was going to vacuum bag it to the deck over 1.7 EPS then the secrete sauce.

Monday I wil cut a 6'1 HPSB on my machine (yes I'm evil and have my own machine) XPS/EPS core

Wednesday I will do a US BLANKS RED formula. I will get some Hybrd Cloth this week. (New Animal)

Thursday I will have a real special core that's not even on the map yet. Pretty stoked!!

I have about 5 variation to try. Now that my vacuum system is working perfectly and all my bagging material has arrived I 'm in business. What's cool is all my R&D is free at this point. funny how people will give you free material?

I added relays and a vacuum controller switch plus reserve tanks and good size vacuum pump reaches the HG I need in 5 seconds then shuts off. 1 hour latter it comes on for 5 seconds then shuts off. Nice and quite. Now I can experiment at home without making a bunch of racket. 220V is the way to go. This winter is going to be fun!

Got to fire up the expresso maker and start bagging.

Balsa for looks as long as it doesn't look like Home Depot Flooring!

There are so many woods that having even been explored. I have about 10 differnt ones to try. People have a lot of success with the Bamboo however the Balsa is more attactive. With the right core and materials it might add a nice touch from a cosmetic stand point.

I will do one with resin x and xps and some secrete sauce.

Thanks for the Resin X ideal. I'll check it out!

watch the ResinX-PU combo there’s some PU foams it don’t like ask Matt.

ResinX and EPS is a much better solution

Kiss would be a 1lb EPS core with Corecell perimeter rails and a 1/16"-1/8"Corecel or Balsa Skin.

If you wanna get funky

Shape a blank sandwich of bluedow between two layers of EPS and shape with corecel rails thenn seal with balsa or innegra in a bag.

If you can get Paulownia use that instead of Balsa.

There was a guy in Santa Cruz selling veneers of the stuff on this site awhile back.

I think Paulownia, Port Orford Cedar or Spruce in veneer form would make a better skin than balsa. 1 /8"-3/16’  thick veneers of these woods over 1lb EPS and Corecel/XPS rails is a no brainer.

I’m an amateur though



current favourite for me is all balsa with a paulownia deck .   All full length timber-- no floor boards !   Pualownia becuase of its impact strength and tensile properties . My boards always perform better when they run on a balsa bottom. There's magic in that wood , and it's more than cosmetic !!!!!